Giuliani: My mission is to disrupt the world

Giuliani: My mission is to disrupt the world

100 thoughts on “Giuliani: My mission is to disrupt the world

  1. Couldn't finish the interview. This woman is incorrigible. She actually said to Rudy that she let him talk. Which, as we've just seen, was a complete overstatement & set up.
    Letting someone finish a sentence is considered a necessity for an interview. Martha's looking to run roughshod over the guest b/c she "let him finish spraking" one time…. uhhhg, its gross

  2. it's equally funny as annoying to see Martha try to box way above her weight class clinging to her script of lies. I love Rudy. He just knocked Martha out cold and exposed her as the deep state puppet she is. Keep going Rudy!

  3. I thought i was watching CNN, Martha has gone to the dark side. I hate it when i have to cut a Fox reporter from my viewing.

  4. How come a personal lawyer mission is to “,disrupt the world?” Also how can an investigation begins in November of 2018 and end in March of 2018? The interviewer has done a wonderful job

  5. Martha, what you and the DNC are implying is that if you are involved in corruption, run for office! Any office, then you can't be investigated.
    Rudy made the best point with, he was investigating Ukraine corruption before Biden threw his pedophile hat in the race.

    Edit: BTW – This is all Hillary-Killer driven. She must remove competition before jumping in the race. She's been working on Biden for awhile, and she is now started on Warren. It's so transparent what the Maoist Clinton agenda is. Remember: "She can beat him AGAIN!"

  6. Why should Biden care if they look into his and his sons dealings in Ukraine he has said repeatedly he did nothing wrong so he should welcome them investigating to exonerate him that would put him on top in the polls if proven he did nothing wrong me thinks he dothh protest to much and if he is guilty do we want him as a President

  7. martha used to introduce Tucker at the end of her show and the beginning of his. I haven't noticed that lately. is she mad at Tucker or fox?

  8. Martha stop arguing and challenging Giuliani -he proved himself long ago!! You are a baby with little experience in these matters in comparison to Giuliani who saved and changed NewYork City and now is the President’s trusted lawyer. “Why are you the President’s lawyer?” Wow what a question, why are you on the Air spewing your negative and Bias questions on a primary and proven great politician and Lawyer? Why Martha? (You have always been one of my favorite females in the Press/News but your questioning and attitude with Giuliani is out of line.

  9. she looks like an idiot in this interview, almost like fox employees major liberals masquerading as conservatives and fair and balanced journalists………. shocker.. fox needs to stop hiring all these women, too many feelings going on in that building, not enough thinking

  10. There's a difference between investing a nobody candidate utilizing cia fbi and reviewing work history or resume of a lifelong politician

  11. Why does FOX have anti American Liberal hosts? She should be working at CNN not FOX. This woman constantly cuts off her guests and is always pushing Leftist sound bytes. Maybe we can have her and Juan start their own show. We could call it Crazy Train Leftist Propaganda Couple! Does anyone else want to shove a dirty sock in her mouth to shut her up when her guests are talking? She constantly is mumbling and talking over everyone. What an arrogant disrespectful witch.

  12. Giuliani's right, the Democrats are covering up massive corruption and that's why they're after Trump because they know knows he's going to uncover it. People are going to go to jail if he's successful. The Democrats are all a bunch of idiot criminals.

  13. I don't recall Trump claiming his admin was scandal free, but does mean no challenge of Obama's claim, he said scandal free? Tu quoque¿ Literally translating as "you to", this fallacy is commonly employed as an effective red herring because it takes the heat off the accused having to defend themselves and shift the focus back onto the accuser themselves

  14. All women unless exclusively proven otherwise are DEMOCRATS. They know nothing about politics and should be excluded from the public square of ideas.

  15. I'm a Trump supporter but this guy is a fool. He won't shut up. He has no idea of how to present his arguments. Man, I can't stand listening to him. These "reporters" should just shut him down and tell him to stop being rude. He's a nut.

  16. Giuliani will never shut up, be-
    cause he doesn't want to answer questions, or better still, he can't, not truthfully anyway. He's the
    most ignorant man, or woman,
    on television, trying to save his
    own hide
    J. Calveley..

  17. It has been almost 3 years of listening to the Dems trying to get rid of our president. And, almost 3 years of not making one arrest of the liars and crooks that took us to the cleaners the previous past 8 years. If they can stop Trump over a phone call, why can't these other heinous crimes be dealt with? Are we just watching a show to keep us mesmerized while all sorts of chicanery goes on behind the scenes? What aren't we seeing?

  18. Woman! Listen. Are you trying to make the point that if you are running for office you get a pass on all your criminal activity?

  19. His mission you talking piece Of your slavemasters, is to help the president "drain the swamp" as he promised while he was campaigning and that is exactly what he is helping the president to do. And he is "disrupting the world" by revealing all the corruption that is intangled all over the world because of our corrupt government making deals and undermining the American people for the past 70 years !

  20. Where an When will there be Indictments, Arrest, Jail time? Why are head FBI agents not been Arrested. Talk is Cheap…all BS. Mayor. Nothing Burger.😱🕵🇺🇸

  21. I wonder how these comments feel now that they know what Guiliani really did? I wonder how they feel that Guiliani has been exposed by the two guys have been arrested and that he is in the next one to be arrested.

  22. This is so interesting and sickening. I hope those involved meaning the Bidens and any other members who turned their heads get sued and exposed.

  23. Why doesn't she acknowledge that his work was in defense of the Mueller investigation against President Trump?
    She keeps trying to suggest that it's about Biden & 2020.

  24. It is the obligation and legal responsibility of any President to root out corruption in any political individual or groups, to Protect our Laws and U.S. Constitution, and even whether they are running for office or not!

  25. i dont like her, i dont trust her and she snapped at RUDY, oh i dont think so B!TCH !!!!!!!! dont mess with RUDY, fox needs to get rid of her !!!

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