Google Home Features Update – October 2019

Google Home Features Update – October 2019

Well, it’s finally October and that means
we only have a few weeks left until Google’s big hardware announcement on
October 15th, we’re expecting to see the pixel 4 and a couple of other Google
Assistant devices come out of that event we’ll make sure to have the coverage of
that event as soon as it happens so don’t worry about that but in this video
we’re talking Google Assistant feature updates because Google has not been
slowing down with the new features they’ve been releasing in the lead up to
their big October event so we’ve got a lot to talk about today
let’s go ahead and just dive right in and before we do that though a word of
warning the features demonstrated in this video are being demonstrated on the
English version of the Google Assistant in the United States if you live outside
of the United States or you’re in the US but don’t use the US English version of
the Assistant please do note that some of these features may not have rolled
out to you just yet all right with that word of warning out of the way let’s
dive in to the first feature and that is assignable reminders which allows you to
assign reminders to specific members of your household, here’s an example of how
it works: all I have to do is tell Google to remind my roommate to take out the
trash at 8 p.m. after you tell Google the reminder it will confirm that
reminder was sent and my roommate will get a notification that I’ve assigned a
reminder to him they will also get another nudge notification at 8 p.m. to
take out the trash when my roommate marks that task completed on his phone
I’ll also get a notification that the task has been completed now these new
reminders don’t just have to be set for a specific time you can also set them
for a specific place or location so say you have a daughter it’s her first day
of high school you could actually use the Google Assistant to set a reminder
and assign it to her so that when she arrives at school
it’ll wish her well on her first day of high school think of them as digital
sticky notes to see reminders you’ve assigned to someone you can ask Google
for example what are my reminders for Jake if my roommate has given me any
reminders I can simply ask what are my reminders
from Jake all right to send a reminder to someone you need to make sure that
they are either a member of your household you can do this in the Google
home app you also need to make sure that they’ve been voice matched to Google
assistant devices within your home and you need to make sure that they are also
in your Google Contacts as well if you want to assign reminders to kids under
13 you can give them access to the Google Assistant under the family link
tool on Google’s site and you also have the ability to block kids of reminding
you of things so you won’t get a bajillion reminders to get your kids
more VBox four fortnight next up let’s talk messaging now the Google Assistant
has been able to read text messages on Android phones for a while now but it’s
been somewhat limited to be able to do that with third party platforms well
Google is now rolling out an option to read messages from non Google Apps like
WhatsApp, Slack and Telegram, you can also dictate and type out replies for both of
these services through the Google Assistant next up it’s been announced
that Google has started to roll out more Assistant voices to other languages
specifically new voices are available for Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese,
Korean, and Norwegian. New English voices are also being launched in India and the
UK, Google has noted that they are starting to randomize the voice that you
hear on the device by default when you first become a Google Assistant device
customer though of course you have full control over which Google voice you hear
on your devices to see the voices available for your assistant on your
mobile phone go to your Google Assistant settings Tap Assistant, then go to Assistant
voice, voices are represented by colors and special voices have a star
associated with them like with the John Legend voice below the voice colors
you’ll see the devices that support the voice you’ve currently chosen answer
your questions brief you on the weather and tell jokes while the regular
assistant voice handles the rest let’s have some fun. Me: “What’s the weather
forecast for today?” Google: “Today in Raleigh, it will be partly
cloudy with a forecasted high of 95 and a low of 70 right now it’s 93 and partly
cloudy.” Me: “Why do you sound like John Legend?” Google: “If I was John Legend, I’d be able to sing like thisssss…woah.” Next up Google has just enabled a change,
for the Google Assistant on mobile devices that allows you to mute your
GoogleAassistants responses so for example when you tell the Google
Assistant to play the soundtrack to Downton Abbey normally Google would say
something like, “Ok, playing Downton Abbey origional score on Google Play Music.” However, with this setting, you won’t get that response from
Google. It will just do the action to get to this setting open your assistant
settings do note this only works on Android devices, go to Assistant, then
scroll down to Assistant devices, from there click on phone, scroll down to you
see voice and speech, under voice and speech click output, and set that to
hands-free only. Me: “Hey Google, play Downton Abbey Original Score.” Next up, an update for owners of the
Google Assistant smart clock. Google and Lenovo have announced that you can now
have Google Photos appear on the clock face just like they do on Google
Assistant smart displays for photo frame mode to enable this is a bit
counterintuitive if you’re familiar with the Google Assistant smart displays you
need to go to the clock itself and edit your clock face swipe left until you see
the clock face for Google Photos you can then go through the menu that appears to
choose which google photos albums you would like to show on the display the
last little feature I want to mention is a tiny one I can’t for the life of me
remember if the Google Home app has always done this and I’ve just been
silly and not realized it or what but when you have music playing on a speaker
group or want to easily see which speakers in your home are playing media
like music or podcasts when you go into the Home app the speaker’s playing the
media will indicate they are by little colored bars moving which I thought was
just a very nice touch now as I said before, Google is holding an event on
October 15th where they are scheduled to announce the Pixel 4, even though we
know most things about that phone and a couple of other Google Assistant devices
we don’t know that much about there is a rumored new Google Wi-Fi and maybe
another Google Assistant smart speaker, will see but make sure you’re subscribed
to the channel and you’ve turned on all notifications so you won’t miss any
videos on that October 15th event or any other Google announcements in the future.
Well that’s it for our Google Assistant updates this time thanks so much for
watching if you like this video make sure to hit that thumbs up button below
well for 6 months Later, I’m Josh Teder thanks for watching

