GoPro Field Guide: HERO4 Camera Software Update

GoPro Field Guide: HERO4 Camera Software Update

In this edition of the GoPro Field Guide,
I’m going to be teaching you about the new GoPro Software Update for HERO4 Cameras. This
new software update delivers incredible performance improvements and new video features for the
HERO4, including TimeLapse Video, and 720p by 240 video, it’s amazing. I’m GoPro athlete
Chris Davenport, let’s take a look. With the new update, it’s now possible to shoot Time Lapse
Videos straight from any HERO4 Camera – no post-production needed. Showcase the sunrise,
riding up the gondola, or family gathering as a short, shareable video. Creating Time Lapses
with your HERO4 is easier than ever, and can make for some spectacular footage. You can
select your video Time Lapse to be in 4K for a wide, 16 by 9 video, or 2.7K for a taller,
4 point 3 aspect video. You also have the option to select the photo interval. The longer
the interval, the more sped up the Time Lapse Video will look. You want to play around with
this one to get a good feel for it, but any Time Lapse that is under an hour, I recommend
keeping it in the default, half second mode. Another great feature of the Camera Software
Update is the ability to shoot 720p at an impressive 240 frames per second. This mode
is an absolute blast. By doubling the frame rate to 240 frames per second, you are now
able to create high-def, slow motion playback that wasn’t previously available in a GoPro.
This setting is great for fast-action situations that you really want slowed down. I recommend
using an LCD BacPac or the GoPro App when filming in this mode. As you can see, the
footage looks quite different than the traditional wide-angle of a GoPro. That’s because 720p240
is shot in a narrow Field of View, and gives the impression of a zoom effect. To best nail
the shot, use the GoPro App or LCD BacPac. This setting is available in the HERO4 Black
Camera only and is great for hand-held shots and more. While these are the two main features of the
software update, I want to briefly cover a couple other improvements. For the HERO4 Black
there is now the ability to shoot 2.7K in 60 frames per second. Previously, the limit
was 48. Shooting 2.7K at 60 is perfect for capturing cinematic, high-res footage while
keeping the ability to slow the footage down. It also helps with reducing that Jello effect
that is sometimes seen in footage on mounts with high vibrations. This is my new go-to
mode for follow cams and anything non-point-of-view. For all of you using HERO4 Black or Silver
to take photos, there is now a new way to never miss a moment. A new Burst setting allows
you to capture 30 photos in 6 seconds, perfect for longer duration fast-action activities
like skiing or surfing. There’s a little bit of something for everyone in the new camera
software update. I didn’t cover everything, so head on over to for more
information. To update your camera quickly and easily, you can use the GoPro App on your
mobile device, or go to GoPro Studio on your computer and you can also get the update directly
at That wraps up our overview of the new GoPro HERO4 Camera Software Update,
thanks for watching and check back soon on GoPro Tutorials for more field guide episodes
and product updates.

51 thoughts on “GoPro Field Guide: HERO4 Camera Software Update

  1. Please put the 720p 240fps on hero 4 silver i need it and i dont have enough money to buy a black one.
    It's a very useful feature.

  2. 2.7K 60 fps!!! that's exactly what I was wanting since it came out!  thank you!  Now we just need a manual shutter speed type of option

  3. Awesome update but! On the timelapse mode i dont see the option to chose auto video or just photos i hope its not just auto video only as i use this method to capture some of my photos. Anyone know? Cheers Jamie!

  4. Being new to using GoPro cameras (owner of a 4 silver) will the new video time-lapse be far better quality from the outset than the photo time-lapse I have been trying out?

  5. Uuuuuh, using the new Marker Kingpin binding! Sweet video and really nice new features. 2.7k/60p is just the best!

  6. @GoPro  I updated my hero 4 silver but was too fast and i don't see any new option. no timelapse video, no mode burst 30/6 seconds. but appear like HERO4 Silver v02.00.00 and i don't know what happened? Some solution Please Answer the fastest… 

  7. These are all good updates, but I wont REALLY be stoked until I can take a 12mp Narrow, Medium, OR Wide photo with my GoPros. Happy to have things like YouTube and other Social Media sites to learn about stuff like this though. Really neat

  8. I have a question… I never have got a gopro and so I don't know how to make a really good video. For me is better a gopro hero basic or a go pro hero "advance" (maybe hero 3+)? Sorry for my bad English and thanks for who will ask at my question

  9. I bought the Hero 3+ less than three months before the Hero 4 came out… and it makes me sad so know that  there won't be any features like this added to the Hero 3.

  10. guys, please ANSWER ME
    How can this video be 31mb and it is 3:37 minutes!
    Also, it's awesome quality!
    HOW HOW HOW HOW HOW???????????

  11. First of all, I have to say your videos are incredible and you inspire me a lot to record videos and take pictures with my GoPro. I always tell my friends they HAVE TO follow you to learn everything about the GoPro!

    Could you help me with something? I'm trying to print my best photos, but when I open it in photoshop, It appears they are 141cm and 72dpi. Even in this size, it is not perfect and I get really angry with my final results. I settle my GoPro Hero 3+ to 12MP, do you think you can help me with any information I'm missing???

    Thank you and congratulations for your great and inspiring work!!!

    Cheers from Brasil!!!

  12. I would like to know if you have to buy a special software to install in your computer in order to actually edit and create those fantastic videos or photos

  13. Will you put the 4k at 24 or 30 fps in the hero 4 silver? Like, lets be serious 15 its horrible and crapy but great image

  14. Gopro we need videos like these for gopro7 silver!!! I really didnt find anyrthing!! Everybody talk about black! Please help us!!

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