Governing Paper People | Sovereign Citizens

Governing Paper People | Sovereign Citizens

27 thoughts on “Governing Paper People | Sovereign Citizens

  1. The only thing I've ever heard of stupider than this is those people who claim getting a c-section means you're not a 'real parent' because you didn't 'give birth'.

  2. Society should follow equal non-consent towards them. Crudely saying if SC is caught driving recklessly drunk arresting officer should have legal right to just blow his head open with his/her gun as SC is not bound OR protected by law. Thus police officer is not guilty of murder when he/she blows out SC's brains with a gun. Maybe police could be charged from littering or public disturbance for that.

  3. In Germany we have a similar bunch, who call themselves "Reichsbürger". They believe that the German Reich (either in the form of the Empire, the Weimar Republic or the Third Reich) legally still exists due to peace treaty hijinks and that the laws of the German Federal Republic don't apply, that the modern German state is a buissness that only "manages" us and do things like printing their own passports, their own driver's licenses, their own license plates and they even hold their own elections (we have several people claiming to be the legitimate Reichspresident of the Weimar Republic who do things like filiming hilarious New Year's Adresses to "the people").

    Some of them are also armed and kill cops.

  4. I have more respect for law enforcement after this. How they avoid slapping the shit out of these smart asses is beyond me.

  5. I honestly found it hard to watch this because their "logic" is so bad, when they were explaining to the cops why they should be able to not have to follow the law I was cringing so hard I thought it would be terminal.

  6. 1:42 "significantly larger than any other group I've talked about recently".
    Flat earthers: Hold my beer.

  7. Sovereign citizens are one of my favorite train wrecks to watch. Them and flat earthers. It’s fun to watch them get their windows broken and tasered.

  8. I cast "I do not consent" it deal 500 damage 100 percent chance of critical hit to all law enforcement 100 percent chance of missing 100 precent chance of backfiring

  9. i think we should actually allow people to be able to not be a citizen of any country. they would still have to follow laws of countries they are in such as not speeding or murdering, they wouldn't get any benefits of being a citizen but certain things such as borders they don't have to follow

  10. These people confuse me, so basically what she said is she can kill someone because she doesn't follow the same laws

  11. Does anyone know why the judge didn't charge David Hall (the person or corporation or whatever he was) with contempt of court?

  12. I bet these "sovereign citizens" that feel themselves entitled to not abide by any law are totally fine with Mexicans crossing the border as well then. No?

  13. To be fair smashing the window at the beginning was over the top and not needed, even if the guy was an idiot

  14. Even IF they weren’t considered citizens of a state doesn’t mean they aren’t subject to the laws of the land they’re occupying. Government isn’t ratified by a piece of paper but by the will of the people. We, the people of the United States, have given the police the power to arrest you if you break the laws we have established.

  15. Ohh it’s actually killing me how stupid these people are. Your in a country and you have to follow that law! If you don’t then create your own county and get invaded loool

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