49 thoughts on “Goat Lady (Texas Country Reporter)

  1. So beautiful I always want to be a goat farmer I love it🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲❤️🌾🌾🌾🌿🌿🌿

  2. USA has lo of stock of goats in North America.This spciey producce meat, milk and leather and if course wool.

  3. in the 1980's I knew the goat herder and his family running a herd to eat mazanita brush in SoCa. , for fire control. Drew varmints like a cut bunny.

  4. I would guess this woman has a better life and more internal peace and strength than almost all of us.

  5. may all beings and creatures be free from enmity and danger,
    may all beings and creatures be free from mental suffering,
    may all beings and creatures be free from physical suffering,
    may all beings and creatures be free from suffering,
    may all beings and creatures protect themselves,
    may all beings and creatures be able to take care of themselves peacefully.
    source: https://www.wildmind.org/mantras/figures/sabbesatta

  6. Goat lady, your video really inspire me to fall in love with Goat business , you are the best ma'am I love your dedication, you are really helping others to become a good business man & woman

  7. I truly love goats!, This lady is beautiful on the inside and outside! Would only love to be just like her!

  8. The more I watch this video the more I dislike the reporter when he ad libs.. He can read a script excellent but his humor and comments are weak.

  9. Lani, you're an amazing woman! I have a MUCH smaller herd of goats and dogs, so I understand the relationship. It's fun to watch you and Patch do your job. Much respect from my herd to yours. Good luck in the future!

  10. Maybe Lani should have another dog. Don't know why she doesn't have a backup. I'm sure she must have thought of it.

  11. Enjoy watching your video, goat's are a handful, I have had. Herds of a little more than a hundred here in west Texas, Pecos and in El Paso. Now the only weed that will kill animals even goat's is one call, Golden Rod, they won't eat it in summer when it's green but, in the winter if there is nothing else to eat better bye feed or move to other pastures. We had a lady come to Pecos with a herds of 150 to 200 head of goat's. It wasn't even close to winter when the goat's had clean out what was good for them. My father told me to stop by and let the lady know about the deadly weeds left. To start feeding or get them out. I met her very nice lady. Oh no she said, goat's eat aluminum can! Yes ma'am I heard that saying before, my stop and try to warn the lady, my father doesn't espeak

  12. I love and admire this story – so wonderful to have such true 'American' who loves the U.S., the land and the people…. God Bless! Stay strong, healthy and happy!

  13. No hay NADA como el campo ,las cabras , ovejas , vacas , CABALLOS , el aire libre , TU ERES TU PATRÒN ,….A BIG huge embrace to you , my country-sister , my complete simpathy , and empathy to you , with all my respect….KEEP ON !!!

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