25 thoughts on “Giuliani says video refutes Trump forced kiss accusation

  1. If all women acted like the idiot who is accusing Trump…then nearly half the male population will be in court! This woman is guilty of inappropriate behaviour in the presence of a male…!

  2. Enough already! President Trump is not like Joe Biden, kissing women uninvited. Nor is he like Bill Clinton, hooking up with Epstein for underage girls. Grow up, media!

  3. Are they kidding. She moved her head right in. But Billy Jeff Clinton can go to Eppy's "Orgy Island" 28 times so that he could "counsel" under aged exploitees. Worse than a double standard. How's the gov and lt gov and state attorney doing in Virginia? Dems never step down nor be responsible for anything they do.

  4. Another lying bimbo popping out of the woodwork to smear Trump. I bet these bimbos keep coming out of the woodwork even after he wins in 2020.

  5. Fellow Patriots. Do not worry. Any weapon formed against our great President will NOT prosper.
    We all may as well just ignore everything these devil worshipers come up with as an attack. IT WILL NOT WORK! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS OUR GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP AND HIS FAMILY!

  6. Trump: On swearing-in ceremony first term. Innocent Bystander Lady: "As that awful man raised his hand to pledge allegiance to the office he deliberately swatted a fly in my face!"

  7. Watch out for Albania. The 303 took a lot of casualties when the tail wagged the dog. "Courage, Mom." Courage, Rudy! (But I love that 303 sauce)

  8. CNN would have dined in on this till the election?
    Now their lead story is the investigation into finding a copy
    of the receipt of whatever Trump
    bought in that store in 1996 to prove he was there?

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