Gigantic Jets and the Electric Earth | Space News

Gigantic Jets and the Electric Earth | Space News

Welcome to Space News from
the Electric Universe, brought to you by The
Thunderbolts Project™ at A recently released video clip
provides stunning support for the Electric Universe interpretation of
one of the most dramatic atmospheric phenomena on Earth —
above-clouds lightning. On October 15th, 2019, a pilot
named Chris Holmes was flying about 35,000 feet above the Gulf of
Mexico when he noticed multiple forms of powerful electrical
discharge called sprites and jets erupting
from a thunderhead. The still image seen here is
a “gigantic jet”, a towering form of electrical discharge reaching all the
way to the ionosphere, which is now known to sometimes occur above
powerful thunderstorms. This exceedingly rare video clip
reveals the top of the cloud from which the jet
emerged, affording a groundbreaking opportunity for
insights into the phenomenon. Investigator Oscar van der Velde,
of the Lightning Research Group, split the video footage into
individual frames and described the observed sequence for the
website He states, “First, relatively cool
blue filaments spring up. These are streamers akin to St. Elmo’s fire. Next,
after the jet reaches its maximum height, another feature crawls
more slowly out of the cloud top — a white-hot
‘lightning leader’.” The Space Weather article notes
why this is a surprise for conventional meteorology, “For years, some
researchers thought that gigantic jets could reach such extreme
heights only if their streamers got a boost from
the lightning leader. Holmes’s video shows just the opposite:
the gigantic jet reaches the ionosphere before the lightning leader
even leaves the cloud.” Oscar van der Velde concludes on the
images, “This suggests that there may be a much more powerful electric
configuration inside the thunderstorm than was previously thought–perhaps
as much as 200 million volts.” To understand the significance of these
insights for the Electric Universe predictions and interpretations of
extreme above-clouds electrical discharge, let us first consider a
surprising historical background on the question of so-called lightning
in Earth’s upper atmosphere. Although numerous eyewitness accounts of
the phenomena including the testimony of airline pilots trace back many decades,
it was only in the late 1980s that the first photographic evidence was obtained of
an above-clouds discharge called a sprite. However, as early as the 1920s, the
Scottish physicist C.T.R. Wilson predicted the existence of brief flashes of
light above large thunderstorms. A fundamental question
that must be asked is, do scientists today really
understand lightning? As those who follow this series
are aware, what we observe in nature, as well as
recent scientific discoveries demonstrate
that the answer is no. These points are illustrated
when we consider the research into lightning by Professor Edgar Bering
of the University of Houston. In 2001, when Bering flew a high-altitude
balloon above a thunderstorm, he made the unexpected discovery that
when lightning strikes occur both above and below the clouds, the electrical
charge was already present and did not take time to build up
between lightning strikes. This contradicts the standard
notion that lightning is the generator of the clear air
electric field measured at about 100 volts per meter between
the Earth and a clear sky. In standard theory, lightning’s
generation of power requires water droplets to
separate charge in clouds, a process that
remains mysterious and unverified. The Electric Universe theory,
however, sees lightning and the cloud activity as a “load” that is being
driven by electric currents from the Sun. It is the electrical
circuitry between the Sun and the Earth that
drives all lightning. And scientific research provides
support for the role of the electric Sun-Earth
connection in lightning. As we reported previously,
in 2014, scientists in the UK discovered a dramatic increase in
lightning strikes for up to 40 days after a major
solar storm. Simply put, the reason the
aforementioned observation of the gigantic jet is “surprising” is
that the electrical charge that created the jet was already sitting at the cloud
tops, which is not surprising at all from the Electric Universe
perspective. As physicist Wal Thornhill
has proposed, the highest clouds
essentially act like one plate of a capacitor which responds to
the build-up of charge in the ionosphere above, which is where the above-
clouds lightning terminates. Thornhill explains, the
gigantic jets and other forms of above-clouds electrical discharge are
electrical breakdown channels in the Earth’s “leaky
atmospheric capacitor.” The discharge channel of
Birkeland filaments narrows and forms the bright jets as it reaches into
the more dense lower atmosphere. On our planet, we benefit from
having clouds to distribute lightning more widely
than on other planets. For instance, Venus does not have water
clouds, yet the early Russian Venera space probes discovered evidence for
Venusian lightning which is both vastly more frequent and powerful
than Earthly lightning. And on the planet Mars, where the
rarefied atmosphere is about 1/2 of 1% as dense as Earth’s, the clearest
evidence for powerful lightning-like discharges is in its towering dust
tornados and global dust storms which are electrically driven phenomena, and
just as Earthly lightning appears to increase in direct response to increased
solar activity, we now have evidence that dramatic dust-raising events on Mars
may be linked to outbursts from the Sun. For several years, scientists have
puzzled over dramatic dust plumes which occasionally erupt up to hundreds of
kilometers above the surface of Mars. As we reported in 2016, investigators
studying data from the Mars Express spacecraft found that, immediately before
the observation of a dramatic plume, the planet was hit by a
powerful CME from the Sun. As one investigator noted, “It’s very
surprising that was affecting Mars right before the plume was
first observed.” So it seems that an understanding of
high-energy electrical discharge phenomena on planets, including Earth,
will demand a new understanding of the electrical nature of the
Sun and of all stars. It was well over a century ago
that physicist Kristian Birkeland proposed that the earthly Aurorae were
produced by electric currents from the Sun. Astronomers almost universally
rejected the idea for many decades, until it was finally
confirmed by discovery. Likewise, all forms of lightning, as well
as the most powerful gigantic jets in our upper atmosphere, testify to the
electrical circuitry that connects all celestial bodies in our solar system and
indeed pervades the entire universe.

