41 thoughts on “GOP Rep. Wenstrup Says it Looks like US Turned its Back on Kurdish Allies

  1. OUCH ! ….. Jimmy Dore Outs the Corrupt Democrats etal. A Game Changer !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj-wNuKmBrY

  2. If the American People ever figure out all the Lies Corruption Fraud and Treachery in our Government , and put all the Connections together …… Their Screams will Rattle the Moon ! …………. That's why the Fake News Press and Media are so Important to Covering It All Up ! Thievery Murder and Treason ……… Unimaginable !

  3. THE MORE : Trump Slams the Fake News … He Builds the Wall … Trump says , call me Donald … Donald exposes Politicians … Don tells the Truth … The President passes realistic Bills … He Talks Common Sense … Trump Wins ~yawn~ … He Laughs at the Spy Agencies … Donald Lambastes the dysfunctional Democrats … Rallies Trump has ……………. , THE MORE AMERICA LOVES HIM !! … Mega MAGA 2020 !

  4. Are You kidding Me ! I'm voting Democrat so I can get $1000/month , Free Healthcare , Free Food , Free Education , Free Housing , Free Medicine , Free Drugs , Free Transportation and lots of Poor Refugees from the slums of the world to live with ! ……. I'm Smart !

  5. Hey Schiffty ! You need to get some Shrieking pretty woemen with Big opinions , Angry little gerls with picket signs or Frantic Muthers with Crying Babies to EMPHASIZE YOUR MESSAGE ! It's the Right thing to Do ! 😀

  6. I hope the US soldiers will leave their weapons behind for the Kurds , its the lest we can do after that Big Bone we just give them.. shameful.

  7. Traitorous Trump and his Republicon cronies are obviously corrupt to the core. How many more agencies of government has these evil pricks corrupted? Impeach Trump and kick the complicit boot licking Republicon crooks to the curb. Wake Up America!

  8. I love watching Sean hannity or Jeanine Shapiro still try to defend the president every day as it gets worse and worse and worse and they have less and less ways to lie to people the truth comes out more and more each day and they look worse and worse and I just wonder how long they'll go before they finally have to stop

  9. Sean hannity would never turn on Trump those towill be l taken the Moscow go Express midnight flight and Sean hannity you will have a podcast from the Kremlin for the rest of his life lol

  10. Y'all Trump didn't mind them meddling in the elections when they were trying to get him then but what if they wanted somebody else then then Donald Trump would be pissed either way it's completely wrong

  11. So I just seen the news update from CNN it says Rudy Giuliani will continue being Donald Trump's personal lawyer but will not have anything to do with Ukraine case so here he is again making up his own rules Giuliani is clearly involved in it and will have to answer for it regardless of what Trump says

  12. I just clicked on this video to give it a thumbs down and say how much i despise CNN. I didnt even listen to none of the nonsense.

    There is very little proof if any that the US CROOKED MORON BEAST has led a normal Christian life and displayed acceptable discipline and manners publicly and privately. So what's the premise and motivation for Christians to give him undivided support and loyalty? Who anointed him THE CHOSEN ONE ? It is either GOD. LUCIFER OR THE BEAST HIMSELF. 2000 years ago the Man of God said there will be false prophets coming after HIM and was asked how would they know if they were imposters or not. JUDGE THEM BY THE FRUITS OF THEIR LABOR.

  14. I bet any money trump has something to do with Guiliani's Russo Ukrainian friends that were arrested trump is getting money from these people Guiliani is the middle man that why the lady ambassador was removed because she is honest and on top of this please people don't forget the Epstien case and his suspicious death trump is dirtier than Al Capone was lock the low life up

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