37 thoughts on “Going to Space to Benefit Earth (Full Event Replay)

  1. If that rotation ever stops for a second from an accident or error does that mean the artificial gravity from centrifugal force ceases to exist?
    So then y'll have tractors and deer and people just floating around?

  2. Nice video on long-term space exploration plans.
    * Blue Origin – wants to create space colonies orbiting earth.
    * SpaceX – wants to build colonies on Mars.

    While both of these ideas are excellent – I'd like to suggest a third option, which can of course be developed alongside these two other options. There's no reason why we can't research, invest and develop all 3 paths. The third option being focusing efforts on CO2 carbon capture technology and terra-forming technology.

    If we can solve the CO2 problem on earth today and the climate change problem by creating a technology that can convert CO2 along with other atmosphere problems into a livable atmosphere – then we can terra-form Mars into a livable planet before we even get there.

    As much as I like Blue Origin's vision of space colonies, I think that solving the problems of earth is a better idea than simply trying to create a Noah's Ark in space. I also think mining the moon is a terrible, terrible idea. I've seen technological ideas to capture and mine asteroids, which I think is a great idea. But mining the moon has potentially catastrophic disastrous effects to Earth.

    As much as I like SpaceX's idea of going to Mars, I personally would not want to live on Mars as it exists today – a planet with an unlivable environment. Now if we can terraform Mars to an Earth like planet, then everyone is going to want to go there.

    Focusing on learning how to solve our CO2 climate change problem on earth with terra-forming technologies seems to be the best answer, but ultimately any space infrastructure being built is going to be helpful for future generations.

    I also think that Blue Origin and SpaceX need to start working together. Sharing resources, ideas and development technology. Blue Origin and SpaceX are both American companies, these challenges are too large for us to be competing with ourselves. The future is in cooperation.

  3. This is so cringe. Blue Origin hasn't even reached orbit yet and he's talking about building Elysium-like space cities lol

  4. " Why would they [Martians] not welcome us ? "
    " Would you want to invite a dog into your home that was not house-trained ? "
    — Calvin & Hobbes, by Bill Watterson (Namaste!)

  5. I hate the smell of tekknofeti$hism and technological solutionism, any time of the day. Not to mention turbo/tekkno-capital/fa$ci$m.

  6. Jeff Bezos, Jeff Bezos … isn't that a lunatic known for excreting statements like "We want the [human] population to keep growing on this planet and we want to keep using more energy per capita."?
    Imo, he ought to see therapy, asap.,

    or a firing squad.

  7. A trillion people?! =)) When the rate of abortion goes up every year, and the population growth rate goes down… we won't need that shit you are talking about, Jeff. We are ok here. Continue stopping life, people.

  8. "to benefit Earth"… Allow me laugh very hard and loud in your face at this blatant form of hypocrisy! Earth doesn't need benefits from no one… It just wants it's tenants to clean up their mess and it hates that 0.5% owns all the riches of the planet! That's what the earth could use! It takes a very stupid and/or ignorant and/or opportunistic person not to understand this!

  9. This isn't a detailed plan. This is a 3 minute video that makes the whole thing look like a ponzi scheme, and it didn't need the help. Yeah I want to see a private company make space profitable. But how can it be done? No answer here, really. Except that if you make a lot of loud noises about something you're going to do which is actually impossible, you can drive a lot of irrational investment, relatively easily, but I already knew that.

  10. Fuck this guy. Let's fix THIS global warming problem. Not just trash the earth and say "Fuck it, let's move to another planet". He's going to want to rule that fucking planet. I know a villain when I see one. With his Dr Evil looking ass

  11. future happen by companies, not by governments. those M***F**kers just want money and war.
    thanks to the dreamers like elon and jeff that change our future.

  12. I think some of his fears about Earth’s finite resources are unwarranted, in a way that economists would call Malthusian. But his vision is inspiring. He is a brilliant businessman, a creative genius, and a seemingly genuine dreamer. I hope he succeeds and gets the recognition that he deserves.

  13. Harvesting the moon to get gurl resources??
    Look what happened to oil and trees. Forests are being cut down.


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