100 thoughts on “Gigantic Jets and the Electric Earth | Space News

  1. I haven't been a sibscriber here for very long, so this is the first "new" video that I've seen as a subscriber. TBP is completely transforming my understanding of the Universe, the solar system, and the Earth. This is great stuff, thank you.

  2. This just in, Stephen Hawking has proven that my toenail clippings prove that the moon is made out of Pancakes and Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.

  3. The astonishing simplicity of the EU, against the almighty complication and exotic explanations from mainstream science……..Great video.

  4. These old corrupt systems that are holding back the advancement of science and technology to improve mankind and remove all these fantasy theory's that are obviously so flawed and foolish but no scientist dares to go against the institution's for fear of losing funding and being rideculed ! This must end !! Enough with the few controlling the masses and suppressing the TRUTH ! why do we fear these parasites? They need to FEAR US !

  5. The blindingly obvious obscured behind a shroud of dark matter.
    One has hopes the SAFIRE Project is the wedge that finally cracks the nut of nonsense.
    One also hopes the blind faith in the voice of institutionalized authority is also thereby shattered.
    Perhaps then Cholesterol, grains, fat and calories will also be put in their rightful place,
    And Humanity becomes well and one again…
    Wherever one cares to look, such authoritative voice booms 100% the opposite of true and correct.

  6. Most scientists today can't understand life is created at conception, let alone how electrically charged particles interact at different elevations relative to the earh's core.

  7. Greeting's , Come people , enough of the Epstein shit ! This episode proves Tesla correct in the sense of the atmosphere being electric right? More important than a convicted sex offender and criminal to be fair. try to be safe.

  8. It's all linked to the magnetosphere and the polar weakness due to polar migration! As the poles wander the weakened fields allow extra ions to enter the atmosphere and increase the electrical input in the upper atmosphere! This increases the strength and tenacity of cloud to ground as well as cloud to atmosphere lightning in order to keep the capacitative balance between the EARTH and Sun! Simple electric universe theory spells this out very well and can offer an explanation better than I!

