GOP Rep. Francis Rooney to retire amid Trump’s impeachment inquiry

GOP Rep. Francis Rooney to retire amid Trump’s impeachment inquiry

100 thoughts on “GOP Rep. Francis Rooney to retire amid Trump’s impeachment inquiry

  1. Trator! Pure traitor. Remember Eisenhouser's prediction about congressional, industrial, industrial complex. This RINO swamp dweller is part. Got his money for Florida so now he can leave and throw out war hawk bombs on his way out. I do not wish him well.

  2. This guy is a fake. He knows he is alone on the right, and has a lot of friends on the left. This is not a crack on the right. It is light on the left. Take a look.. He is part of the coup. Trump’s chief of staff did NOT say a Quid Pro Quo happened. You guys are liars. Think of this: How can he complain about Trump with all the malfeasance on the left.

  3. So one guy out of many misspeaks and they claim to believe him to the exclusion of everybody else. They don't believe ALL the others…including the president of Ukraine…that there was no quid pro quo. Americans are wayyyyy smarter than that.

  4. One is inclined to ask. “What skeletons might lurk in your closet sir?” Remember we also heard the same statements and there certainly was not any sign of a q.p.q. You sir are not up to another term, you have an interest in your own backyard only. Move on.

  5. Everything is now in full circle on becoming funnier, sadder, and Tragic!! I SMELL ANOTHER Uncivilized BLOODSHED WAR IN THE MAKING AND IT IS JUST ABOUT TO REACH ITS BOILING POINT. Be PREPARED!

  6. Hillary forgets to take her daily medication, and her daily routine walk in the woods with her nurse. She turns on her tv and says impolite things as if she were saying something that makes sense. Her outburst of SHE'S A RUSSIAN AGENT, AND THAT LADY IS A RUSSIAN PUPPET is UNDOUBTEDLY troubling. Her bitterness at loosing the election. What's worse is her loosing her mind!
    Russia if you are listening…..overnight her, her meds. She needs them badly!
    Another outburst and she will ruin her own reputation. She has accomplished a lot.

  7. What a weak Republican coward. Run along and hide. America needs strong leadership not a little snitch like him. Good riddance.

  8. Mind Control: The use of ultrasonic sounds sort of like a dog whistle to bypass the conscious filter and then they utilize hypnosis techniques such as association and disassociation. Ask Trump. It's a receiver only! The FBI dont know. It's Area 51. They are fishing for other countries. This is the true spygate.

  9. Wow! Now Republicans are Now! Have dounts of Trump decisions making and action and his Ukraine situation and Syria and NOW! some Republicans jumping ship before they sink in it. Where were 3 years ago but now they are speaking out is better than nothing. Thank You! You sir for speaking real news instead of Trump and Russia Putin tactics to sell to the American people on both sides "Fake News"

  10. A nother knife in the back of your PRESIDENT TRUMP. Why didn't this fool run for the Dems or LIBS. He definitely wouldn't of got any money for his project.

  11. In a New York Times opinion column, titled "Our Republic Is Under Attack From the President," published on October 17, McRaven warned that Trump's policies were a stain on the US and its values.

    In the column, McRaven recounted an instance this month in which a retired four-star general gave a candid assessment of the president.

    "One retired four-star general, grabbed my arm, shook me and shouted, 'I don't like the Democrats, but Trump is destroying the Republic,'" McRaven wrote. "Those words echoed with me throughout the week."

  12. More important than protecting Trump's job, is protecting my job. And my job is to get my huge student debt paid off. Whether I have to drill for oil in Florida, become a bartender, or become a Uber Driver to drive women to the abortion clinic.

  13. Wow, so…this guy is what I call a hit and run. He comes in, gets what he wants and then tries to smear Trump and his people only to jump ship. These are exactly the kind of people we don't need in govt., they're users and in the end they try to hurt others in order to leave with their name in tact. He's no good, he needs to go. More to this I'm sure. A little two-faced here.

  14. If anyone thought after 2016 on fox being on left this should do it…..not even mentioning the corrupt DNC that they hired on!!

  15. You can end this madness simply by using modern technology. Alternating current was invented in 1896. That was only 123 years ago. Your corrupt representative form a government is as unnecessary as horses are for transportation. Real Greek democracy is possible today. Where all citizens, not a representative votes on all issues. Moscow Mitch / Massacre Mitch is gone and all legislation gets passed in hours not years. Read the description for YouTube video: “CardozaCare” The Future of Healthcare. Artificial Intelligence & Clinical Support Systems.

  16. Another weak Republican…..Rino. Thinks he can interpret the founding fathers intents. Crafted solely to his liking . He should resign immediately, but he wouldn't. Has to stick around for his golden handshake. America really is reeling for a few patriotic strong willed men, too much yellow bellies around.

  17. jumping of the sinking ship..
    Every day the Republicans contradict themselves. And it will continue it’s impossible to cover up a blatant crime.

  18. His 15 minutes of fame start as he publicly takes himself out? Maybe the current RNC won't fund a rino's campaign anymore.

  19. I dont think this guy knows what party he represents cause he really sounds like he should have a D next to his name.

  20. Republicans want to protect their party name at whatever cost and feel trump is their shield, since he does not care for the country nor people of the country.. This is a shame to the republicans by putting God's name to mockery.

  21. The swamp rats are running scared.. panic, pure panic! They will all burn.. including the Obama born in Kenya admin!

  22. The Republicans are totally embarrassed by having a U.S. President ( Donald Trump) as a symbol of their party. Who seems to have a greater respect for America's Enemies instead of America's Constitution, It's Citizens, and the rule of law that makes this Country a great democracy. Not a Government ruled by a Crooked Dictator….. Anyone who supports Donald Trump can't possibly love America or love what this Nation stands for. Because he has committed crimes that are totally against America's interest and Values

  23. This guy just said why he was leaving , had nothing to do with Trump. He was only there to get his money, he even said he went to Pelosi for help instead of his party. Good riddance, we need to purge all the RINO's anyway.

  24. The president behaves like a bully and does not hesitate to end the career of anyone who does not obey him. It is time for Republicans with courage and patriotism to speak clearly and judge this tyrant ruler

  25. He is one of the true Republican following the Constitution
    If see now the majority Republican they even care about Constitution at all. shame how trump chsnge the Republican

  26. What a job, your job is to fight corruption in the first start and you are deserting the people in your district and the people of America, how soft and bad can you get!!!!

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