Google Home New Features and Updates For October 2019

Google Home New Features and Updates For October 2019

I don’t think there’s been another
Google Home updates or Google Nest updates video that have been so excited
to give you there are a ton of new features that you’ve been asking for for
a long time let’s go hello Automators thanks for tuning in
again I’m Brian from Automate Your Life and today I’m going to take the
frustration out of automation by giving you all the newest features newest
capabilities and even some new products that work with Google Nest Google Home
and Google Assistant let’s start with a really easy capability to utilize now
you’re going to need to link your Google Duo account through your smart phone or
through whatever you’re carrying and then you will see a call home button on
your device and I’m going to show you the settings here but as I hit that what
I get is a video call coming through now on these devices I can decline or I can
accept the video call now this is only really video calling right now I’ve
tried to enable it on the Google home and the Google home minis but right now
it’s not coming through but I would expect that to turn into an audio call
very soon now if you can’t get Google duo calling it is limited to a few
countries change your language on your device to English u.s. or your whole
account if you can in the assistant settings and then go into voice and
video calling and you’re just seeing that on screen here but then you can
enable it for different smart displays throughout your home and those devices
will receive the call home phone calls now you’re also going to be able to
obviously utilize the smart displays especially something like the Nest Hub
Max with video calling and audio calling utilizing that same service
speaking of that Nest Hub Max there’s a number of new features with the camera
on the front and this is really one of the big reasons that you want to go on
upgrade but I feel the need to show you guys these new features and how they
work now facial recognition as soon as I look at this camera it recognizes me and
what that does is that gives me the ability to scroll through different
components of the main interface it allows me to
get detailed information that is specifically tended towards me now as
I’m scrolling through you’re noticing customized music customized videos all
of those customized components even events that are tended towards me are
showing up there and this will continue to get more and more powerful as we go
forward one of the other things that I notice and I’m going to show you a demo
here in a second but the custom lists capability is actually there and
available on devices like the Nest Hub Max and it is especially powerful on
the smart display so right now you’re not going to be able to navigate very
well through just the voice interface and then go access those lists on your
device at least not easily it’s there but it’s tough to get at now over here
what you’re going to get is this custom list capability show me my lists you
have four lists there are video ideas shopping lists guest and to-do items
show me my list called video ideas you have three things on that list there
notes and lists demo nest hub max review and Google Nest Hub Max comparison so
you can see I can actually tap off any of these items on my list if I’d like to
remove them the other thing is if I want I can actually tap into any of these
lists simply by tapping on them so you’re able to navigate through your
lists as a full custom list feature on a smart display now one absolutely
fantastic feature that people have been asking for forever is the ability to
move music from one device to the other or one device to a group of speakers now
what I’m going to tell you just before I show you this is then it will show up as
a cast button on the smart displays you’ll actually have that cast button
physically on there and be able to tap that and then go pick something else I
don’t have that yet but I do have the ability to transfer utilizing my voice
so now as the music is actually playing here on mine
asked hub max I can request it to transfer over here so you can see it
doesn’t matter what I do with the volume over here it’s not changing the volume
but watch this transfer the music to the original speaker okay I’ll play it on
original now I want to stop and talk a little bit about what’s coming now I had
a video that I put out last week if you didn’t see it I’ll give you the link at
the end of this video but October 15th is a big release date where we’re going
to see the pixel 4 and 4 XL and as well as the Nest Mini and a new Nest Wi-Fi
system and I think there’s some other products again you’ll have to go watch
that other video but what’s really big and what’s really coming out our
upgrades to the Google Assistant and I still remember Google I/O with just that
lady sitting there and giving probably 15 commands in the matter of a minute
and having all of those commands accurately answered and moving through
her phone with that and you’re going to see this Google Assistant experience get
pushed through to a lot of other devices and this is definitely a hope for myself
but I also see reason that this is going to show up in a number of Android
devices one of the things that Google is doing right now is trying to mandate
Android 10 and push that into a lot of latest generation devices now I don’t
know which devices are going to get this new version of the Google Assistant but
it is definitely coming for the Pixel 4 and we’re going to see a huge number
of new capability showing up very soon one the interesting component of this I
haven’t been able to do it because I’m not in the US but Duplex has started to
show up on the Nest Hub Max’s and I bet it started to show up here there’s been
a number of reports of people who’ve actually been able to make reservations
through this device and have the Google Assistant go out and call so they’re not
utilizing their phone they’re utilizing the Nest Hub Max now if you do manage
to get that to happen for yourself go ahead leave that down in the comments
below or come over to our community where you can kind of post those
pictures and show us how that’s going on there’s a lot of Automators that are very
interested in the Duplex system and what it’s going to be capable of as well as
when they’re going to get access to it on these devices there are some other
experiences or capabilities that have been released prior to this October 15th
and a great example of this is actually within the Chrome browser on smart
phones Android smartphones you’re going to see the ability now to fill out
things like movie tickets and that’s that’s an easy example so when you go to
the site you’re going to have the ability now in some cases to fill out a
form utilizing the Google Assistant so it’ll just autofill and have it done as
much as they can for that form you know we’ve been talking about this October
15th date a bit and I will have a video that as soon as possible will be out
that talks about what Google did announce in the end at that event but we
also saw an event from Microsoft here very recently and they had their own
version of the surface buds and really they had a ton of surface products that
came out I don’t love the look of the surface buds but the interesting thing
about it is it’s not only a Cortana based device it’s actually Google
Assistant Amazon’s voice assistant Siri all of those voice assistants are
capable on this device a couple things within routines and some of the
differences here that we’re going to see I think this is very positive stuff so
number one you see little icons on an Android device here on the ready-made
