GOP Congressman On Why He Is Breaking With Trump When It Comes To Turkey | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

GOP Congressman On Why He Is Breaking With Trump When It Comes To Turkey | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “GOP Congressman On Why He Is Breaking With Trump When It Comes To Turkey | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Republicans are all snakes. The "balanced" reporting to avoid the appearance of bias has destroyed America by telling that lie that "bOTh PArTiES ArE tO BLamE!"

  2. Ruhle asks him a second time specifying "ANY president regardless of party" and he goes off into the weeds again. Poor little snowflake afraid trump will whack him on his little pee pee if he doesn't obfuscate.

  3. Yea, yea, yea blame anyone and everything else. Do all republicans blinders on? Look outside your own country and what the map of the world looks like. If Trump think the potential release of ISIS prisoners will not affect the US, he is delusional. Already 10 of them manage to flee yesterday after a Turkish bomb attack.

  4. lol….that impeachment question backfired on Stephanie. The Commander in Chief possesses much more intel than any congressman. You need to salute and say yessir, Waltz.

  5. Pulse was Not done by ISIS. It was done by Islam, the psychosis that kills LGBT All over the world. Islam is a mental disorder.

  6. This fool is an asskissing buffoon! A liar and another traitor to our Nation..IMPEACH2016ADMINISTRATION! OUSTtheGOP/KKK/NRAin2020&Beyond!

  7. I am a veteran of the Vietnam fiasco. This business of fighting our wars over there is bs! That is what started this current mess. Invading Iraq was a great idea!!????!!!!

  8. It is so disheartening to hear this guy single out UK Germany France – agreed there needed to be a solution to nutjobs from these countries that went over there – a solution that could have been sorted behind the scenes, not in public. To publicly (Trump has, repeatedly) criticise these countries – who does that benefit!!!!!

  9. It is very odd. This Republican sounds reasonable, yet he voted with Trump 90% of the time. Very odd. I guess he and others enabled Trump and no they are reaping what they sowed.

  10. One could think Republicans think Obama was some sort of demi-god. They probably blame him also when they don't get hard in the sack.

  11. I am comfuse they will attack America again when they attack America. This dude lies stret to her face and she don't fact check him Trump is right fake news.

  12. Trump and the republicans will be blamed for every terrorist act isis does from now on.
    I can see why this republican is running away from trump’s decision.

  13. We want every hearing open to public view.
    We also want trump to relinquish records subpoenaed and stop gagging witnesses.

    Dude, do you know how you sound?

  14. This "no quid pro quo" line is their only defense & its weak af. You don't need that in order to have broken the law. Simply asking(which no one disputes he did) is a criminal act & a violation of the constitution.

  15. First: Mr. Waltz is right, make all hearings open to the public. Second: BUT….. Mr. Trump is blocking everybody to appear at these hearings. Third: What is Waltz´s comment now?

  16. Niiiiicce !!! Now moron tRump isn't only the worst president, the most corrupt president but NOW he is an accessory to murder, AND a bad faith deal maker. What a joke. What a disgrace. I hope all of the trump voters are real happy with themselves. He's gotten them nothing AND he's made America a pathetic joke to the rest of the world

  17. This is nonsense. If the US were frustrated at not being helped by Europe with the ISIS prisoners, why did he suddenly pull US troops out after a call with Turkey and not pick up the phone to talk to any European leaders? Now Europe are expected to send troops to fight Turkey to help the Kurds? Ally? There is blatant self interest here.

  18. Giuliani took down the Italian mob to make way for the Russian mob.
    Democrats get huge money from Ukrainian oil, Bush Republicans get huge money from Middle East oil. Trump wants all money flowing to him and partnerPutin. Trump been working with Putin etal since the 1980s. When he was a Democrat by the way. So ridiculous.

  19. This fellow wasn't around for the Twin Towers attack apparently. Since he thinks that the ISIS attacks came after Obama was in office.

  20. why does anyone believe what Trumps reasons are is mind boggling. Only heaven knows why he did it, but I do not believe his choices are in the best interest in the US.

  21. Obama was capable of mistakes, but we trusted his intelligence and knowledge, his ability to take expert advice, and his motives. Nobody ever thought he was selling his office.

  22. Republican Senators and billionaires own the moral, social, environmental, and foreign policy disaster that is Trump.

    We need a new Declaration of Independence. The target not being Mad King George III but Mad King Trump.

  23. Thank you, Michael Waltz, for backing the Kurds while Donald Trump abandons them. Or are you just jerking off in public?

  24. lol…it's so cool to be against Trump, globull warming, and only girls in girls' bathrooms!!……..right kids?…….ha ha

  25. This wouldn't have happened if YOU did NOT support your criminal POTUS! GOPs — TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for keeping him in power!

  26. Why does MSNBC invites these!!!! republicans on their show! They are anyway lying ! They should go to Fox News! Because they are only covering up trump and his criminals deeds…they are only afraid of their falling power

  27. Trump has unleashed ISIS for a hotel deal in Turkey. Time for Republicans to wake up and deal with the mess they created.

  28. "BREAKING NEWS !!!

    Donald Trump has welcomed the news that he no longer has to worry about what he and his supporters will use for brains if KFC needs the cabbages for coleslaw.

    A new product on the hair care market, Control GX "the shampoo with brains" will provide a satisfactory alternative."

