Governing Of Impulse Turbine

Governing Of Impulse Turbine

today we will discuss about governing of impulse turbine or combined governing with the help of spear and deflector we know that what is burning burning is the regulation of quantity of water septic from nozzle for controlling the speed of turbine according to load changes this is called governing firstly we will discuss about parts of the governing of impulse turbine we have a oil sump in which we have oil a relay or control valve with piston and piston Road a cylinder with a piston connected to spear impulse turbine and nozzle when something is connected with the relay or control wall with the help of pipes there are three pipes upper pipe is connected to upper of the piston and middle pipe is connected middle in the control valve and this below pipe is connected at the lower end of the control valve or below the piston and this is further connected to this sphere cylinder in which will will be circulate according to the movement of the spear this is governor which is connected to the turbine by different arrangement and it will give us rotation of the turbine according to the load changes this is Belle crank lever Belle crank lever is connected with the sleeve of the governor and this end of the bell crank lever is connected this and is connected to the deflector and this end is connected to the roller and cam this cam is attached to the spear there is a fulcrum for providing support to the lever now we see the working of governing of impulse turbine what will happen when our turbine is rotating at a speed and if this speed is increased because load is less and speed is more by the increasing of this field this turbine shaft is connected to the mechanical linkage by this governor and this governor will also start rotation at the higher speed and slave will go up world of the governor this slave is connected to this lever and this well crank lever will deflect the deflector and deflector will work and it will deflect the water which are coming from the nozzle then another working is this oil pump we start working and supply well to the cylinder by the sleeve action this piston will move in the downward direction and this piston in the downward direction will supply oil from this valve to the sleeve cylinder and this cylinder this spear will move in the forward direction and decrease the area and so flow rate will be decreased and this compared fluid we'll go back to the oil sump so this is the governing of impulse turbine also the reverse is possible when this piston move upward and this valve will supply from this pipe and in the cylinder oil will pressure this piston to the backward direction spear will goes in the backward direction and area will increase and flow rate will be increased we can also deflect this in deflector with the spear is connected to the cam and roller so both are combined action for the governing of impulse turbine thank you for seeing this video for more updated videos you can subscribe me on my channel learn and grow thank you

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  1. sir our discharge is constant from the reservoir nd if we reduce the area with the help of spear then velocity will increase…… nd we wants to maintain it at constant then how it is happening

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