Government To Remain Shuttered For Christmas With No Deal Over Budget | NBC Nightly News

Government To Remain Shuttered For Christmas With No Deal Over Budget | NBC Nightly News

tonight President Trump holed up at the White House as the partial government shutdown drags on with no deal in sight the stalemate hinging on Trump's five billion dollar demand for his signature campaign promise a southern border wall when he repeatedly said Mexico would pay for the president who just days ago said he'd be proud to shut down the government over border security I will take the mantle I will be the one to shut it down I'm not gonna blame you for it today in a tweet signaled it could last a while with Democrats dug in I have never supported a border wall mr. Trump summoned top aides and allies to the White House Saturday afternoon to talk strategy the president later appeared to soften his stance in a tweet suggesting that he might accept funding for a steel barrier instead of one made of concrete a senior administration official tonight tells NBC the president is willing to negotiate on the type of barrier so long as Democrats agree to one as part of any deal tonight nearly a dozen departments and agencies have run out of funding roughly 25% of the federal government gone dark that means 380,000 government employees are furloughed or forced to take unpaid leave until the shutdown ends another 420,000 deemed essential employees are expected to work without pay that includes TSA agents who are on the job during one of the year's busiest travel weekend's ahead of the holidays they'll be paid retroactively Lee once the government reopens I'm Jeff Bennett at the White House hey NBC News fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

11 thoughts on “Government To Remain Shuttered For Christmas With No Deal Over Budget | NBC Nightly News

  1. Wait…So Mexico isn’t paying for the wall? And Trump isn’t taking responsibility for the shut down he said he would take responsibility for? And the legal word for collusion is conspiracy against the United States? #TrumpIsAMoron

  2. Any constitution which allows for the likes of Faker 45 to wield the power of presidency is not worth keeping. We need to rethink our government.

  3. Democrats just tell Baby trump you will pay for wall. If he shows tax returns. End of subject , he's gone real fast. What wall I never said anything about Mexico paying for wall, that was Clinton and Obama.

  4. Trump loyalists should have always known that he was lying about Mexico paying for his idea. Who ever gave any American President the right to dictate how any other country spends it's money. Especially regarding a border over land that America had taken by force, Trump is just asking to heat our relations up to a war like level. If Trump stays in office much longer, it will be America against the world. And I don't know of a single young man that would be dumb enough to volunteer to fight under a child general like Trump.

  5. El Trumpo's campaign promise was that he would make Mexico pay for the wall. Why is he on the phone to Turkey giving away military secrets. He should be on the phone with the Mexican president. He has absolutely NO capability to negotiate except throw temper tantrums which doesn't work with mature adults. He is an immature bully that never grew up.

  6. Baby Donnie wants his way or he'll hold his breath until he turns blue! Well, that wall will never happen so Donnie hold your breath as long as you want because since the shutdown, there will be no one to give you CPR once you pass out… HAHAHAHAHA

  7. All I need to say on this Holy Month and time of the Year , IS THAT "THEY REALLY DON'T CARE ABOUT US" If the blame is for whom ever resones, Trump’s Republican KLANS or the Establishment Democrats or liberals . abandoned Ann Coulter WAAAAAALL .

  8. YOU ARE LYING F**K Donald Trump, Mexico is not paying for it we are and we don’t want to pay for that F**King WALL.

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