  9. Now when some dad or mom gets asked;”where does the wind come from?” They can honestly awnser ,”from the lightning and the sun. “ and feel good not to be telling stories to or children.😎daDA💚🎸🌹and⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️👁

  10. Note to 'Consensus Physicists': When everything is a surprise to your model, it's a good sign your model sucks.

  11. Atmosphere is a resistor to which the lower resistant weather events short out. They bridge the spark gap. Having worked with neon transformers I have been shocked by this more than a few times.
    Makes a lot more sense than lightning being an atmospheric friction phenomenon or Epstein killing himself.

  12. Absolutely fascinating watching you guys work your science with the increasing body of evidence.
    So wonderful how simplistic this EU Theory is and how because of this, evidence seems to be flooding in to corroborate. It is becoming ever more blatantly obvious that THIS simplest explanation is the correct one.
    PS. I know it's not just flooding in but "it" is you all who are bringing the whole body of knowledge together for us all to understand…and for that, I Thank You.

  13. This video clearly demonstrates a relationship with the sun that needs acceptance from our astrophysicists. I think that acceptance will be forthcoming.

  14. The Electric Universe is considered in all the research on my channel and I make it very clear to my subs that it has tremendous bearing on any and all "history" and if it isn't included in mainstream research and history, then they got it all wrong and it isn't worth listening to. Besides it's the same old trash over and over again and every time they send up a probe or do an experiment in space, they're "dumbfounded" and it's "not what they expected". Hey…..stupid…'s a clue for ya, for free, subscribe to the Thunderbolts Project and actually earn your degree this time and then you can go back to NASA and maybe run things for a while cause now you know what you're talkin' about. See, ain't that easy, no Ivy League Brainwashing Academy necessary. TTFN!!!

  15. Wheels within wheels

    In a spiral array

    A pattern so grand and complex

    Time after time

    We lose sight of the way

    Our causes can't see their effects

    Neil Peart. Natural Science. RUSH – Permanent Waves.

    Somehow seems applicable.

  16. Great informative video as always. That lamestream scientists resist the electric nature of our universe says a lot about the religion of science these people practice. Any new information is viewd as heresy and ignored or debunked. It is really pathetic and moronic and just makes me take those who would tell me how the universe works with more than a grain of salt. When will science get away from computer-generated bullshit and rely on observational data?

  17. So, I thought there would be more elaboration in this. What are you saying the center of the 'sun' wheel is? Is it a planet? What caused the spokes they viewed? What spread of time are these cave paintings from? How is that compared to what the sumerians (they were genocided by saddam btw) viewed? Did they elaborate in their writings?

  18. Lightning at any place other than the Poles is less than ZERO in intensity compared to the energy passing between the Poles. Any, and every photograph/study/scientific study of the Sun shows that there is ZERO energy being "received, or emitted" from the Poles of the Sun, or on Earth – other than the Arorae. Why is that? Why is it that there has never been a recorded "sun spot", or "Coronal Mass Ejection" from greater than 80 degrees North, or South of the equator on the Sun?

    Why is it that every Planet is within 6 (?) degrees of the equatorial of the rotation of the Sun?
    Why is it that every information gathering probe that has ever been sent over the Poles of the Sun has shown ZERO information, or been destroyed? Why is there no Solar Pole orbiting probe?
    Why is it that the only probes to have reached "interstellar space" could only accomplish the task, at the equator of the Sun?
    The answers to the questions of the Electric Universe do not lie along the ecliptic of the Solar rotation, they lie at the Poles, and there will never be PROOF until there are scientific measurements being taken from the Sun – and INTO the Sun from greater than 80 degrees from the Ecliptic.
    We can measure Solar Wind that impacts the Earth, what is going at the Solar Poles?

  19. I was on a flight above Alberta one night and I saw a thunderstorm way off in the distance. It was incredible seeing lightning strikes from above, first time seeing that, and there were fairly vivid northern lights happening above the thunderstorm, first time seeing that as well. I was one of the only people awake on that flight.
    One of the lightning strikes looked to be as thick as my thumb and at such a distance from my vantage point I thought it must be 50+ feet in diameter! This bolt maintained connection with the ground for what seemed like a full 2 seconds – one of the craziest things I've ever seen.

