Gowdy reacts to Lisa Page unloading on Trump in new interview

Gowdy reacts to Lisa Page unloading on Trump in new interview


100 thoughts on “Gowdy reacts to Lisa Page unloading on Trump in new interview

  1. GOP originally funded the Christopher Steele dossier up until trump became the Republican nominee, yet Democrats are scrutinized for having a different opinion. trump name calls, mocks and criticizes our military, Senators, people in Congress and wonders why world leaders and Americans have a difficult time taking him serious or showing respect. Respect is earned not bought. Only idiots would defend idiots.

  2. If Trump isn't impeached America will have a congress democrat dominated and Trump will likely be in for another 4 years.
    If Trump is impeached and removed from office there's still a good chance congress will be democrat dominated due to the republicans supporting Trump's lies and lawbreaking.

  3. Another dirty Democrat trying to get ahead of what's coming out trying to spin nothing but BS. And I hope President Trump trolls her on Twitter

  4. LOL! Lisa Paige was found to have done nothing wrong in the IG report! You Trumptards are so ridiculous. Never bringing the facts. Never. Just swimming in a cesspool of fake news! I though this report was going to send everyone to prison? What happened Trumptards?

  5. Again Trey biased himself for Trump. He's either short sighted or doing it to further brainwash Fox listeners. Gowdy is a smart dude. I think he's biased for Trump to further brainwash Fox listeners.

  6. She cheated on her husband, he cheated on his wife. They've already proven their character. Why in Heaven's name would anyone believe them in anything else?!

  7. If we put that in any kind of context it only looks and sounds worse. Impeachment or assassination. It was all said. It was written. Now they want us to believe it wasn't. In any other country this is treason. They would both have been locked up and executed by now. In America we're still listening to their b.s. They should have both been locked up and shut up by now. Instead we listen to them rehash old lies that were'nt believed the first time. Texts are there, in black and white. Why are we still listening to their crap? Love Trey Gowdy. So glad he's commenting again. Honesty, integrity, knowledge, in one man. Hard to find.

  8. If you get called for jury duty and you show any bias, you don't get selected. Bias reflects your rationale and how you evaluate information presented to you. It's that simple.

  9. Lyin' Lisa doesn't flash her pearly pink gums anymore since people like me brought them to everyone's attention.😂

  10. These impeachment hearings only serve to solidify Trump's reelection. The people spoke in 2016 and thanks to Schiff, Nadler and Polosi, IT'LL happen again in 2020!

  11. The most insulting of the Democrats was that they invited war heros, which testified against the president. One even came in uniform. The Democrats know that Trump or anyone of his family never served our country and pretended bone spurs, as the elite do. So…we should NOT believe any military, and only people who were clever enough to stay out of the military with bone spurs. We can not go for less!

  12. Lisa Page is an immoral, lying, cheating lowlife with no shame whatsoever. If she had any sense or shame she would shut up and go away.

  13. The Demonrats are going to lose the House, the Senate, and the White House. Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Jeffries, and the others will be humiliated and removed. The American people are disgusted with these corrupt, lying, do nothing Politicians.

  14. She is the only guilty one about her fall out, she is a home wrecker, enemy of the country, national security risk, fascist, hates our president and tries to bring him down, she should be persecuted for crimes against the USA

  15. Never trust her tears! She is just ready to lie right after makeup cover. Even her voice gets changed after makeup! MGTOW
    Never share any important things with woman. She will betray you whenever whatever she is upset. MGTOW

  16. Gee Trey Gowdy is one impressive individual. I could listen to him all day long. His mind is so sharp and clear. He nails the critical points on any issue with pinpoint accuracy. Love his work. He needs to be back in public office. What an absolute champ.

  17. Did somebody rub Gowdy’s head before he went on? He looks like Alfalfa. As for bias, the majority of people in the United States were biased against Trump because he was not presidential material and did not have experience in anything remotely governmental at all.

    His reputation is nothing but lies, bluff, inciting his followers ( who don’t seem to understand English) to violence, racist comments, and he has added under the influence of Russia, not following his oath of office or theConstitution of the United States,gutting environmental policy ( to benefit big business), selling our farmers down the river ( they sure are pleased) and allegedly mentally ill.

    The only interests he has forwarded are those of himself and his children. He doesn’t even stand behind the people he appoints as his advisors. But he doesn’t listen to them either. He doesn’t listen to anyone but Putin. Putin wants to rule the world. He has helped them in unprecedented ways to further his own interests.

    He makes instant decisions that he doesn’t like people and this poor lawyer happened to be one of them. Trump does not fight fair or even like and adult. His lewd and lascivious parody was something a developmental delayed person ( of a mental age of about 10) would do to gain attention…….wait I guess that’s what Trump was doing. He throws other people under the bus to save himself. From a man who has been one of the most famous cheaters since Don Juan ( whom he imagines himself to be) this is famously ridiculous.

  18. Freedom of speech does not protect you from defamation, attacking someone's character with the spirit of warfare with the intention of destroying their life, or weaponized intolerance.

