Govt. Job Preparation || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Govt. Job Preparation || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Hello, busy people! Hit the bell icon and never miss any update
from me. Yours truly, Mahatalli. It is a job on which recessions
have no effect. It is a job with tonnes of leaves. It is a job in which
your salary gets credited on time. It is a job with a guaranteed
increment each year. It is a job with a guaranteed
promotion once every 2 or 3 years. It is a job
which takes care of you even after retirement,
thanks to the pension you get. It is a dream job.
Now I ask, what job am I talking about? A job with the government. There are tonnes of guys who come to the city
and enroll in coaching centers hoping to somehow land
a government job. Let's take a look
at the problems such guys face. Problem number one,
they've to carry fat books around. I'll take a whole month
only to read the contents of this book. I'd rather start
with a way slimmer book. Even this slimmer book
is a very fat one. And they are also very heavy. Genelia from Bommarillu
says math books are all filled with problems. Likewise, these books are filled
with information. You know what the capacity
of a human mind is? It is 2.5 petabytes.
In other words, 2.5 million gigabytes. That may sound like
adequate amount of memory. But in 25 years of my life,
I used up most of that memory to remember various songs
and movies and birthdays and the gossips I hear
from my friends. Current bills are issued
only once a month. But, current affairs keep happening
every single day. At this rate,
a 2.5 petabytes seem inadequate memory. Problem number two,
they've to fight sleep. I'll finish logical reasoning
at any cost today. I can not sleep
even before I begin. I'll face my wash
and then begin. Mom, could you make me
either coffee or tea? She drinks endless amount of coffee,
but still ends up sleeping. A mere glance at this page
seems so depressing. I'll start logical reasoning afresh
tomorrow. Like it were some spell,
I tend to fall asleep the moment I start studying. Newton's third law states 'For every action,
there is an equal and opposite reaction.' Nice to know
I still remember it. If me sitting down to begin studying
is the action me falling asleep
is the reaction. Is it the same with you too? Problem number three,
being constantly disturbed. Is your dad at home?
– He'll be home in 10 minutes. So, what's up with you?
– I'm preparing for the aptitude paper. Have you heard that Kukatpally
is infested with footware thieves? No, I haven't.
– You've to work on your general awareness. Have you heard about Soubhagyapuram?
That's where I stay. Do you know who has been elected
the president of Soubhagyapuram? You don't. If you are to land a govt. job,
you should be aware of all this. By the way, when do you rise everyday?
– I wake up by 8AM. That won't do.
You've to study for 20 hours every day. Where are you being coached at?
– At Rajesh Institute. Rajesh Institute is crap.
The institute at Koti is the best. I doubt if you'd get
anywhere close to landing a govt. job. I don't get one thing. In what sense are the footware thieves
a part of current affairs? How could anyone expect me to keep
track of such pety things? It pisses me off when someone
chides me for not knowing such stuff. Too much information is injurious
to health. You ask me how? I'm finally done with logical reasoning.
I'll now begin aptitude. You aren't done yet. You should also finish Rahul Series,
Anil Series and Saideep Series. Which series have you completed?
– Padma Series. Padma Series is just the start.
There is a lot more in other series. Quant isn't a problem.
But GK section is the deciding factor. Questions from movies, sports, politics
are all asked in the GK section. Have you prepared
yourself for it? Have you gone through
the model papers? They are set by popular professors.
They are very important. Are you still stuck
with the weekly question papers? There are tonnes
of question papers available online. Isn't it mind boggling? Just imagine my plight
who is forced to study all of it. Back in the day, people only had
news papers, books and radios at most. But now, tonnes of information
is around us thanks to internet. I don't know why
but questions are asked only from the few topics
that we skip. And to not to miss a single topic
is humanly impossible. Where has it disappeared?
Here it is. Karthik, shall we go pay the exam fee?
Let's split the fare for the auto. Would you pay my exam fee aswell?
I've no money on me. I've only got Rs. 1,000 on me. Your exam fee is Rs. 600
while mine is only Rs. 100. Let's go. Come to think of it the cutoff is 77 marks.
Say we end up scoring 76 I'd be gutted. You'd be gutted if you get 76.
I'd be gutted if I get 21. Your cut off
is 22, right? Jahnavi, why are you so pissed?
What's the matter? I'll change it.
– True. Let's change our DPs. Boon, you think this is a joke?
Mahishmati has been tainted! I'll make a post about it
on Facebook. Have you brought about a change?
– Bring change my foot. The moment I made the post,
all I received were a dozen likes and a dozen positive comments. We've to go all the way to Tirupati
to seek blessings of the Lord. We don't just go half the way
and then seek the Lord's blessings, right? Like wise, all need to achieve
the same cut off to land the same job. What's the point in reservations
even in 21st century? Yes, father?
– 'Are you doing well, Jahnavi?' 'I've told my friends
that you're set to become an IAS officer.' 'And with your first salary,
let's buy a new car.' 'Study hard.
Your mom wants to talk to you.' 'How are you?'
– I'm fine. 'Your dad is all smiles lately.' 'He's been telling everyone
that you'd become an IAS officer.' 'Make sure
that his words come true.' 'Study hard and eat on time.' I hope
you become an IAS officer soon. What's in it for you?
– You'll be alloted a bigger house then. And then, I'll become the head
of all your domestic helps. You also will have to
give me a raise. Everyone expects
that I'd become an IAS officer. I wonder if I'll ever get
close to being one. How are you, officer?
– I'm not yet an officer. You'll become one someday.
– Yeah, someday. Someday.. When I say I'm trying for a govt. job,
people think I'd be the next IAS officer. All I want is a govt. job.
Not necessarily as an officer. Why don't people
see the reality. So, these are the problems faced by people
who want to land a govt. job. As a matter of fact,
one Sawera came up with this idea. If you too have any good ideas,
do mail it to us. The mail ID
is in the description box.

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  8. I'm from North India, Haryana…i didn't understand the language you were using but i like your video very much didi, i saw it with captions on and got almost everything you're trying to express…Amazing content, god bless you ๐Ÿ˜Š

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