Gotta Govern Fast: Civ 3 On Emperor As Greece

Gotta Govern Fast: Civ 3 On Emperor As Greece

hey people today we're going to be doing a speed related challenge and the way that works is I'm not allowed to think I can take as long as I want with my turns as long as I'm continuously doing something I just can't stop to think about what's going on so yeah we're just me doing a standard Pangaea map and if I catch myself thinking for more than like a second or two I'll head hit enter immediately to kind of preserve and punish myself the for breaking my own rules so 70% water Pangaea we're going to doing a super brain dead sieve called Greece and then Emperor so things that are difficult but not really difficult at all yeah it looks fine okay great of philosophy or no Republic will do Republic slingshot I think we can pull that off at this difficulty oops yeah I want to likes things that I like about Greece is that you uh you start with bronze working so it's like you have all the text you really need I guess maybe you could benefit from pottery but I actually don't like early granaries so much in single-player oh now he's coming for me okay I would oh here's Arabia nice I get ten gold from it sweet mmm we got chairman looks pretty crowded over here we got the inside track in terms of contact with our sieve the so are you messing with me I guess they're the only one with mysticism okay well see if the the Arabs have anything cRIO they have the wheel yeah why the hell are they valuing this so high okay pottery in alphabet seems to be the only thing here they actually value please tell me this works oh yeah that's fine yeah so I'm kind of boxed in here a little nice worker code and hopefully we can get a gold back perfect great good trading there suede right I'm not a ton represent Erica that sucks yeah like I was saying I don't really like granaries so much for single-player I like to be able to claim like good city spots like just right off the bat as soon as we can where are the Arabs here okay I see I guess one granary oh I just straight up can build a grinder right now if I want to yeah I'll do that oh I can also do block off the Arabs so that's a good idea and it's like a long choke point too so that means it's like I can block this off and they plant a city here and then I just move my warriors back over here so they can't like dislodge my blockade just by walking huh yeah I'm counting like it's showing you guys things on the map as not a violation of the rules like if I'm illustrating my point even if I'm not really doing something I'm not gonna count that as a violation of the rules since I'm not really using that as a chance to think it's more of a chance to explain and if anything thinking makes it more difficult to think not easier okay I need to blocking a lot off would be nice too let's see you get one more warrior I know I'm going to land I have here I guess I might want to like expand around the bend over here oh I wanted that does it be a settler but okay barbarian coming I got no luxuries approach shouldn't be Russian production Jesus please don't okay it's nice being on an emperor again when you can actually beat barbarians semi reliably okay we got Babylon yeah I got nothing up on nobody are you okay content's you yeah it seems about right oh Jesus I hate when the barbarians just like linger around and just kind of like walk around and like look for openings and stuff like that just like attack or off dude okay of whatever I probably should head this way with this guy what is it top late thing I don't like about this is the airport Warriors are just stuck on the side of the causeway just chilling being assholes this looks like MEA the fish and I'll be okay like you don't need to be coastal on the side where you're located like if this wasn't coast like if this was a lake then this would be a bad place to plant because I wouldn't really I wouldn't get the harbor bonus on the fish but because I get can build my heart because it's coastal this side and I do get the bonus from the fish yeah yeah that's fine oh they got rating everybody's got freaking writing I should have paid more attention just like in life in general not specifically right now where are the other SIVs here there's one okay it's a start oh nice little decent City spot I'm gonna have to expand here oh well up to those ivories hopefully Mayans well this thing is I can definitely trade away code of law I can't trade away you don't want to trade away trading because it makes them get philosophy faster but Kota law it's fine to trade away predictable I guess we'll push in this direction that's where the road seems to be headed yeah that's a good in both directions the Germans are expanding north though it seems so Germany and the Mayans huh wouldn't a guest so for I need to plant here if I want to get or here if I want to get this fish it's not ideal planning on on hills but not bad in a spot I think I just need more warriors not necessarily hoplites even though hoplites are better fighters and more cost-efficient I just need like bodies because I'm clearly struggling with this Jesus part I get your together there we go Oh luxury that's gonna be a godsend okay I guess we'll have to plant three tiles away here oh good city would be here let's get that buddy guy out free gold nice okay they already have a decent how do they not have philosophy and yeah I'm definitely losing philosophy here that's okay I should be able to keep up in tech anyway the weird Pangea yeah yeah that seems about right okay let's take this guy to the front line we don't want anything weird happening to our faraway cities uh why Road to the Arabs why not ooh nice