Google website builder now available in Google my business

Google website builder now available in Google my business

hi everyone it's been a while since I've made a video but I am back with some great news as part of the Google my business suite Google has launched a free website builder officially launched on the 13th of June 2017 this is a new tool totally free and to help any small business owner worldwide we do not have a website to launch a webpage in a matter of minutes giving them more visibility in local search engine results and today I'm going to show you how to build a web page for your business using Google's free website builder this new tool is accessible via the Google my business interface so if you haven't created a Google my business profile yet you will need one you can check my video on how to add your business to Google map which should help you just do that if you already have a Google my business profile but are part of the 50% of small business owners who still do not have a website for your local business then this video is for you stay tuned and I will show you exactly how to build a web page using the brand new Google my business free website builder tool in just five minutes hi everybody I'm leader and the founder of ranking Academy coda UK and today I'm going to show you how to create a web page for your local business using the brand new tool Google as released as part of its Google my business suite although this new tool is mainly aimed at local and small businesses in a developing world it can be used by any local businesses you don't have a website yet and want to increase their online visibility as zero costs a word of caution before we get started this is not an alternative to a fully fledged website but rather a step up for those you have a mega marketing budget and can't afford to run a website this is great news for the small business community but it is very early days and it's hard to know whether Google will continue investing in this project moving forward the website builder is currently lacking some key functionalities which I will cover at the end of the tutorial but is still an excellent alternative for the of you we don't have any budget whatsoever so without further ado let's get cracking before I get started I assume you already have a Google my business account for your business is not going create one head over to Google my business and log in using your business details once love then you should see your business details on the right hand side and a navigation menu on the left hand side for the second this tutorial I am using a dummy account for a fake landscape designer called the landscape designer central now let me show you how to build your web page from the navigation menu select the website option located right under the photo link this will start the web page setup process once completed you will be redirected to a new interface which also has a left hand side menu with four options to customize your web page interestingly Google automatically loaded a cover photo and two additional images on the right hand side of my web page based on the business category I have chosen when I created a Google my business profile for my fake landscape business you can easily change it by clicking on the change cover photo option let's now look at the first option on the menu called theme this allows you to choose a particular look and feel for your webpage you can pick a design from up to 10 different options your choice is currently limited to these 10 different options but hopefully Google will release some more in future versions of the website builder choose the theme you want and click the tick icon at the top of the page to validate your choice the next step is to change the copy of your web page click on the Edit item option from the menu which will reveal four fields you can modify on your web page they include a headline a description a summary header a summary body except for the summary body all fields have character restrictions and they are as follows the headline can contain up to 80 characters the description can contain up to 140 characters and the summary header can hold up to 40 characters the number of characters includes spaces by the way as mentioned earlier that doesn't seem to be any limitations for this summary body text by default the headline is the name of your business and the description is your category combined with your location I personally would leave it as it is but change it if you wish modify the summary header at will trying to incorporate a relevant keyword to your business remember it can only hold up to 40 words the summary body copy is customizable with a simple wizard and allows you to bold underline and italics text as well as including links ordered and unordered lists use the summary body as an opportunity to sell your services product and showcase your business moving on to the next option photos it looks like you can add as many images as you like and they will be displayed right below the summary body copy there are five images displayed in a tie format the most recent image you load will appear as the biggest style it is not possible to crop the images as they are loaded straight onto your web page if you want to delete one of the images you have to go back to the main menu of your Google my business page and go to the photo option where you can delete images like so there is currently no option to do this directly within the website builder at the bottom of the page beneath your business images you will find a map where your business is located along with your address your phone number and the hours your business operates this should be filled in by default if you haven't filled in your hours yet you will need to go back to the main Google my business interface and edit your profile once you're happy with your web page all you need to do is hit the publish button located on the right hand side of the website builder by default Google creates a website address for you with the extension dot business dot site you can modify this if you want and once you're happy with it just click Next wait for a second and tada you should see a congratulation message like this one telling you you're on the web click on the view side button and it will take you to your brand new web page congratulations your small business is now one step closer to better online visibility I'm going to say I'm very impressed by this Google website builder especially since it's free however as I mentioned earlier on it doesn't replace a fully fledged web site and there are some crucial emissions for example you can't customize the theme to the look and feel of your own business I think it would have been quite nice to be able to choose the colors and specify the font for instance the WYSIWYG which is what you see is what you get that is available to crop the copy of the body of your web page is very limited and doesn't allow much formatting it can be clunky to delete photos from the page having to navigate from the website interface to the main Google my business interface most importantly there is no option to edit the meta title of the page or the Meta Description which is I feel a massive oversight finally there isn't any option to add any social media sharing buttons but anyway as we say beggars can't be choosers so if you have zero budget whatsoever this tool is a very good option not to mention and it's super easy to use that's it for today if you liked this video make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel right now don't forget to click on a subscribe button also if you want exclusive techniques to drive more traffic to your site that I only share with subscribers head over to ranking academy WK and sign up for the newsletter it's free now over to you let me know how you got on with building your own web page with Google website builder and I will see you in another video very soon

45 thoughts on “Google website builder now available in Google my business

  1. i just built my site today , i must agree there are area that are a bit sticky , for example i cannot add products nor edit certain things until my site is verified and the only option was by postcard so that will take 4 to 5 days , i am hoping once the verification goes thru i will be able to edit a bit more delete some pics and change things around until then i un published it for now , loved your video tho and subbed your channel

  2. Thanks so much for making this with great clarity and examples on how to do it. Please can you help; can I make my webpage, into two or three different areas / files of photos ?…one for commercial work done one for personal work done. ?

  3. Thank you for the video! I'm wondering if I buy my custom domain with google to get .com is it going to update automatically to my business page? Do I need web hosting if I choose that option?

  4. sir I have create a website on google sites and I have bought a domain form bigrock site So how can I connect that domain with New google sites, Pls help me.

  5. Hi Sir, Is it possible to delete this website made by Google and can I replace it with my new paid website in future ??

  6. Hello,
    Is it possible to create multilingual website with Google my business website builder? add languages – English, German, Italian etc
    Thank you in advance.

  7. Thanks for helop video, I created the google website, now I need to link with my domain. Could you please guide us.

  8. Hello sir. I want know that how to work webhosting companies. I create a little web hosting company. help me. Please….my what's app no. 0919478041065

  9. HI, how to remove this function if someone mistakenly tap the website button and creates it and later on that page is not required. kindly advise

  10. I set one up today for a local cafe that has very little money. It was truly easy and took less than 5 minutes once I had the Google My Business username and password for the cafe. This is not great for SEO, but like he says in the video, "Beggars can't be choosy"

  11. hey mate, good video!

    i have a problem and hope you can help: i modified the url after having published the site for the first time. the one before was a suggestion by google (website– I changed it to "
    so now, the url is updated, but on the google search (when i just look for "mobile shop speyer") it still shows the old url and tells you the website can't be found when you click on it! same happens when you click "go to website". do you have any idea how to get the right url to the google results?

  12. Sir is this whole free ? I mean for unlimited period, or just free for 1st 6 months or 1 year?… Google will charge money after some time?

  13. Hi,is there an option to publish on smartphones? If yes,do the products on the website look good on smartphones?

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