44 thoughts on “Google I/O 2019 event summarized

  1. Google is taking a step forward. This is more than just a new OS and phone for sales, this is innovative and helpful stuff Google is supplying here. 3A here I come!

  2. With all these tech advancements, a Limited Government is most important.

    A document like the Constitution must be respected and enforced as the Founders saw fit.

    This technology can be a serious problem in an unfree society, where the government can do whatever it likes.

    Let’s not forget; more people were killed by their own government in the 20th Century, than all the wars that took place; COMBINED.

    Let’s not allow government to get out of control. It’s the most dangerous entity to human life on the planet. It attracts people like Hilary Clinton & Donald Trump. They can’t run your life better than you can.

  3. I’m rolling on apple because it’s slightly better on privacy. I prefer android and don’t want to root anymore. I will give Q a chance, but I won’t be getting rid of my iPhone just yet.

    Apple are way behind and the features shown here are amazing.

  4. to ANDROID fan , I'm considering buying new cellphone , but I hear some manufacture companies doesn't install or allow full android OS in their devices , so my question is this :
    what are the devices in the market which can give me a full android OS experience ??

  5. and where are the solutions for the real problems Google? how you take part in solving overpopulation or climate change? :/

  6. Somethings like download a business profile in cars resale industry or collate a list of electrical cars and tabulate the price make a comparative analysis and choose the best etc. Information dump to intelligent reports.

  7. may 7 was a great day pixel 3 a work like a flag ship not like pixel 3 3 x l which did sell at all.

  8. My dad was just telling me he saw some guy with a AR headset on walking around downtown recently lol

  9. Meanwhile here we are using phones which cost less than 100 usd. Cheap phones are not the best but they still work and get the job done.

  10. I just have to say this. These kinds of videos make me to be thankful for live in this era of the earth.

  11. So you have to put the assistant from the cloud on my phone to make it answer dumb question more quickly, but you want me to believe I can play High Quality games super fast on the cloud.

  12. Why are people getting Happy. They are being Fooled Openly. Their Privacy is to be ruined. All these Inventions will only support Google. They are serving you for free. Wake up. Rebel.

  13. #%^*€|^* Google . It can’t even format a document in Google Drive .
    Get back to basics imbeciles .

  14. Google knows stuff about that you don't know about you … OK Google life mode ON … Let him deal with day to day stuff … F this S i'ma go drink some beer… Ok google understand wife… I have this beer now

  15. 9:22 – the best feature! A real switch. Took them a while to figure it out, one have to assume. When a company build such a button in their smartphone, I will buy it. Just for that. It's a no-brainer. Only possible way to make sure your phone isn't spying.

  16. That's why I love android. Lucky I have a Google Pixel 3 XL and not a stupid iPhone not worthy to be called smart.

  17. Technology, letting you be dumber and lazier every year.. my note 2 is working just fine thanks. Can't believe people actually want this crap

  18. How about google stop trying to sync and track and then sell to advertisers, every single thing I do on my phone and computer??

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