100 thoughts on “GOP lawmaker on quid pro quo: It’s serious and troubling

  1. Klueless Korrupter Kasich: "American people not going home at night worried about impeachment."
    American people: Not sleeping at night–an unprecedented 52% support impeachment AND REMOVAL!!!

  2. Maybe Trump is angry at Kushner and felt this would be a good thing to rub in his face. Considering how it wrecks Kushner's Israel projects and assignment to achieve peace in the Middle East, it smacks of tantrum.

  3. People sorely mistaken thinking Republicans are party of Trump when it's always been the party of Nixon! Some things just don't change.

  4. The GOP shall henceforth be known as the 'TrumpniKKKs,' or 'TrumpniKKKsonians,' and contain only the very best cream, skimmed right off the top!

  5. What excuse are you Trump supporters or just trolls going to use now? Republicans are saying this is WRONG.. I'm so over your hypocrisy! If this was Obama you guys would be trying to bomb the WH to get him out!! Trump makes Nixon look like Clinton!! He was impeached for LYING ABOUT GETTING HIS NOB BOBBED! That's it!!


  7. FOlks, The tide is actually turning. more and more republicans are waking UP or can no longer IGNORE trumps behavior. I think we might have 20 senators that might vote for impeachment. so far i think its a hand ful. but growing. and I LOVE IT.

  8. This guy is the reason politicians are not liked. One of the many interesting statements he made. "Well, there is a lot of things I agree with the speaker on. She's the one that got my off shore drilling bill done. I thank her everyday". US is 1 better than a communist, dictatorship, socialist or real horror show regime. So, it's hilarious when people whine about other countries systems. 1 better?. That's it? From my perspective it's only a 1 party system anyway. This is all for show.

  9. Translation of Rooney's wait and see stance: I have to find out what (the vocal minority) my constituents are saying before I commit to anything.

  10. Francis is a Republitard, but I dont want to give up any power…un uh oh, well I dont know what that means. Elected officials can also be impeached. They should be able to get this right, if not, You can hold them accountable.

  11. 2 kids fight is unlike 2 warring factions fight, there are collateral damages and people especially innocent ones get killed and displaced. this is something very sick from a mentally very sick person and cheered on by a group of equally if not more sick blind followers

  12. The GOP is only, with reluctance and sadness, recoiling from the madness that DJT and his confederates are swirling across the world from the confines of the Oval Office and the East and West Wings of the White House. It is time for him to go, impeachment, 25th amendment, or the upcoming election in 2020.

  13. STUDY IT SOME MORE??? what a chickenshit. republicans impeached Bill Clinton for having sex with a willing intern. clearly their bar is set low for impeachable.

  14. TRUMP does not know what QUID PRO QUO is. He knows when he's holding the ACE OF SPADES to make illegal deals. That he got away with it, is another story. MAKING RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN.

  15. Another Republican sitting on the fence. Still better that flat out lying and defending Trump. Trouble is the majority need to call for Trump's impeachment especially in swing states otherwise this will go nowhere in the Senate.

  16. Rodney say: " are we that weak and inept" yes we are, and more. There is no doubt that we are not the best country in the world.

  17. The Senate is populated by jelly fish and plankton. Now we know how to communicate with aliens If we can communicate with the Senate we can call ET.

  18. With this trump Presidency it's very easy to leave the "land of Politics" and swim to the "island of revenge". I mean, you don't just want to beat trump in 2020 for the good of the country, you want him to suffer and pay for his maniacal behaviour. Because of this, you can lose the clarity and insight needed to construct an argument that speaks to those across the Political aisle, which, of course, is required to make trump "pay".

  19. Greatest military complex the world has ever assembled suffering a defeat in e shit hole bombardment ordered by a 6time defeated draft dodgeing coward.. ordered a attack on his own base… defend Americans all across the globe dumbass..stop destroying what my brothers died for dumbass.. weakness is not Democrats policy so stop sending our kids to die for you to bomb the ground they gave there life for…. STFU… bonesper

  20. Translate: Your president is a Russian plant and Putin's stooge. And yet we will protect him from impeachment. GET OVER IT! – Mick "Get over it" Mulvaney

    You got to let them fight. – Donald "I let my allies fight" Trump.

    4 years more and he will probably "cede" everything to make it the United States of Russia.

  21. Is CNN's Russia bubble about to burst? Rep Francis Rooney is slowly turning and it indicates change among republicans, I faintly hope.

  22. "I did read something today that really impeachment is whatever a majority of the House members say it is so if that's the case I guess anything is . . . "

    My God, do we actually have people serving in the United States House of Representatives this stupid? Congressman Rooney, there's this phrase in Article 2 Section 4 of the Constitution that says the president " . . . shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors." Try getting your information about impeachment directly from the source instead of MAD magazine.

  23. Turkey told trump move your troop we are Going into Syria ..and Your troop will be killed .. And Trump the chicken he has he moved our troops

    This is America now. Afraid of turkey

  24. If it’s unethical, it’s impeachable. This stuff is not only unethical, it’s abuse of power and it’s illegal. Mr. Congressman, I am sure you will have many a person to donate their spine to you, please either locate yours or ask for donations.

  25. So let me understand to be a rebublican means sellout your country and be racist so your can receive money to run for office.. Hmmm

  26. This Ukraine scandal might not be as bad as Watergate, but the combination of this and his emoluments, fraud, obstruction of justice is definitely worse than Watergate.

  27. I feel really sorry for anyone who listens to this rubbish for more then 30 seconds….. pure torture, how sad and empty you must be….. my sincere condolences.

  28. I think Trump has surpassed Nixon on corruption . Nixon resigned , he clearly never intended to take it any further . No signs of stopping with Trump .

