Go on or turn back: migrants at a crossroads | DW News

Go on or turn back: migrants at a crossroads | DW News

staving off boredom that's what's keeping Sony boma busy he planned to be in Europe by now eight months ago he set out from his native Sierra Leone but he's stranded in Agadez in leisure in a camp set up by the International Organization for Migration the life is not easy at all we are stuck up you know nabe been talking to Iowa em to see how best they can help was to go back home even for me you know I don't really want to go home I don't have an itch I don't have a choice during his visit Germany's Development Minister GERD mother listens to Sony's story as well as other migrants stories and all these people of Libya Kosta Kosta praising you have to pay some money will you be free my people send our money through connection decoders yes no pain no pain is waking such a connection the money went to Libya in I was free and I came back here to find a way back home as Monty does my vows when you look at these faces and speak to the young people you see what hopelessness means they want nothing more than a future to work and to be able to survive in most cases an entire family of 20 30 or 50 people are depending on this young man to deliver for them the off season Island young and man bound on jetson Melo wants to understand what's driving migration to combat it with development aid where possible migrants from West Africa pass through new share on route to Europe every Monday a convoy sets out for Libya countless numbers died traveling through the desert and at least 3,000 people have drowned this year alone in the Mediterranean Germany assists the voluntary return of migrants by funding the IOM 600 are currently waiting in Agadez for papers from their embassies before they can return home many of the migrants are angry they fail to get to Europe and now they're stuck here in agadez some of them are also ashamed of returning to their families empty-handed Sonny boomer is not his family are thrilled he is returning under no circumstances does he want to go back to Libya I miss oh yes of course I miss my family I miss crickets they are happy because some people lose the life and I'm successful in that way so I have to go back home they are happy the brown boy must and $1,800 trying to reach Europe now though he just wants to look forward to start working for himself as a trader in Sierra Leone and be with his family once again

7 thoughts on “Go on or turn back: migrants at a crossroads | DW News

  1. Here in western Europe people also have stories of Their hardship the government doesn't really help their own people… These people should not breed like they do. We didn't tell them to have 20 children… sorry..go back.

  2. We can make jobs for them in Africa cut out china and they'll be fine plus there the only people that can survive in Africa it has to be safe

  3. These are the new Europeans. They are swarming in. They want to breed with the native Euros. Millions will come.

  4. Even Europe cannot produce jobs for all those people.. Spain and Greece have huge unemployment already, Scandinavia is already struggling with too many migrants and even Germany and France are a total mess with not enough work for the arrivals…. Migrants without work = crime increase

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