Google Pixel 3 event in 12 minutes

Google Pixel 3 event in 12 minutes

42 thoughts on “Google Pixel 3 event in 12 minutes

  1. Basically they strip Tablet of its Camera and a few other features, rebrand it as Hub and sell it for a higher price

  2. The freaking phone cannot be found in Hong Kong, which is one of the world's most important international cities.

  3. Problem isn't google made a huge notch (It's smaller than XS BTW) it's that they made is to small in width

  4. Google needs to find better people to present their phones. seriously, at 8:32 lisa said "autoquicklymatically". what a disapointing presentation.

  5. Google products are so dull and uninspiring! No creativity, no innovation, no passion, just another me too tech. This keynote makes it painfully clear.

  6. Love anything from google, just bought all 3 items, slate, home and pixel 3xl, 90% of my house controlled by my google home already, lovely

  7. Holy god, the way google is implementing machine learning is badass. however the model looks ugly, it's way costly than other good phones like the one plus 6/6T and the notch is very irritating

  8. Ok this is so exciting from JOMO back to FOMO from last release.
    I can't wait to buy 17 tablets, 14 mobiles, 3 nests, 22 Philips, YouTube red, Spotify, Foxtel, and 200 million compatible devices.
    Google router, 3 booster routers, life couldn't be better with this self evolving camera!

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  10. Ok i fucken hate one thing of google you picked the money hungry cheating Verizon open the pixel to other carriers bring it to t-mobile and ill give it a try

  11. kasih tau aja sama yang punya google orang yahudi bangsat satu itu..dan cabang2 google yang diindonesia..ngentot lo semua

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