Government worker shares stories of the Nephilim Giants and Government Coverups

Government worker shares stories of the Nephilim Giants and Government Coverups

24 thoughts on “Government worker shares stories of the Nephilim Giants and Government Coverups

  1. The giants were here even after Columbus. They were spoke of by President Lincoln. He called them the Niagara giants. They were all over the America’s. Also the most populated are was for a specific copper up by Michigan. The Indians have there dna. They come from Egypt (the DNA matches) They are also the offspring of the Fallen Angels. And they are the Aryan bloodline Hitler was looking for.

  2. How true, my grandfather has spoken of he said they r evil, evil to core no match for humans to conquor, but if u r the child of the living God Almighty through Jesus Christ u r safe. Read about King David in the old testament & there r other real stories that have been told.

  3. If you are a Christian of course you would believe there were giants, its bible. The bible says that people had roamed and settled around the world so I would assume giants roamed the world as well. Death isn't prejudice it will take you on whatever continent you live on. Hence giants in America. MAGA!!!

  4. Giant skeletons were found in and near mound villages in the Ohio River valley. They were sent to the Smithsonian and disappeared. No surprise.


  6. Maybe that's how thousands of people go missing without a trace in those areas. I think a lot of the 411 cases that David Paulides talks about have met their end there.

  7. All that area has caves below in the Grand Canyon where people have found egyptian hieroglyphs and other things that shows there was a civilization that existed there, so all of what was said on this video makes sense.

  8. I know a family that carries the six fingers trait within the female members. They're normally removed shortly after birth.

  9. I used to be an atheist, then I saw real evil and questioned my beliefs. Then I found out about how they have systematically covered up giant bone finds, and put this together with the fact they will not recognize Gobekli Tepe, and it all becomes clear, the great flood, the ancient civilizations…this is all connected, demons, ufo's, angels…you name it…it's all the same thing! The ancient stories are true!

  10. Are ALL the mound skeletons gone too? There were thousands and thousands upon them! I know the Smithsonian confiscated and screwed away lots and lots of them, but where did they put them?

  11. I…Saw Where LAOS Was The MOST BOMBED COUNTRY…!!! During The Nixon Presidency The U.S. Govt. Took It Upon Themselves To ERASE This Well Known TRIBE Off The Face Of The EARTH….They Were Easily   Camouflaged By The Over Grown Brush…You CanSee These Village Girls Parading On The Mountains  By These Huge Pottery Vases / And Thousands Of Bombed Landscape From All The Artillery From The Result Of The U.S. Air Raids…It's REALLY WILD…"

  12. The government keeps the giants or vice versa to fight the awakening Israelites just as in scriptures the children of Israel fought the giants in the promised land. If an ignorant person were to awaken to the fact that he or she is an Israelite, the government will immediately confront you with a giant who will probably eat you alive while an audience observes 🌞

  13. I wonder who and what killed the giant tree of life that once stood, and if the giants had anything to do with that, and if so what was there purpose.

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