100 thoughts on “Glenn Beck walks off interview after ‘Blaze’ layoffs question

  1. No Glenn Beck, i watched your show back then. CNN reports on the real events, and you lied to the people. Very different.

  2. Beck is off his meds again. The media is not driving their audience into the arms of Donald Trump. Trump's poll numbers are in a tailspin. His support is evaporating fast. Beck speaks for a fringe minority of delusional cult zombies.

  3. Because of this interview and seeing the hypocritical face on that "reporter" and the bullshit question at the end– Im going to subscribe to The Blaze right now.. what an ass Brian is

  4. CNN is a lie what about uncle Sam snuff shop. you know the illuminati and your your politicians that you promote are eating the flesh of these children and drinking their blood after they pour it on the altar to Satan. . You know Hollywood CIA and many other groups of power satanic pedophiles that's what your are Covering up for the evil ones and everyone sees it that has a brain .

  5. Conservatives always talking shit but can never, ever use facts. Beck couldn’t put a coherent sentence together to make his point. What a moron🤣😂🤣😂🤣Selter rocked his ass by just sitting there.

  6. Why anyone bothers with CNN, I don't know. They are so unbelievably biased and never seem to have the facts but twist it to their own liking as long as it goes against Trump.

  7. Beck is nothing but a Rump troll . Beck is nothing but Rump lier. This is a waste of air time these guys are like Beck are BS artists and are not interested in the truth. Beck is a condescending AH.

  8. Beck is so full of hubris, but tells everyone else is wrong. Trump hater turned Trump lover. Sorry, Glenn, Trump will not bring us together.

  9. CNN you just DON'T get it !!! You make faces everytime he puts it on you like you don't understand..dumass… you look ridiculous… do you EVER watch yourself CNN???? Yawn

  10. love how glenn beck called him out….but if you are shallow in the sense of having a destructive anti trump agenda then how could someone like stelter be open to a real discussion…if it doesnt fit cnn s narrative then its of no value …

  11. Never a good look Glen. Walking off is never a good look. Makes a person look stupid. Makes them out as someone who has no immediate response to a question. Maybe behaviour like you displayed during this interview is why no-one wants to buy you out? Glenn Beck, the man who walked away.

  12. I don't know who Brian is, as I don't watch TV, … for about 7 years now, but he was really lame to go off topic to try to score points.

  13. Hate TRUMP if you will.but he has done nothing to hurt this country.vote Dem and see what you get you want like it.

  14. Glenn Beck is it least 20 times your intellect and I'm probably a hundred times your intellect you are a fool you sound like a 5 year old pretty stupid you ever watch yourself that's how you make some corrections from time to time look at your own ugly ass face and see what the fuck you doing you way off base way way way way and your owner's fuck your owners yeah let's see about your FCC license huh I'll be a good one you can't fucking turn on your fucking show and boy is it a show disgusting just disgusting call Glenn Beck because he finally learned so maybe you can learn to maybe all you fucking people can learn!

  15. You can't compromise with evil or argue with stupid. If you do, you get a little evil or you look a little stupid. That's why Glenn walked off.

  16. All the news anchor needed to say in that inter view was “You can’t triple stamp a double stamp” or “I know you are but what am I?”

  17. I don't get why this guy says talk off the air I wanna know what's going on on the border what we can do about it but he's not gonna talk to me off the air?

  18. It was kind of a cheap shot but then again it's not like it's not true. Glenn could have responded any way he wanted and he walked away….

    And who's always complaining about snowflakes and sjw's ?????🤔

  19. This turkey has bowl problems nut to have a real big shit to get it out off his system. Either that or stop snorting koke🥶🥶🥶🥶

  20. How is Glenn Beck? You have done something to help someone and you're whole drive is to suggest that you have helped a condition that exists in this country. Glenn I will till you what it is. You can't change many things but you seem to have an Idea of what the problems involve. People suffering at others lack of concern.

  21. The game you're playing CNN is the wrong one get that bald-headed pecker out of the news doesn't talk about the issues wants to attack and grandstand

  22. Glenn Beck is a joke. People have seemed to have forgot, but this guy didn't deserve this platform in the first place. He has poisoned the minds of many, many people. His self-righteous indignation toward CNN is hilarious. CNN sucks for a lot of reasons, but Glenn Beck is so much worse. Shame on him.

  23. Brian Stelter… I don't see how in the world you got a job as a journalist because you are so unprofessional… Oh wait YOU work at CNN FAKE NEWS!!! NOW I understand!!!

  24. This is why the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK is in the shitter and just got outed by Project Veritas for their lunacy they shove down peoples throats daily!!

    They need to rid themselves of these crazy motherfuckers and get back to just (REPORTING THE GODDAMN NEWS) instead of trying to twist or take shots.. What a bunch of Douchebags!

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