routine so I don’t know why I took Google years to do that and if that was
in the if that was in the programming hopper and it took that long it’s
ridiculous but once you go inside the routines you’re actually going to find
two types of reminders now it’s not just one and the first reminder is today’s
reminders you can ask the Google Assistant on any of these devices to
give you today’s reminders but there’s also the home reminders
and I don’t quite get what this is is all about just yet but you now have this
split between the two types of reminders and I think what it’s going to come in
to is basically a full list for your whole home of all the reminders that
people have at any given time but I don’t actually have anything coming out
of that when I utilize it in a routine and I’ve tried to pass tasks and
reminders to to people throughout my home so if you’re able to get something
out of that component within routines go ahead again leave that down below one
other thing that I don’t think we’ve talked about enough is the amount of
privacy controls that Google is now giving you and you have the ability to
make it so that you know voice and assistant activity is Auto deleted
either it three months or 18 months or those timeframes that they’ve given us
access to but what we’ve also heard and oh sorry and there is also a manual so
you can just go into the application and delete those things manually but the
other thing we’ve heard is that you’re going to be able to actually ask the
voice assistant just like Amazon has done with theirs to delete history now I
haven’t seen this rollout just yet but this is a coming feature that we’re
expecting on the Google Assistants now one thing that a lot of you haven’t seen
unless you’ve been watching our reviews on the Nest Hub Max is the support for
gestures now it’s only on the Nest Hub Max right now but let me show you here
through a demo as I have an alarm ring I can go ahead and just use just my hand
to actually stop that from continuing to ring I can also start and stop music by
raising my hand and you’re also able to actually stop interactions with the
Google Assistant prior to kind of giving it its its next command if you
accidentally wake it up what’s very powerful about that in a kitchen
environment or a very loud environment is you’re not yelling at the device
anymore and I do think that this will come out to the Lenovo Smart Display but
we’re going to see delay in that and other Google Assistant enabled
devices so it’s not anywhere but here right now so you’re going to have to
wait a little now moving on to some of the other applications google photos has
gotten quite an update here and not only can I cast certain albums and certain
picture sets to my Nest Hub Max or any smart display or Google Chrome casts not
only can I do that but now what you’re going to see showing up within Google
photos is the ability to curate those photos yourself the ones that you want
to have show up within the Google Photos application you will find very soon if
you don’t have it already the option for photo frames and once you tap into that
you’re going to have the ability to pick which photos are showing up on a smart
display what you’ll find inside the Google Photos application is the button
right here that you can press to start casting to the device now you can choose
by the name and you can see the type of device that you’re casting to once
you’ve done that you actually have the ability to start and stop videos as well
as pick specific pictures if you’d like to go ahead and cast to the device so
you can see as soon as I tap on a picture it shows up and it will stay
while I pick another picture here the other amazing thing is you can see
it’s actually playing a video that I am casting from my phone it’s not even
uploaded to Google photos it’s coming straight from my phone to the device now
the other feature you’re going to find eventually is as you tap in the menu
you’re going to find that photo frames right there if you haven’t already heard
there’s integration for Google assistant with Xbox but I think even more
important to this is some of the near-field communication that we’ve seen
now iOS already has this with some of their latest generation iPhone models
they have near-field communication in the ability to set up shortcuts
essentially so you bring your phone up you tap on that near field communication
sticker and that will activate a shortcut for you but what Google is
doing is it looks like they’re creating specific situations that you’re going to
be able to use NFC to trigger events so one of the things is driving mode and I
think this will be very very powerful so essentially putting your phone into a
holder with that near-field communication capability to trigger into
Google Assistants driving mode and this is something that will come obviously
with the pixel 4 but we’re going to see it again back up into other devices like
the pixel 3a or 3 now on that note is something called Action Blocks and we
talked about shortcuts a little bit from iOS but Google really hasn’t had a
response and people use tasks are quite a bit to get things to happen within
Android now what Google is doing is creating action blocks which was
intended more for for people who struggle hearing seeing or reading in
general to kind of create these shortcuts for Google assistants so they
didn’t have to necessarily interact with that voice assistant all the time but
it’s going to extend capabilities with within Android devices with you having
the ability to create icons or widgets that start activities routines really
anything that the Google assistant can do and I think this is going to be
extremely powerful for us as we see Google Assistant get more and more
integrated into the level of Android now earlier in the
video I talked about that October 15th event and I’m really excited about it
and to be honest I think you should be too
I think Google has a ton in store for us there and it’s going to be a very
interesting event now part parceled all of this is I’ve seen a number of sales
on Google Wi-Fi Google home many devices and I think you got to watch yourself a
little bit so I would really recommend that you go watch the video that’s on
screen right now that tells you what to expect on October 15th from Google now
otherwise guys I hope this video has really got you excited about this
ecosystem again and until next time thanks for watching and don’t hate

39 thoughts on “Google Home New Features and Updates For October 2019

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    Off topic slightly, have you heard much about the Google Mini gen 2?

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  4. The home reminders will activate when Google detects your location as your home address. This allows you to set a reminder for something like taking out the trash when I get home today.

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    So still no convinient way to see my videos on my TV is my phone is dead and o have a GH smart speaker and a CC or Android TV box ,huge oversight here Google never does anything innovative they never even do the bare minimum you would expect
    Instead of adding useful featured people want like the ability to say ,"hey Google, she me my Halloween videos" and have it show you Halloween videos from your Google photos cloud they rather waste time adding useless crap like duplex that nobody asked for and that nobody wants and that most people just find downright creepy
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    What they should be doing is adding the features I just mentioned and the photos app along with the DUO app to Android TV
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