  19. I can read all the text messages for myself they had bias. Guess our eyes are wrong have to trust the media to tell us what the truth is.

  20. What kind of example are these Dems. giving the youth?!?! Just a group of spoiled sore losers that are wasting tax dollars. UNREAL, AMERICA

  21. When is somebody going to demand his resignation oh Adam Schiff for brains he's about as dumb as a stick and the people that put him in I hate to say it their IQs even lower than his because you're the suckers that gots con by this fool

  22. He should be impeached. Its not ok to ask for foreign help into rivals and he did it on TV twice. first asking Russia to find Hilaries emails and then China to investigate the Bidens. It shouldnt be done by either party and if Obama had done it or Hilary to Trump everyone would be outraged. The standard needs to be set for both sides. With that, I do believe he should be impeached but I dont agree with removal. He has done good with our economy and should get the chance to let the american people decide if he deserves 4 more years.

  23. She has every right to defend herself against a President and the Republican establishment? What kind of a country is the US becoming when a President thinks it is OK to attack a woman at a political rally? She is not the first woman the cowardly President has attacked physically and otherwise. To anyone who thinks he is not a coward, I have only two words to say 'bone spurs'.

  24. How can you not unload on Trump.. he is the manifistation of American hatred and contention.. a very bad man who will go down in history as the final nail in the coffin.. he is ruining you and has 40 million hard core supporters. That tells you something about the American peoples blindness and stupidity

  25. Have you folks forgotten that Trump was shagging some woman while his wife was recovering from the birth of their child.Then found to have bribed her to shut her up.Trump is the last person to be a judge and jury to her crimes.He's a misogynist,and you woman who think it's ok that Trump has hounded her like this should be ashamed.

  26. If Lisa Page thinks the IG report is the last word on her legal troubles think again. It's Durham who makes the decision. Horowitz is just gathering evidence and information. Durham can investigate further and discard any erroneous findings.

  27. What is the difference between reading isolated texts from Page and reading isolated texts from Bill Taylor, Sondland and Volker? I bet if you tried real hard you could see why Trey and others would demand context in one scenario and suggest that it does not matter in the other. Also, never mind the fact that an IG report said that bias had no impact on Strokz and Page's work.

  28. This is the first time I've seen a President lose his first amendment rights. Let's just say what President Trump did was politically motivated. Isn't that fair game in an election year? He has been under attack since before he got into the White House! Greatest President in my life time. The Deep State hates someone that isn't actually corrupt like they are and about to be exposed.

  29. I'm sick of this yapping. There has to be a word for beyond "political bias" that sounds benign and of no consequence in the terminally corrupt FIB in their destruction of their reputation. They are the enemy of freedom loving Americans.

  30. Trump cheated on his wife multiple times but he is sent by God so he is now your hero! BS. I say!

  31. Now , Lisa And Peter want to back petal , AND BOTH OF THEM MAKE ME SICK , TO THINK THESE TWO ARE IN THE FBI ,???????????????

  32. Jesse: The FBI and other Government agencies have corrupt "public servants" who get high positions and abuse their authority. There are some decent, dedicated people working for us. They just need to step forward and take a stand against the corruption. Remember this? “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

  33. Mr. Gowdy we are waiting for you , when you going to announce to run for president

  34. It's like a debate about what the "definition of Is… is."
    The Hypocrisy is rank and undeniable from the antiTrump camp and has been since before he ever entered the race in the first place. The Far Left will attempt to bait and switch until they either implode themselves or they lose their entire base that they built upon since the 1990 election.

  35. He is an idiot. Listened to what he said and it sounds logical if you choose to ignore the timing of events and the behavior of Trump and his basket of deplorables then his points and arguments might hold water. Delusional like most sTrumpid!

  36. Was this person on TAXpayer Payroll? I would never have hired him:….sooo that means no American can speak their mind or text their thought to anyone???? This is not American!

  37. This will change the course of history.
    Who will control the United States: The DOJ, FBI, and the authoritarians, or our current government?
    The deep state is real. It's not a crazy conspiracy theory, or some underground organization… It's groups/individuals within the government, the FBI, and the DOJ, that are working against the will of the people, and attempting to direct the government, according to their own interests.

  38. I have trouble believing that anyone who would willingly touch Strzok with a ten-foot pole could possibly be disturbed by anything.


  40. We elected Trump to stop all the corruption now when he tries to stop the corruption oh they say it’s high treason and I mean they the Democrats the corrupt ones he’s tried to stop. HELLO!!!!❤️🙏🏼🇺🇸👍 TRUMP 2020

  41. According to MS Page, it's not a crime to be part of a coup to unseat a duly elected president of the United States. She & The Corrupt Democrats Are Living In Never-Never Land With Peter Pan

  42. Barr needs to start putting Democrats in prison. Every sheriff in every county should be arresting all public servants who don’t follow the constitution. Start with the NJ governor.

  43. Another worthless analysis from Gowdy. They were exchanging personal messages. So your President can break the law wanting to uncover the whistle blower and wanted him publicly executed. Trump can say this in public to the Americans? You give no qualms about it.

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