  20. Any "Dynamics" are happening in Space, Space is the result of cavitation, Cavitation is a rersult of "Vibration"
    and only resonant. There is Thunder before Lightning! – Energy, Frequency and Vibration. OM

  21. OK, so the saying "electricity finds the path of least resistance" must hold true for all circumstances, is there a plurality of above cloud discharge events in the direction of the sun? if not then you must reevaluate your theory.

  22. "..and indeed pervades the entire universe"
    ..immediately took my thoughts to the Hermetic dictum that "All is Mind" and that our brains neurons communicate with each other through electric signals.
    As Above, So Below.

  23. In conventional theory a thunderstorm is the generator of the potential difference between earth and the ionosphere. This means it should be feeding positive charge upwards.
    However the observation that sprites often coincide with positive cloud to ground discharges, which average 10 times the energy of normal negative lightning and feeds positive charge downwards. Exactly the opposite of what was expected.
    This means the generator lies elsewhere.
    You can calculate from data of charge density ,polarty and volume of the van Allen belts, that the inner one is an enormous reservoir of positive charge and the outer one negative.
    The discharges between the two occur in the ionosphere around the poles and via thunderstorms at lower latitudes.
    And we also know that the radiation belts are formed by the interaction of solar wind and earth's magnetosphere.
    So indeed it is the sun which is the real generator of atmospheric electricity.

  24. The entire universe is a battery in a way. I don't agree that there is a electrical circuit as we know it between celestial bodies in Universe simply because of the distance and a charge. If so that would mean that all the stars and planets are the same structurally as they connect and in my opinion they are not. Each planet has its own atmospheric activity which of course relates to spring of heat and energy or Stars. We don't necessarily have to have clouds to witness atmospheric discharge or lightning in a way. Planets also have their own layers of different charge which are responsible locally for all lightning similar phenomena. Upper atmospheric discharge occurs most probably because clouds are sometimes to high and overcharged and the closest field will attract that charge and cause lightning phenomena. Electric universe is not and cannot be the same as we know electricity here and the way we know or understand electrical circuits. It is like a different dimension of what we know and I do understand what that is and how it possibly function.

  25. Search YouTube for:

    "Pecos Hank VIBRANT RED SPRITES Jets & Mysterious Green Afterglow"

    He's captured some amazing shots of Sprites.

  26. The Earth and the Van Allen belt act as a giant capacitor with air as the dielectric. Lightning is the Van Allen belt disruptively discharging because water vapor weakens the dielectric, air.

  27. Once upon a time, I found information about a specific sound tunnel in the deep sea. The point is that there are probably unique conditions in which marine mammals such as blue whales and other representatives of marine mammals can communicate at very large distances at these depths. This is possible due to specific conditions, i.e. pressure. Probably it is associated with a coating in which a phenomenon similar to birkerland currents occurs. It seems that a similar phenomenon occurs in the atmosphere and we are dealing with a double shell or actually a tunnel in which energy can flow freely throughout the globe looking for an outlet. It seems that we are dealing here with a double shell that symbolizes the center of the plasma discharge model (stickyman) modeled as a tunnel stretched in the atmosphere throughout the globe resembling a sphere.

  28. Earth is a level plane with a dome. Our system is an electromagnetic one. Lightning is a plasma discharge.

  29. As above so below. Mainstream scientists don't know that we are a reflection of what is above which is electricity. We have electricity running through our bodies. Our view of life has to change. Thanks to this channels information change maybe possible.

  30. "Settled Science's" ignorance of electro-motive forces will forever keep them hobbled. This is comparable to attempting to sail the sea by wind currents alone, oblivious to oceanic currents–GOOD LUCK!!

  31. Iv been watching these videos for a couple of years now. Electric universe makes sense. I believe that when everyone gets onboard, there will be some crazy breakthroughs in how we see the universe and the technology we use to play in it.

