Giuliani’s Former Colleagues ‘Flabbergasted’ At Conduct That Put Him Under Criminal Investigation

Giuliani’s Former Colleagues ‘Flabbergasted’ At Conduct That Put Him Under Criminal Investigation

100 thoughts on “Giuliani’s Former Colleagues ‘Flabbergasted’ At Conduct That Put Him Under Criminal Investigation

  1. The whistleblower is a CIA operative who has been involved with conspiring to bring down Trump since January 2016. The person's name is "Eric Ciaramella" who at that time was a NSC operative.
    Ciaramella crops up again and again in every part of the conspiracy, even in the Mueller report.

    This is why Schiff is now saying they don't need to bring him to the hill, because when Ciaramella is revealed as the so called whistleblower their attempted coup will explode in their faces
    Ciaramella, now CIA, is of course a pal of Brennan.

  2. Rudy prosecuting criminals back when, was a deliberate choice. He wanted to enter the political scene, and therefore he had to be a prosecuter, because there are few people who vote for a person who defends criminals.

    Without the political future in mind, he could just as well have been a defense lawyer, where the money is better.

  3. MSNBC, can you be more biased language, innuendos, and fake news. Giuliani's not as sound as he claims to be and President Trump would be better off if he ditched Giuliani.

  4. Hey MSNBC. Why don’t you talk about this .. oh yea doesn’t fit the Narrative

  5. Trump's 1st private attorney is in jail, his 2nd private attorney is under investigation for violating Federal Laws and is going to get locked up. A 3rd private attorney? 3 Strikes and you'rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre OUT!!!!

  6. If rudy gets indicted, I can see Rudy crying 😭 on his way to prison. Cohen warm them all about BLIND STUPIDITY .

  7. Follow Preet Bharara's work during the Crime Busting years, Rudolph … was only a front being the Mayor… speak with people living in NYC during those years… you will get the reality of who did the real crime busting…

  8. "Roody Gooliani"is losing his grey matter as fast as trump, both men are total jackasses, and they are getting tougher to look at by the minute, lol. 😅

  9. Onkel Leo is bunkers. And a criminal. How many under President Caligula will be jailed? Still waiting for Crooked Hillary to be imprisoned.

  10. Any shred of ethics Giuliani once had was compromised decades ago, and his true nature has been revealing itself more and more the deeper he's entrenched himself into the republican regime. But once he threw in his lot with the Trump Crime Syndicate, that's when he completely lost it and is now a fully corrupted, psychotic criminal who needs to be locked up with Donnie.

  11. Please pardon Giuliani. He has a parasite on eating away his brain. He keeps bumping his gums by saying foolish things. Someone save this man

  12. Once you've finished investigations..if there's a case then ARREST,CHARGE AND PROSECUTE this man and Trump to show that all are equal before the law..restore dignity to the USA because it has lost it. The world no longer use the USA as a beacon of good reference or takes the USA seriously.

  13. What people don't realize is that it was Rudy's old law firm… who organized Trump Soho… domiciled it in the Netherlands for tax evasion purposes, and; left the trail completely "cold" to find the $220 Million in "back taxes" owed. Real great guy for sure. Everything Trump touches… turns to manure, or; simply dies.

  14. Good goin' Rudy! Keep on talkin' and acting as if you're a stable genius as well. Your ego is going to land you in the Metropolitan jail in your home town! Better hope that you're looked after better than Epstein was.

  15. When he said I got all the messages I understood who that message was for smh = Trump Rudy was threatening the administration. …

    Yall slow

  16. The little Hypocritical fart , he will finally get meet the gangsters who he put away, & I am sure they will be glad to see him ☠️☠️☠️

  17. Rudy was the mobs first attempt to take over the government….????
    Then they won with Donnie…………
    Now the American mob has joined forces with the Russian mob to control the world…????
    OMG what is this world coming to…..????

    Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time. (Rev.12:12)

  18. Who knew that all the time Rudy was a prosecutor, he harbored fantasies of being a criminal operator himself. He probably fantasized that HE would be more clever than the criminals that he prosecuted. Well, he was wrong, wasn't he? He was wrong by a factor of about 10.

  19. He doesn't care anymore, he accepted a 💰 for his family allegedly and will do nothing for justice to be served for criminals in this administration, he has become one to be able to stay relevant in the eyes of the public.His efforts turned him into a 🐀 for a serial con man. ✌ ☝

  20. Nancy Pelosi needs to step down she is overthrowing the President. The Democrats need to be thrown out of office

  21. How stupid is Rudy Giuliani that he watched the downfall of Michael Cohen and then went out and did the same things? Donald Trump views "loyalty" as being owed to him, not to those who serve him. Rudy should have seen the bus he's being thrown under for the last year.

  22. What if trump has dirt on everyone that has chosen to support him and that’s the only reason they are still in his corner? I mean like what if Russia helped him black mail the Republican Party? I still don’t feel sorry for them but it’s just a thought

  23. Look what Vladimir Putin's puppet Donald Trump has done now,the repercussions of what he has done will be felt for a 100 years.

