Google Claims Quantum Computing Breakthrough | NBC News Now

Google Claims Quantum Computing Breakthrough | NBC News Now

49 thoughts on “Google Claims Quantum Computing Breakthrough | NBC News Now

  1. Do you really want that amount of power controlled by organizations who's only goals are to squeeze as much money out of you?
    These companies are NOT about "improving the common good"; they are about GET ME MORE MONEY.
    Consequences for others be dammed. (see climate change known by oil companies in the early 80's )

  2. Doesn't change garbage-in = garbage-out, just faster.

    If someone is labeled a 'terrorist' it instantly comes true against all reality, ask Assange, eh?

    Watch him die with 'freedom of the press'.

  3. Coming from the company that cancels people they don’t agree with politically 🤨 regardless of that I really hope they don’t release anything like this stuff. We don’t need ai to take over the world with this XD

  4. Deep Thought took 10 000 years to answer "What is the answer to life, the universe and everything" which is 42. I wonder if Google's computer could get the same answer?

  5. Funny how he makes a claim and then undermines it in one paragraph… Not being done by academia… Google bought it from academia. seriously.

  6. Any password cracked in seconds.

    In the hands of google.

    So let me ask you folks…??………

    who yuh reckon…..

    they're practicing this things capabilities on???

    Lab rats with computers?

  7. You have this high end machine in your hands and you do maths? Ppppft… build a 3D engine for it and start making games, why are you still wasting my time, come on, chop chop… Playstation 6 better have one of them quantum things inside.

  8. The prediction applications will make its way into economic and logistics decisions. Which will effect every job outside of a factory. We all better move near a major highway.

  9. How do they know they solved a problem or equation that would take a regular computer 10,000 years to solve if they didn't wait 10,000 years for the answer to verify the correct answer from the quantum computer? Asking for a friend…

  10. And exactly what was accomplished in 200 seconds??????
    Seriously though, at least tell us what was actually accomplished in 200 seconds if you want me to believe you.

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