  32. My Beloved Mama was part Hopi & We understand "The Thunder Beings" as THE STRENGTH "Bringers of Life & Destruction" as it is so it goes…"Micro Macro" Our Blood "Plasma" and "Birth & Death" mostly painful "chaos in motion" as The Univese spinning churning creates Life = Creation IS movement Static Energies jest sayn…Always i enjoy "Thunderbolt Project" Care Infinite🙏🌰🌱🌲💐⚡⚡🌠💛🌠⚡🍄⚡⚡🌵🐢🐦🌠


  34. Performed a small experiment where a metal bottle was probed by one end of a mini tesla coil and other end of the coil was in contact with the flow of water from the tap. Observed the electric discharge near the bottle neck bends water stream towards the inner walls.

  35. Excellent video! I really love this stuff so easy to understand and make an everyday connection to. Michael Goodspeed does an excellent narration too calm cool collected. The evidence for the electric universe is overwhelmingly evident so much so that I am truly amazed that mainstream keeps holding on to Victorian age concepts and theories i.e, "the nuclear sun, dark matter dark energy, black holes, the big bang, dirty snowball comets, etc, none of which hold water. We are witnessing a paradigm shift of Copernican scope and I for one am darn glad I even know about thunderbolts project and the electric universe.

  36. Psalm 97:4 His lightnings light the world; The earth sees and trembles.
    Ezekiel 1:14 And the living creatures ran back and forth, in appearance like a flash of lightning.
    Matthew 28:3 His countenance was like lightning, and his clothing as white as snow.

  37. God is light and light is a electromagnetic wave. It fits. All cells bound together by the electromagnetic connection, electricity being the breath of life, aka the Spirit of God and its alive and nothing is alive unless it has a electrical current… some how we have to connect emotion to the equation.. perhaps positive charge being divine, negative charge being evil. No way to quantify it so its just theoretical babbling… we know energy doesn't create itself, so last factor we have to discover for creationism is what Created the electricity.

  38. E.U. Plasma Electric Universe (Electromagnetic Forces based) Cosmological Model gets natural phenomena right, in particular the "cause+effect" correctly. Much of it comes out of very familiar electronics technical knowledge of "circuits" (current flow, capacitance, resistance, charge/discharge, etc, etc)


    Gravitational-based big-bang "empty space" + "unlikely gathering" of matter "by gravity alone" with "negligible electromagnetic-forces" where electrical phenomena are "byproduct effects" of ordinary motion of mass driven by solar radiative heat energy "only"
    = THEY GET IT BACKWARDS: they confuse an effect as a cause, and vice-a-versa!

    1) they erroneously CONFUSE a "cause" (rain cloud storms) as "suprisingly" a NON-CAUSE of "sprites" (because in reality STORMS are merely an EFFECT instead!) = ongoing electrical discharge is NOT an EFFECT (it's a DRIVER of storms!)

    2) they are BAFFLED why an "effect" (atmospheric sprites) as mysteriously NOT actually an EFFECT at all (because in reality, they OVERLOOK it as an ACTUAL CAUSE) = ongoing electrical discharge is the CAUSE (ongoing FLOW of electrical discharge GENERATES rain storms!) sprites are VISIBLE PROOF of "ongoing electric discharge currents" (rainstorms (tornadoes + hurricanes + typhoons + cyclones) and dry electric dust-devils, are all "milder" versions of more catastrophic devastating destructive EDM "blasting" of TERRAIN with severe physical cratering)

    The E.U. Cosmology could give us a better more sobering accurate prospects of the hazards of real "space travel" being treacherous, because we face NAVIGATING a very powerful electromagnetic-force "contoured" highly electrically charged "minefield" to TRAVERSE … it's NOT merely "empty void of space with a few chunks of 'glowing-rocks' to steer clear of to avoid SUPPOSED gravitational collision"… it's not … orbits are DRIVEN by electromagnetic-forces due to ELECTRIC BIRKELAND CURRENTS!