and uses oh they don't have a writing that's great okay enough of that uh any iron on the map oh nice I got iron I'm gonna want one here one here one here one here perfect you guys seem okay oh thank God for those wines that's gonna be do do me so much good I do want to irrigate over in this direction though so nice thanks guys but I'm good oh I should try to rush out a cultural building to claim those gems I don't think there's any other source of gems for me anywhere so let's see if I'm doing this right it's hard to tell how much land the Arabs have but I suspect not much okay let's pray for oh sweet uh okay we're gonna fortify them because I don't know what the I'm doing with it at the moment a great library is cheesy I don't do that we got brown he's got a lot of gold in three different techs mysticisms again a freebie in that case different text I like that I think how much I'm worried that they have polytheism too and I miss out on polytheism if I go for something like this it's a great library as pyramid still open if pyramids is still open I want the pyramids there's no question about that let's see what's been yeah I'm not seeing anyone who's yet being constructed okay so if we grab the pyramids here this would give us a they got philosophy well that would give us culture which would let us take the gems Oh interesting when we do we can't get Paula thism so I was right about polytheism we might even get our gold back from that we missed out on with Carthage Oh forty-eight from Egypt yeah sure whatever horseback riding for that Arabs got nothing on me Egypt now Oh Carthage I think was the other sieve that maybe yeah we can get some gold from them perfect said we won't Republic we could just go for currency and just put an end to the era altogether oh let's say yeah we'll do currency I'm not really quite ready to switch yet I think I don't want to lose that city so I guess what we could do is that yeah that works fine oh it looks like our city was taken away from us another one we wanted to plant should be fine though I'll just do a cheeky River City over here it makes them go any money from selling our granary since we have granaries in all our cities now and I think we're good on workers let's get some hoplite you guys go to the front normally you wouldn't catch me dead here gettin a grassland and despotism but here we need it for the irrigation chain so if you're curious that's why I'm doing that we've contact with everybody oh we're missing contact with one SIV oh nice we're gonna need luxury resources when we can get luxury resources because pyramids will make your cities grow fast and more people means more unhappiness high-risk high-reward I mean there's nothing really risky about it but it does come at a cost probably think oh I'll trick of the Arabs of mapmaking they're kind of locked in which I like so they can't really trade as much oh they just straight-up do have mad making I need to secure my iron immediately and place it here folks Oracle that's fine immediate mercenaries Babylon and nice that was probably about like I've got plenty of money to spare I don't know why I did that but I'm not gonna complain Oh spices those bastards Wow okay I'll try to culture flip that I guess I was totally invisible too I mean it wasn't I just didn't scout there and I'd have any units there so it was not innovated invisible at all but it felt invisible so if I keep on expanding north I can actually get silks right now which I like those are both fine we wanted a Templars along here just so the borders expand I swear to god let's put one guy up here how was Corinth even alive how's it not unhappy it's beyond me yeah we can hook iron nothing wrong with that the one reason you would want to hook eye on is so you can continue to build swordsman or workers sorry warriors but I don't really need warriors right now and I guess I kind of do but and not enough to fix whatever the hell I did oh they're fighting each other that's good okay so that's just gone let's put that city there not sure if I think there might be somebody north here I'm not quite sure it might be someone an island – that's possible on a Pangaea or someone like the Arabs who kind of feels like they're on the island but they're not what the Germany they're just not expanding and the way I expect them to expand okay they might only have coastal north cities and that's why they're only expanding on that side oh so we our happiness problem should be pretty much solved since we have two luxuries now forbidden palace you're not liking that guy over there can't wait till I have like a decent enough army that I can confidently kick their units out of my land I guess we want the hot plate in Delphi hmm that's desi let's see what happens so nice we got it that was pointless to explore we could put a city here do we have no horses yeah we have no horses so let's take some horses and we could plant there that's bound to get flip to the oh okay let's grab the next year so who has construction and who will give it I could just straight-up be the only person in the next year if I wanted to you tube terminate Babylon no they won't even give me construction for that that's so odd literature monarchy and construction so it looks like the mines are the big scary guys this game so once I trade away currency it's gonna be worth less so even though I'm probably gonna trade it to the Mayans if they give me something reasonable oh they already of currency well I could grab all that I guess I want my gold back this oh hold up those of the great library no they don't hmm I guess they already had it so yeah I got my gold back from the Arabs let's guys going here yeah