48 thoughts on “Government shutdown: How it happened

  1. Interesting choice of words in this report calling leader Schumer but calling the president Mr. Trump seems odd

  2. 300,000,000 million dollars/day cost.
    1. Steadily the jewery were closing production factories and send them overseas, principally to China. So the Base for Economic Stability was eroded gradually.
    2. 9/11/2001 – Not having other alternative, American people was force into Military Service by design. Having enough soldiers, they unleash a war on terror to push America to fight wars for the Expansion of Israel.
    3. 2008 – They raped the economy using the banking system divesting Americans of all they possessed. 100’s of 1000’s were sent to the streets. Families were divided, children were separated from their families, the number of suicides sky rocketed, millions of Americans are homeless, people are disappearing from the streets, people continue to lose their homes.
    4. I learn from writings of the Aztecs, that the climate disturbances we experiment happen because of the manipulation of the weather, where humanity unleash a continuous increasing pattern that becomes unstoppable. In their writings they point out that the extinction of man kind was almost total. Whether we choose to believe in the manipulation of the weather should not be an option, we should now by certainty; but is not way to know, if we allow this parasites to continue the invasion of our Institutions and the corruption of the scientific community. Weather has become a medium for the destruction of people, as well as a big business.
    5. With the decimated economy and spirit of the people, comes a new and extremely malevolent plan of attack. The Shot Down of the Government, a repetitive "phenomena" until the day they say "Our debt is unplayable", then they will bring the SHOCK – the selling of the most valuable assets for this Country, Land and reserves. Who is going to buy…? JEWERY, parasites following the same pattern all over again. Remember The Rape of Russia…? Russia lost 15 to 20% of its population due to Hunger after the rape.

  3. The shutdown is all Donald Dumps fault.  he has lead the government into a shut down by his inability to lead.

  4. The shutdown may be over, but all of us Americans are still stuck with these idiots in the House, Senate and White House. We are the losers!

  5. F the Dreamers,they come here to Rape are women and children,steal from us all and killing white people,this must stop ,please Mr.Trump stop these now.we can do it

  6. Wow 5 minutes of spin doctor B.S. when it is a one sentence deal…..The Demturd .socialist party is responsible for the shutdown……..cut the B.S. CBS

  7. The shutdown is a desperate attempt by the DEMOCRATS since they have been proven wrong on everthing they say about Trump they can't stand Trump has the American economy the strongest it has been. Dacca is so important to the DEMOCRATS because that is 8 million votes for them. They don't care about the other Americans they only care about their next term so they can get rich selling out the American people by taking millions from lobbeyist. Trump keep it shutdown for at least 10 days and all those government employees that are not needed let them go a small government is what is needed now.

  8. just remember, while all this is going on, millions of dollars were just handed to orrin hatch of utah, Bob Corker of ohio, and ten other Republican senators by passing the recent so-called tax reform. That's millions of dollars in tax that we've paid. Are you happy now you stupid ignorant southern whites?

  9. They need to find some funds to pay the Military and wait the 42 days until DACA dies. The Dems will have no bargaining chips then!.

  10. END THE FED congress take back our money system and give us a sound money or F the government and let them shutdown

  11. The wall would be much better than sending aid to foreign countries that hate us! But Democrats like illegals, they vote Democratic!

  12. Only 10 dems need to support Americans over illegal immigrants. Only 10, and they would rather shut down the government.

  13. The Democraps have shut down the Goverment in defense of illegal immigrants. Using them as a political tool at the same time, acting like they care about them. Pathetic.

  14. another fake news outlet. in this shutdown its clear what Trump is talking about when he talks about obstructionists

  15. democracy is a lie and corrupt and goverment is run by lobby companies
    democrats are corrupted and fake
    republicans are kapitalists and stereotypical racists
    we need a new system one where our government is transparent and the people have more power

  16. Democrats & Republicans are of The Same Bird , They Both are at fault , They Both are Corrupt .

    Our Dependence is Not on a Stupid Human in The White House (#45) Not on Congress, Our Dependence is on The Most High ( (God) IMPEACH #45 & His Entire Crooked Lowlife Administration .

  17. Democrats will be blamed for choosing illegal immigrants over US military personnel …. But fake news won't tell you that …go out and talk to Americans not living in New York or California..

  18. DACA should not be part of the budget signing, the Democrats are trying pull a fast one, no deal no DACA.

  19. None of this stuff happened until Donald Trump got his stupid self in office. If you stupid people are trump supporters just leave.

  20. How it happened? Libtards put illegal third world on educated people ahead of America's own Sovereign citizens that's how it happened

  21. Shut down started because Democrats are supporting a Program that was started by a Executive Order that was implemented against the Established Immigration Laws. Americans have to follow established Laws of the Judicial System based on Law and not Emotions. This Program should have already been ended and not cause of a shut down costing tax payers!

  22. The Democrats proved to America that illegal infiltrators count more than us citizens and we all know that. Thanks for the show.

  23. I love how they make it out be so terrible. It's essentially a paid vacation for federal workers as backpay is always given. This is all political; the vote holdouts are just waiting for campaign contributions and Bill concession. Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin. Whenever government grows, liberty contracts…

  24. I'm a Democrat in sick of yall its like the Dems want us all to be gay and live around Mexicans I'm about to b a Republican next election

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