  24. II think he was always a criminal, he just got caught up in the power and the lines of legality and priviledge got blurred.

  25. While #WonderfullyHungry, I simply wish Rudy Giuliani and President Trump and his followers would stop being #TerriblyHungry (aka #Hangry) so that they'd also be able to stop misbehaving terribly.

  26. RUDY The Fruitty, That Dress's UP like Trudy. Became a member of the Sewer 🐀 Squad when He was Mayonnaise of NY Spreading His OWN way Forward to Selling out For a Price.

  27. They are all criminals Trump, Rudy, BBarr,,Pence.. Moscow Mitch and his wife, Pompeo! Kavanagh and many more in the Whitehorse. They are all mobster from the aWhite house. Trump pence, Moscow Mitch, Pompeo they are all asset of Russia. Judgement will be done. No one is above the law.

  28. Why is it always the “ Law and Order “ fanatics who behave as if they are above the law? They want to keep “others” inline. Meanwhile they are engaged in every criminal scheme they can think of.

    From now on when I hear someone on a Law and Order soapbox, I’ll be wondering what criminal activity they are involved in behind closed doors.

  29. ¶ I used to be among the many who were like "What happened to 'America's Mayor'? He used to be somewhat sane and moderate as far as GOPers are concerned".
    ¶ I then read an article after asking that sort of question as a web search. Turns out he was always a jerkass.
    ¶ He started out as Progressive, then went Right-wards. Then he was your typical "corrupt politician" with a penchant for using ethnic tensions and bigotry in NYC to get ahead.
    ¶ Rudy's merely an opportunist; Using changing political affiliations as a means to get ahead. His past "Progressivism" of the 1960s-70s was as real as fake vomit from a novelty shop.
    ¶ In a way; His life's trajectory was just like Trump's. People outside of NYC never saw the "Real Donald/Rudy" until they took their antics national. Trump used to be the "Glitzy New York Real Estate Tycoon Who Knew 'The Art of the Deal'" while Giuliani was "America's Mayor Who Cleaned Up New York City". However; Actual NYC citizens knew the truth from day one!

  30. He is lost or they have something that he is afraid of. Remember years of friendship with a guy that was never a Republican.

  31. Hey Rudy, this is strikingly like what happened to Cohen. You are under the bus and getting ran over. You may want to think about that.

  32. possibly the most corrupt and biggest lying mayor NY has ever had.. and he continues to get worse in his new profession.. cant wait till this regime is over.

  33. Trump and his cohorts are always prepared to sell out their country for money, money is everything for them. If only their supporters could understand that for a few seconds they would understand they have been fooled and are fools.

  34. Remember lawyer Michael Avenati? He was entertaining but arrogant greedy and corrupt, and he and Giuliani were both brought down because of arrogance, greed and corruption. This is a common but cautionary tale for other would be politicians and lawyers. Everything and everyone associated with Trump turns to dust… Trump is the worst human being with the most power and that is bad for our country and our citizens' wellbeing.

  35. The dirt Trump is looking for and the fact that we know he has folders on people, should imply he has dirt on every person who is willing to go this far. Especially Rudy.

  36. I don't need your noble class bunions. Schizophrenia is all patternicity and cheap understandings of simile. I don't believe in St. Francis of Assisi and the likes of him gave me schizophrenia. I joined a Fermat Society for the same reasons. They don't study in the universities but they hold all the posts. The dark sciences and books are really a white light and good but they won't reveal them as such. Why are the expensive and vastly important trades going to the criminal classes when metalsmithing is really chemistry? Why is the philosophy not revealed in class when it holds the key to everything? Why are women lied about in their dignity when they only consort with criminals and drugs? The criminals are victims of favoritism and the other side victims of heroism and rejection. Get a life. Put the favoritism where it goes, not with the weak and ignorant men of criminality and casual violence and loss of control. When "we" pull the battery on your battlefields, remember your enemy was all losers like you! Why do losers get the say of the law in the militia and police and not the scholarly and devoted workers?

  37. Maybe he will do America a favour and jump off a high building. Guillani has been corrupt for years, all for the mighty dollar.

  38. Trump is setting up a system where there is a blurred line or no difference between gov't, business, military, mafia, and industry. In addition, the cast of characters change jobs but stay the same. It is just like the system in Russia. From the beginning, Trump has shown that he likes dictators, the more brutal and criminal the better, so America now has a strong man with no regard for the law, who ignores the Congress for being controlled by the opposition. I would say the US is already a dictatorship, because whole departments of gov't raise the middle finger to lawful requests from Congress, even subpoenas, because nothing will happen to them. They won't be arrested, as any member of the public would be. Contempt can be a long time in jail depending. What will Democrats do when the WH refuses to accept the results of the election if they lose?

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