12 thoughts on “Grace governing vs Sharia Law (Daniel Shayesteh)

  1. The Law if Moses Kills, the Sharia Law of Mohammad Kills, but Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ..

  2. Sharia is nothing but Law. It represents old testament. In the world all most all are living under law. But no body will become righteous by fallowing Law, because if you deviate or dis obey even one commandment, he will be punishable with out mercy. That is why, Jesus has come to release us from the bondage of  law  and to bring to the Grace of God, who ever believes HIM. Bro. Shayesteh has explained well about Grace and  distinguished clearly between Sharia and Grace.Read Romans 6=23.   

  3. Y do u as a smart man full of wisdom want to believe like a child when you can know like a man fuck believe just get to know my good friend

  4. Now I will ask you this Question from your own comment what is the meaning of the word believing I be waiting for your answer then we will move on from here it is up to you with your answer you have to stop pick & choosing scripture to justified your saying that is a evil way in the site of almighty God because you know to your heart you just keep living in the sinful life style & then come here to talk as if you live a real born again way of life to what the Bible say to do as it is written

  5. All Christian, all Muslim, all Hindu and all other religion in the whole world are going to the lake of fire. Because of one word Sin the Churches world love sin, Fornication Lawlessness, Entertainment, Whisperers, Backbiters, Envying other, Lawless Dressing, Debaters in Deceit, Haters of God, Inventor of evil things, Despiteful, Without understanding, living home in relationship. That is the religion world today way of life and do not want to stop, will you will all in the lake of fire Amen

  6. That sounds more like Sharia law than the Gospel of Christ, Daibhidh464. God loved us while we were yet sinners: he did not kill us, but died for us. We should have the same spirit of sacrificial love and mercy towards others, no matter what their sin. We are not to do what God himself would not do. Let us imitate him in showing mercy and asking for others' forgiveness, just as we have been forgiven. "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." – Jesus Christ, whose blood shows mercy.

  7. Christian nations used to punish homosexual men who practice sodomy with capital punishment, but when the secular humanists who don't believe in God got into power in the government they abolished the death penalty.

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