    TODAY, when one sends "unmanned" space probes into deep space, all the old "internal electric charge buildup" GREMLINS were LONG SORTED OUT decades ago … to avoid "simple fritzing out" (renders space probes useless = "bricked") … something to AVOID if one wishes to pursue "manned" missions!

    However, gravitational-based big-bang cosmology will paint to rosy a picture for space travel, that treats the whole cosmos DEVOID of deadly "electric cosmic charge+discharge obstacles" to overcome UNSCATHED by EDM … as if all there is out there, is just an "empty void of space with a few chunks of 'glowing-rocks' to steer clear of to avoid SUPPOSED gravitational collision"… they erroneously believe orbits are guided by "gravity + momentum" ALONE … and unperturbed by Electric Birkeland Currents … that actually DRIVE GALAXIES, STARS, PLANETS, Tectonic Processes, and Atmospheric Processes, as well as "inter-body" electric-exchange … EDM! (ignoring actuality!) … electrostatic buildup is NOT the only thing "out there"!

  39. Thank you again, TBP!
    Question: All of plasma science is scalable, correct? Consider that our thoughts are undoubtedly Electromagnetic in nature…so is consciousness/self-awareness itself also scalable? I.e., could it be that everything from the tiniest particle to the largest galactic cluster has its own level of consciousness or self-awareness or intelligence? Scary thought…but it fits in with quantum mechanics and Bell's Theorem that somehow everything is in instantaneous communication with everything else in the universe….but, hey, I'm only wondering…

  40. The learning just never ends at the Thunderbolts Project EU web site.

    Most of these sprites seem to render ultraviolet, or shorter, more energetic wavelengths at the stratospheric, level, and infrared, or longer, less energetic wavelengths at the meso to ionospheric level. Perhaps sprites are caused by the Earth's releasing of excess energy. (0:49). Just an honest inquiry. 🤔

  41. It was t has more chancea similar video, the documentary 'The Edge of Space' that 1st brought the rare sprite and rarer elf effects to my knowledge, and thus thereafter picqued my interest and self research, inducting me in to The Thunderbolts Project, The Electric Universe and SAFIRE Project.
    Nature, life, the universe, we know we don't know them well, always seems to strive or find a path that works and if it survives, if it is an easier path to achieve too, then it is more likely to be more effective on a myriad of scales and across what we label as sperate subjects of learning, from sub atomic to glalactic, the fractal scaling in analogus way to each other is highly indicative of some common background metric or thing; of which the EU & TBP & SAFIRE indicate a more cohesive idea than the typical scientifically-dogmatic 'physicists'.

  42. Please leave Nasa's cgi images out of your research…
    You guys are great, but you use way too much mainstream religion, i mean "science"

  43. Voyager 2 revealed that interstellar "vacuum " was much warmer than expected and had strong magnetic fields. Another win for the EU theory…

  44. I'm GLAD the "capacitor" is leaky! Anyone else remember why you NEVER touch the 50kvdc cap still holding a charge for years, in tube(CRT) tv's? 🙂

  45. It only makes sense. The mainstream liers can't tell the truth about anything. Deceit is all they know. Disagree and you get no funding. Grants cancelled, no soup for you.

  46. I propose that this form of lightning is the result of Chemtrail / Geoengineers loading the atmosphere with nano particulate then ionizing the particles to various levels of charge and waiting to see what happens as the biosphere dies under the clouds from toxicity of heavy metals, bio-toxins, and radioactive elements. The reason this phenom had never been seen before is the AURORA Project and Tesla Science had not reached the present level of development. At this time, You are welcome to make your arbitrary comments about that which you know nothing about.

  47. Thunderbolts, your "Top 10 Reasons the Universe is Electric" series was unfortunately aborted at #8 on May 31, 2018. I recommend that you add this video to that series.

  48. Note to Thunderbolts Project: This video wouldn't load for me, but as you can see, I was able to leave this 'heads up ' Comment.

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