this isn't gonna flip this is just so close to my capital that I can't see that happening go Republic or go oh god I don't even know education okay with all these freaking luxuries I should be I get this look peple on it here so let's or the sugar or head is so I'm gonna plant over here I have weird city planting decisions but it all makes sense like there's some internal logic to it I don't mind being too close together in my cities are further apart okay I don't know if I want to want a border with the Mayans but it's certainly an option why haven't the Germans expanded here that's where do out every other sieve is just so intent on talking the human player actually don't think that's the case but in this game it certainly seems like it yeah there's probably someone north of here or west of here I'll cover all those lands so there's these two planes tiles that aren't taken I probably want to sit another city right here to be honest huh barbarians won't time to dodge that it has the bonus of taking away the the oasis from the the Arabs actually no this this tile is being used by athens so if i put the city here that i get the oasis and the the onions planes towels so it's probably what i want to do and then I can move coop over here oh yeah these two are definitely fighting they must be I'll check my advisors okay they're fighting Babylon mines are fighting nobody yeah I'm holding out for them getting Republic Oh they've Republic now well I have no excuse sweet that's everything I wanted I loved taking AI workers definitely a habit of mine oh they've got a lot of money because they got monotheism is through free tech I see how it is well I don't want the mines getting that money and I'm on to theology that sounds about right oh I can get some temples I don't even know her you guys are going oh yeah this is all being used all this land oh I wanted one where's uh yeah it should be fine should I switch governments oh we got a settler out so we go to stop to settlers one can go here ish and then one here oh well I need one here too let's get libraries everywhere first yeah so this guy's definitely going here and I guess yeah we could do that and then the horse city and then we'll just pay for a temple when they come out of anarchy yeah that's fine we can get if we can get another city out there that's amazing but I won't break my gut back for it so uh hook up yeah well do one more library maybe a courthouse or sling and then yeah well switch governments sorry I might not have looked like I was wait I do have Republic Reed yeah it might not have looked like I was doing but I was actually like looking for specific cities if they're not building the right thing it's not technically an action I guess but I wasn't thinking I was just looking I swear oh that sucks how long is this going to be for turns oh that's pretty good so my goal is to get those spices if I can culture flip but that's amazing if not whatever it's a little unnerving you get a hot plate and roads also Vince night is like the least likely candidate to need a hoplite so that's going somewhere more useful I swear to god we just dealt with that and Republic seems like a good choice that was the plan yeah so the key in the expansion phase is just to take up as much space as you can physically get without anything losing anything to military conquests or to a culture flip and then once you're big you're big and you can out scale the AI especially if your commercial Civ so I think we're gonna start needing a little happiness slider but we're gonna get soaked soon so it's not too much for a problem eventually poof yeah that's a little faster and ya know what looks fine so how are we doing in terms of unit costs we're over the cap we're losing on gold we can afford to be losing gold but it's it's not something that's ideal so we're gonna spend a couple excess warriors oh no for a crack so that's good oh Jesus get your together dude where is that other Civic is we've like this is a long spanning tangia Germany still in the last era yeah I should pay attention for when they enter the next one no absolutely not okay let's go for temple here so I could try to slip this in but I'll send em North Carthaginians have like a lot of land they just haven't kind of filled it in maybe because they're busy being out war with Egyptians so let's try Carthage might be a solid player later in the game so that's expensive that's good land – why are they so unhappy yes because the AI is just really bad at the game so how are we in terms of workers we have nine or and that's criminal yes oh we can do our hearing a Centauri answer there that works and we probably want library here I guess is what we're spending our gold on in the future and I feel like oh why do we spend that gold on some dumb but all right now it seems make sense to me so Sabratha maybe I declared war on the Germans well they're not world war with me I'm really enjoying that so here might be a good spot that would give me like a lot of stuff when I expand the borders wait hold all I'm whatever life I'm loving this so this mmm I get that – those two tiles I can just put a city here here makes a lot of sense I want that oh no it's just a grassland so I'll go here so I'm on the river and we got another cellar coming out that's perfect great library okay so I need to be careful how I trade my tax Jaguar whore here's our here how many people are involved in this war so how let's see it Carthage is they haven't even made contact with these through SIVs with the Mayans maybe Mayas fighting Babylon maybe they're just looking for barbarians whistling who knows this is a really interesting game actually it's a shame I