27 thoughts on “Google Home Features Update – October 2019

  1. Do you know how to get Google reminders to pop up on your phone? Amazon has always done it without issue no matter what phone I use. Currently using an Apple phone.

  2. Tonight with my Google Home Mini
    Google: streaming CBC Radio 1
    Me: Ok Google STOP
    Google: streaming CBC Radio 1

    Me: Ok Google STOP
    Google: streaming CBC Radio 1
    Me: Ok Google STOP
    Google: streaming CBC Radio 1
    Me: Ok Google What time is it
    Google: It's 5:53 pm
    Me: Ok Google STOP
    Google …………….

    I'm gonna throw this thing through a window soon.

    PS: Is this because I have CONTINUED CONVERSATION turned ON? I may turn it OFF because it doesn't work properly anyway

  3. Thanks Again Josh πŸ™‚

    Will be "Really" looking forward to The Google Event !

    Hoping it will be "Live Streamed"
    via, You Tube as were the "🍏" (😝), and Samsung Events.

    The Huawei Event was "Terrible" !

    Thank You Josh, and have a Pleasant Day 🌞,
    JL πŸ•ŠοΈ

  4. Great video! But yeah… Google was showing those little bars moving to indicate something is playing, for at least a year, if not longer… XD

  5. GA and the GHH / nest hub is hot garbage do not buy this worthless POS ,early adopter this thing is useless crap that never worked from day one
    I link my camera account and it stops working like a day later ,happens all thebt time. ,must have had to unlink and relink the account 100 times already ,now it just stopped working to make calls from my contacts the other day ,I can't tell it to call anyone on my contacts list but I can from my GH minis and it works , unlinking and even factory resetting the device didn't fix it , support can't fix it either
    This is the most unreliable worthless product ever created and GA is an absolute dumpster fire on my phone too
    Thought it was because of my old 6p so I got a pixel 3a and it was not any better so I returned it (also it had lots of other problems too) ⬜

  6. Thanks Josh for the video update. Personally, my google home has gone deaf, defy my orders and dumb everyday. I would not recommend anyone, and have done so for others to avoid the product completely

  7. Thank you so much for keeping us updated on all of these. Love learning about new things the google can do. πŸ‘πŸ»

  8. does my partner have to be using a pixel to set himself to google hub to get reminders from me? or works on all android?

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