  29. What's wrong with these lying liberal channels that makes libs in a spell and believe these lies? Enen when proof hits you in the bloody nose. It's a bloody shame

  30. Rep. Rooney, you sir, are a moral coward. There is no way to spin this otherwise. You are waiting to see which way the wind blows.

    A man who has no moral compass depends on the wind. If you had any self respect you would admit the crimes of DJT. You would admit that the only reason to wait, at this stage, is because you are too cowardly to take a real stand on anything.

    I truly hope the folks back home see you for what you really are, another spineless coward who is afraid to do his job honorably.

    You have no honor, and no morals, and do not belong in decent society. By following this path you dishonor the founding fathers, the laws of the land, your predecessors such as Abraham Lincoln, and the very system that gave you this cushy job. ( Work hard my ass. You politicians have zero concept of real work.)

    I for one will use your name to describe having my male dogs "fixed" . You have no need of yours, as you can't seem to use them.

    Thanks for volunteering to be the poster child for brown nosing sycophants.

  31. OMG. This guy beat Dan Bongino. He can’t even get this right, and he looks like a FOOL here. Look how this Poppy whoever she is pushes, and pounds Impeachment into this guy who’s clueless by the way. CNN is so FAKE & Propagandist! Project Veritas has completely exposed these CNN Newsrooms and they push, pound and drive their Impeachment narrative to the public. Check their YouTube page out and see for yourself. I can’t believe this guy is so stupid. He has no clue what the Hell is going on around him. There was NO QUID PRO QUO!!! How embarrassing this idiot is. He’s as stupid as Adam Schiff!
    PS: Mitt Romney is a Sellout and traitor and now will be on the mantels of CNN BC he hates Donald Trump.

  32. So why wasn’t something done with Biden when he made the statement on TV? Didn’t Congress also pass a bill that forgone quid pro quo? You people are such hypocrites! Are you all deaf dumb and blind…isn’t that just what Biden did? Seriously! CNN keep pushing your agenda instead of the truth! What swill!

  33. Mitt Romney is a complete sellout, and he betrayed Utah. I can’t believe he got elected. But he’s a hero in CNN’s eyes BC he hates Donald Trump. CNN is pure Propaganda, and this Rooney is a Complete IDIOT. look how this anchor pushes and pounds Impeachment. Every anchor does on CNN. Check out Project Veritas here on their YouTube page.

  34. Wow this guy is A MORON!! Good Grief can this get any worse ???? He has no idea what the F**k is going on! President Trump is getting Impeached over rooting out Corruption of 2016. But he’ll be praised by the buffoons of CNN for weeks to come. Like Mitt Romney!! Sickening. CNN is a PROPAGANDIST HIT CHANNEL!! Enemy of the American People!

  35. Uhhhhhhhhhh. NO. ITS. NOT. SERIOUS. OR. TROUBLING!!!!! I. Don't. KNOW. NOT. ONE. American. Who. Is. SERIOUSLY. TROUBLED over. ANY. Of. This. MESS!!!!!

  36. Trump is Putin's puppet.. I call for a military coup where Trump is court martialled until we the people decide what to do with that idiot ( Trump ).

  37. Francis Rooney another HACK! Serious and troubling my ass and he stands there and let's this bubble headed bleach blonde bait him. MORON! And of course fucking CNN brings him on.

  38. MAKE no mistake America this lawless tyrant want to be dictator will stop at nothing to help that dirt bag Putin rise up and be great no to Russia yes to America I want my country back get rid of this joker in the white house

  39. Why they God officials don't want to run when they don't agree t Trumpi? Noo they have to take Trump in his legs and drag him down in Pennsylvania Avenue

  40. Joe Biden
    “I’m out of here in 6 hours if that prosecutor is not gone then you’re not getting the billion dollars”
    On video for ALL to see

  41. Trump is just doing what his man Putin tells him to. Handing Syria off to his daddy was a plan hatched in Helsinki.
    Helsinki…I'm still traumatized from seeing a sitting US president gratifying Putin on the world stage.

  42. "kurdistan" in Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran? Well, you are going to have to wait until ALL the Turkish people gone from this earth… Turkey has been in the area for about 1000 years. There never was any "kurdistan" and there will never be one either… I guess you'll either have to rewrite the bible or get other puppets who are not marxist/lenninist terrorist that YPG/PKK are.

  43. In a Deutche Welle Interview from 17 James Comey admits he used personal G mail for FBI internal e mail He arrogantly claims “ I emailed myself “ Look for Comey as “Jason “ in Google comment sections and CNN as “ Greetings from Germany “

  44. That was the first Republican that I have seen interviewed who was telling the truth and answering questions. The other just deflect questions and talk about something else.

  45. "I would really need to find out if he was joking when he royally fucked up, i really don't understand why he told the truth, that so against what we stand for at the Group Of Pussies, GOP", one thing is for sure Anne, we are going to immediately start saying that he never said that, shit, i really hope it works, we kind of over used that line to death.

  46. He cut throught your BS. Iran isn't closer. Russia put the Syrian army there. I know. How terrible the Syrian army is in Syria. Wow. How dare Syria deal with it's own country. Stupid asshole Mulvaney. WTF does he know about another contry's problems. Deal with you own corrupt ass.

  47. "It is troubling" "it's very very serious" "Every time you hear one of these people testifies, you know what's going on there"……"I don't know if it is impeachable, I still have to know the facts"…….DUH!!!!

  48. Republicans think a blow job is impeachable but corruption that aids Russia is …. not sure ?!?! Wtf ? #voteblue

  49. "Let them fight like in the school yard" . Seriously you dumbass!!! Kids don't kill each other in the school yard, what a complete asshole.

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