Google Pixel October 2019 Update is Out! – What’s New?

Google Pixel October 2019 Update is Out! – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
today Android tens first major update has come out to fix stability
improvements and security as well so we know we get these on a monthly basis and
this is for all Pixel devices first Pixels all the way to the Pixel 3a XL and three excel and some other devices are covered as well such as
Android one and also essential phone so those updates should be available if you
have a Pixel and you want to sideload it or you want to get it and you’re not
seeing it in your software update I’ll link it in the description so you can
get it directly from Google and install it that way now I’ve got this running on
my Pixel 3XL and the build number on this one is qp1 a one nine one zero zero
five dot zero zero seven and this can vary from the device to device but
mostly this is a stability improvement update as well as security like I said
and the first update has to do with your Wi-Fi signal and Google has improved
Wi-Fi stability in all of the pixel line and it may cover the other phones as
well but they don’t call them out specifically so they’ve fixed Wi-Fi
stability they’ve also fixed missing notifications
if you’re using the Pixel stand but that’s specific to the Pixel 3 and
3XL also specific to the three and 3XL is sensor calibration
improvements so whatever that means specifically it could be the GPS it
could be the gyro we don’t really know could even be the proximity sensor we’re
not sure but it just says sensor calibration improvements so hopefully
they’re more accurate I suppose now another update that’s always welcome is
a system stability improvement covering all devices so maybe you were having
issues with your device crashing or maybe apps were just not working
properly the overall system stability should be improved on all Pixel phones
there’s also a fixed from memory drain within the user interface so maybe the
phone started to slow down as you scrolled through the app drawer or maybe
you were just scrolling side to side opening the camera or something along
those lines and it was just really starting to slow down and then you’d
have to reboot it this should fix that issue if you were having memory drain
issues with the user-interface they’ve also fixed missing heads-up
notifications so if you get a notification that pops up let you know
what’s going on if they weren’t showing up they should be now now for those of
you that are using gestures on your Pixel devices or Android one devices
with Android 10 they should be improved now gesture navigation stability
improvements is what Google said so if you’re using the Google assistant or
maybe just going into your app switcher or just going into the app drawer in
general it does feel pretty solid it feels like it’s supposed to supposed to
feel all along I’ve had no issues with it whatsoever and any fix that really
just refines things is much appreciated now the final fix that they’ve put out
as far as the system goes is for a boot loop in certain device locale modes so
specifically what mode I’m not sure but your phone could potentially be stuck in
a boot loop and if it was well hopefully you’re able to update this in time to
fix that issue so that should be resolved as well now there are 27 total
patches when it comes to security one of them is very big and that’s why you
should install this update as soon as possible
because one of them allowed complete takeover of your device through a remote
app that was installed first so if you installed this app I don’t know what
happen is google has not said hopefully they’ve removed it from the Play Store I
would imagine but if you installed that app someone could remotely root and
completely take control of your device so that’s been patched which is
obviously a great thing and then also like I said it there are 27 total
patches and the other 26 have to do with media framework system Google Play
system kernel components and then Qualcomm components both open and closed
source so everything should be much more stable and the thing I love about Google
is they’re pretty quick to patch their security holes so we know they’re going
to push a patch if it was really critical right away they’ll push it even
earlier but we know that our Pixel devices should be pretty secure at this
point because they’re really jumping on that and fixing that so this is for all
devices like I said Pixel devices the Pixel 3a XL that I
have here as well as the essential phone and if you’re not seeing it yeah and you
want to wait for the over air over the air just go into your settings go down
to your system go to advanced and then go to system update you should start to
see the update showing up so if you’re not seeing it just wait for it and as
long as it says October’s update is there you’re good to go but if you’d
like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course on Lincoln in the description
as I always do if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and hit that
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watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

59 thoughts on “Google Pixel October 2019 Update is Out! – What’s New?

  1. Should i get the pixel 4 or iphone 11? I’m confused . I like both of them but i l be needing performance consistently for gaming rather than camera and i would use the phone for 3 years

  2. Is it just me or the pixel now playing feature haven't been updated in a while.. it still doesn't know newer music from 1 or 3 months ago

  3. Thank you for the video today, didn't think you would since the Catalina update but greatly appreciated! Currently have the update on my pixel 2XL but can't seem to get it on my pixel 3a

  4. I recently moved from pixel 3 to iPhone 11, gave my dear pixel 3 to my wife. Love to have best of both android and iOS world. Thanks again Aaron for valuable video

  5. thank you, as far as i can see you're the only person who tells us in "simple terms" what each monthly update brings from Google to android….cheers

  6. Hoping this fixes the Bluetooth issues I've been having on 10. Noticed a lot of other people saying the same thing.

  7. Does the android one program or UI…. The navigation bar disappears completely??? In 3rd party apps like Instagram,, WhatsApp too???

  8. Good video …my Pixel 3a is not showing any update.(Oct 8, 8amCalifornia ) I guess they roll out in batches I don’t know.

  9. I'm glad they recalibrated the gyros, ever since I got my pixel I've noticed that's been a problem where I rotate my phone and I'll have to physically hit the back button or do the gesture for it to flip.

  10. Update on my pixel 2 xl came in at 7.1mb. Not sure what Google has done but i find the gesture is as shitty as it was before. Memory drain still seems to exist for me.

  11. I lost the LTE indicator after the October update on my unlocked Pixel 3 XL. Now it just shows 4G. Everything else is running smooth

  12. is it possible for you to show android 10 vs ios 13 comparison like dark mode and apps that support dark mode and how they look? also would like google assistant vs siri , cameras with night mode, boot times and little things like that

  13. I can save you 5:27 of your life: things are better and more stable now, we don't know what exactly, but it's better now!

  14. Hey Matt so I fell android 10 is a welcome change but my question for you is do you think that Google will break down and release android 10 for all pc or will people need to buy special hybrid pc like chrome book or Microsoft surface inorder to have android 10 with windows 10 and/or various Linux on the same computer.

  15. I'm still getting flicking on the pixel stand after this update on my pixel 3 XL, other than that, my smartphone is running beautifully.

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