    Not sure that will solve Trump's problem as he may not have enough hair left on his head to get any benefit from it….

  29. I don’t why we should believe trump when he says it’s about bringing back the troops. It’s all about giving turkey the go signal to attack the Kurds.

  30. Erdogan knows Trumpf's Archilles' Heel in Istanbul He has 2 Trumpf Towers and gets millions
    for using his name on the Towers
    Erdogan arrested Trumpf; s partner in Istanbul on some excuse thus showing Trumpf that he can
    sqeeze his b//lls anytime he wants and cut off his millions
    Extortion, blackmail, you name it- national security of America at stake- easy to figure it out

  31. Trumpf at his rally shouted out: where is Hunter Biden
    One viewer replied: On top of Melania
    Was Melania happy after Hunter finished his 'hunting' BIGLY, believe me

  32. suckling on trumps lies. worse than that, he's puking them at America. pig dung wants to out the whistleblower to save the traitor trump. Our most important allies in the Mideast are dying right now because of his master's direct orders. This was a birthday gift from donald trump to vlad putin , paid for with the blood of the Kurds, who are our our best allies in the war against ISIS. Everything that trump does is on putin's wish list. Treason is the reason. He laundered 1-2 billion dollars in KGB mob money since 1989.

  33. the only thing I need to know about this "coward in chief" is he is a draft dodger. That tells me everything about this man and his character. I don't forgive or forget cowards.

  34. Kids in cages….fine
    Denying climate change…sure
    Committing daily crimes…why not
    No constitutional awareness….whatcha gonna do
    Dividing America….huh?
    Conspiring with foreign countries….just trump being trump
    Turkey???? That's where I draw the line. Spineless

  35. #WaltzResign! Why could he not answer the simple question? She asked him twice! Next, if he is not happy with Moscow Mitch, he should do something! Politicians like him are simple liars. That is it! Waltz really believes there was nothing wrong with that call?

  36. Trump literally wipes his butt with the constitution on live TV with no criticism from the gop. But soon as he cancels a war the gop melt like snowflakes. Gtfoh

  37. Everything our soldiers have accomplished and lives lost! Pulling out how you did it was wrong! This will come back to bite us Trump got punked! The soldiers think we are traitors for deserting them allowing mass killings. The rep. Have held and destroyed all documents fr9m dems. Mitch McConnell is a traitor. LETS VOTE THEM OUT! Mitch, Lindsey, etc. This working for Trump and not U.S is wrong! 3 party's to government. What have you done to this country is SHAMFULL

  38. Most of the GOP already decided to back away from Trump after the impeachment inquiry opened. They just found a seamingly different reason to abandon him. So when they bailed it wouldn't look like it was connected .

  39. The Kurds were on front line and our troops were backup. The Kurds were fighting and captured a few thousand ISIS prisoners, who now are escaping because Turkey is attacking the Kurds. So trump with 2 trump towers in Turkey and other personal business will sell out the Kurds and all allies fighting ISIS not caring that Turkey us not stopping ISIS PRISONERS FROM ESCAPING. also the Kurds fought with the British army during WW2. THEY ALSO FOUGHT WITH USA IN THE INVASION OF IRAQ AS WELL AS NOW WITH US UNTIL TRUMP decided their lives and more ISIS prisoners were not as important to his personal interests. Another sorry day to be an American. True talk to milary serving members by the side of the Kurds and how they feel helpless as they are being bombed and ground troops are attacking them and the betrayal they feel personally and nationally. My prayers are for these people.and my voice will not be silenced on this. Let you learn the truth and let you also be heard not just for our betrayal but the next attack on this country will have the blood of lives lost and wounded. We must put pressure on the government.

  40. GOP traitors, their DEPLORABLE voters, their ignorant racist criminal treasonous fake president, FOX, NRA, …

    These are ALL members of the NEO-Confederacy party, the descendants of traitors America WRONGLY showed mercy to back in 165 and has now ended in this disaster. NO MORE. SOON!!!

  41. Actually, Representative Waltz, we have the written transcript and we can read it for ourselves. You're treading on thin ice trying to spin the Ukraine call as anything different to what we've already read.

  42. It's amazing how the left thinks that we should be telling People of Color how to run their countries and how to get along by killing them. It makes Progressives look like mad dog Mattis and his corporate owners. You have really fallen to the Corporate KoolAid

  43. Trump asked about Crowdstrike and corruption involving Hunter Biden and Joe getting him off the hook using 1.2 billion dollars. Hillary was paying Crowdstrike for info on Trump. Crimes were committed but not by Trump.

  44. The world watches these interviews, and all we see are cowards. TBF, politicians are the same the world over – funny though isn't it….wasn't Trump supposed to be the "one-big-difference" to all this, yet has turned out to be the absolute worst!? I find that hilarious tbh!

  45. The idea that impeachment is not the nation's business. Beating him at the ballot box is a good idea but also consider if Congress has been letting Trump run roughshod over the nation's laws

  46. Rep. Waltz, you need to join the vote to impeach Trump. He traded Kurds for Trump towers in Istanbul. He will trade our country for money and fame. He just sent 14,000 troops to defend Saudi interests.

  47. All of America allies see is that America/trump will turn it back on the ones that help us/America … America allies see trump Kissing up to Putin and Kim .. America allies see trump backing/supporting Kim the dictator that killed a American citizen … the Allies see trump doing all of that … Would you help?

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