don't really have the ability to be paying proper attention just go to the restrictions that placed on myself I'm starting to worry just slightly about my my cities in terms of defense so oh this will be I said the city can grow I like that about it yeah we're still searching for that other Civ let's get a galley oh and I guess there's on a river Oh statues I mean if we can get statue Oh clearly be so the Incans okay that's good to know I guess and if they have access to ivory that means they are on the continents or trading with the condon in some capacity but probably on the continent so where the hell are they huh this is a very well timed golden age and I'm very happy about this we didn't lose a city did we no we didn't so ah I see what they came here for okay so four to five this right now huh so herein lies the challenge yeah I'm at full health I guess I can risk this I'll do a rush a cold for hoplite oh it's the Mayans okay so we're definitely need an ally for this and who better than the Germans who are still in the night last year so now we can do this hopefully they get okay they don't get engineering as a free tech but that's okay well I don't know what to do with these yeah we've gotta do something I'm really not happy about that okay let's turn on animate battles it yeah the reason I didn't okay thank God the reason I was gonna move this guy over guy from purgin on but if he did that I did that then he could just walk onto the road and I couldn't do anything like he could just take the city free Oh Inca purple Inca oh and they're actually kind of advanced I would have suspected like others still land to being claimed out here not even a really big map or anything goof nice sort of about center theology I mean let's get one barracks out I guess it's not a bad idea and education I can't trade away theology or else the the Mayans get it and I'm not worth and so I can't trade it to them oh no you don't I see what you're doing there errors how long have their warriors just being around you know like I locked them in and I just have to deal without the entire game what a pain in the ass okay do I have any you know so I can get rid of definitely this you'd be nice to have to have like one medieval infantry maybe I don't know okay that's probably like a frivolous use of my funds but I like having big continuous Porter's let's get some medieval infantry oh yeah I just want like a stack of five medieval infantry so I can like safely tell the Arabs and everyone else to off nice this is such a great city I love it so much marketplaces are really gonna come in handy okay wow I'm pretty Brooke 2040 unit costs I'm gonna golden age – I got no excuse okay he can put his unit here you know what oh I'm done with the settlers where the Incans even coming for Jesus I've met the Incans so I could probably just disband this warrior you know yeah the gala is gonna do all this coding I need to do well I'm growing my cities Desai's seven so that's opening up some units support released speaking of which okay oh look at what the Mayans have they'll probably kill me but you know if I'm gonna disband and not get the shield's anyway I might as well just put it in like just toss it at the city see if I can take the city I cannot take this well save me a little gold look here yeah nice Germany in the Arabs oof it's been so long so yeah if I actually attack him and I lose the combat I will lose Corinth so I didn't think this through properly or actually did I just didn't stop at the end of turn to do what was the needed action with the thoughts that had made for myself of course you could attack the city right now but yeah there's actually a decent forbidden palace spot Knossos great I think I think I'm fine with the galleys dude no and go for a library so you know cause I'm like what I need a few workers on ten over Oh the Incans got it huh Statue of Zeus education okay uh I don't even know what the I want engineering would be nice so I can go over these damn rivers maybe I can make peace of the Mayans oh no I mean a military alliance against them so that's not happening Oh get some workers out oh that's so close to being done it's actually painful though how about how badly I need workers especially in those cities it's super obvious no City can afford to focus on growth a little bit more I guess okay great I think I'm just about ready to kick the Arabs out of my land there's gonna be really refreshing I just straight up do not have enough of oh I don't know why irrigated that oh I guess is an irrigation chain because it's not doing much else I don't know if horses hooked yet for four nights but I'm too lazy to hook them anyway or I'm too lazy to research chivalry so what was I waiting for oh yeah I got the wait for the the deal to expire military alliance yeah it's still on how long is it gonna last probably my entire cold age that sucks because I don't want to trade texts without straining things to the sorry the Mayans just go the minds of the great library and Arabia average military yeah I'll take that perfect that's very helpful okay now that they fear me militarily I can probably disband these guys pretty safely perfect so now that we have this things settled I think this is just about wraps up part 1 I'll see you guys in part to Greece

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  1. Can you help me please when i start the game everithing is ok but then i start loosing 26 gold per turn i play as greece too

  2. Great content suede! I’m in Greece right now coincidentally on vacation, yet I find myself checking to see if you’ve posted any new vids hahah

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