Getting Into NYU Stern School of Business

Getting Into NYU Stern School of Business

welcome to MBA pav TV I'm your host dylaney Fernando I'm standing outside NYU Stern located in the heart of New York City's Greenwich Village NYU is one of the nation's premier business schools and of course it's highly selective when it comes to the candidates last year NYU received over 4,600 applicants to its full-time MBA program of which 414 matriculated so you'd like to come to Stern will come with us today we're gonna be taking you behind the scenes to tell you what makes NYU Stern so special and how you can become a more competitive candidate you'll get application advice directly from NYU Stearns executive director of admissions east circle eglee as well as current students and recent alumni so stay with us as we share with you how to get into NYU Stern School of Business at Stern we're looking for people who are incredibly bright driven talented and are also down-to-earth very real people not a lot of MBA attitude and people who are very collaborative people who help each other succeed one of the things that really sets us apart I believe is our collaborative community for me coming from an arts background I wanted to go to a place where if I said I you did musical theater people would be like that's great and not sort of think it was strange or odd and I really found that accepting openness it's turn you know we all come from different backgrounds and that just makes us stronger and makes it more interesting the building that we're in right now it's very since its New York even have a lot of space so we don't have spanning acres of you know classroom space that we have we have a very nice building but it's very compact so when you're here which is pretty much from whenever your classes start at 9:00 or 10:00 until late at night when you're done studying you're put here with all of your classmates so it really does foster a very tight sense of community Stern's MBA program starts off with what they call the flexible core during your first year you'll be taking a combination of required core courses and electives from the core course menu during your second year you'll be taking more electives and those specializations now like most business schools many of the students here at Stern go into finance consulting and marketing but what makes Stern so unique are the specializations people in our program want to go into media entertainment or sports we have a great program in that area one that really distinguishes us luxury retail is another one where a lot of people want to head into that being in New York the connections we have are great for example we have this mentorship program with Coach and that's that's a wonderful program Pharmaceuticals most the pharmaceuticals are just over in New Jersey and so we have good relations with big pharma as well and then of course people want to do entrepreneurship which is a whole different animal but it's a great place to start a business and then in the world of social enterprise or nonprofit a lot of those companies there's a wealth of them within the city so I think that one of the parts that sets us apart is that our specialized path area is probably bigger than a lot of schools and really we're looking for someone who's very career-focused it's turn I know it may vary from school to school at Stern there's so many options there's so many opportunities if you don't come in really focus on what you want you can actually get pretty overwhelmed so we feel you get the greatest return on your investment if you have a very clear sense as to what you want to do and that you've researched that and I know that's challenging sometimes for people who are changing functions or industries but there are a lot of ways you can get a sense of it you know you can talk with friends and family who are in sort of your target industries or functions you can reach into your undergraduate alumni network you can start going to industry events and panels but we really want people to have a clear sense as to what it is they want to get out of their MBA location location location it's one of the many factors you'll have to consider when looking at which schools to apply to the energy here in Greenwich Village is palpable definitely one of the benefits of being here NYU Stern is that you have all the resources of New York City right there at your fingertips there are two different types of professors you know the first type of professor is the traditional person that you know got their PhD in research and teach I think they're really really amazing on the other hand we also have more than half our faculty our clinical professors or their associate professors they're their day jobs are in New York City they're really really awesome in that there are you know managing directors at investment banks they are executives at fortune 500 companies and you know they're they're entrepreneurs who have founded successful companies they've run their own venture capital firms and they're amazing because they can teach the theory but explain it in an applicable way even for things like internships that you can do while you're in school so I in a number of my classmates did an internship at Bloomberg television while we were still in our spring semester classes learning about the newsroom and learning how sort of the intersection of business and entertainment happens at a company like Bloomberg and then you know took a cab back downtown or the train I take cabs but I should be checking the train um and and went to class so that's something you couldn't do anywhere else I mean you're really able to start weaving yourself into the you know the world of business in New York while you're in school so a big part of getting into business school is writing those essays we mean I ask myself all the same tough questions when I get an MBA why now why Stern one of the most unique essay questions I've seen comes an essay question number three we are asked to describe yourself to feature NYU Stern classmates so they can deal with an essay which is entirely fine completely acceptable they can also do that in a variety of ways they can do photo albums collages recipes picture books board games we've had mocked up cereal boxes and all kinds of stuff we do have some restrictions on size we started to find people are sending us bigger and bigger things and bigger is not always better it's about insight we have some restrictions on perishable items we had an incident where some sushi was sent got waylaid it was not pretty so you know if you're a chef or cook just take a photo of the pic of the food and we'll get the idea with the description and nothing electronic we obviously have firewalls and those kinds of things for our IT system so anything that needs to be played electronically we also tell people to avoid but it's really pretty wide spectrum of what we get and this is the opportunity to stand out a lot of applicants say you know my GMAT is fairly average my GPA is within the norm you know I've had a sort of traditional career I'm planning to go to a traditional field how do I stand out in the process and for us essay 3 is a great way to do that because you really can say what makes you unique what makes you different what do you bring to the table that you don't think anyone else is I think that Stern in particular really does like to see that something extra about yourself with their essay 3 anybody who's looked at it is Note knows it's a little bit different it's described yourself to your fellow classmates feel free to be creative and I think that's really the opportunity to show the committee yeah this is all the stuff about my career and everything that I've done in the past but here's something that's different about yourself for example I grew up with deaf parents and so that experience of being in a deaf household signing has really shaped Who I am today and so in that essay I talked about that experience and I talked about what it's taught me and how I think it is made me a better business school student a better person in the working world a better person in general so I felt that that was an important thing to convey to to the committee I think for me it was really focusing on the unusual aspects of my background so it's trying to really play up what differentiated me from other students who are applying so you know I looked at the fact that I had an independent major in college and that I had this creative background and that I was self-employed for three years and sort of taking that non-traditional path sort of in positioned myself as a risk taker in someone who knew how to you know it was comfortable taking chances and comfortable putting myself out there so having been through the MBA interview process I know it can be a bit of a nerve-wracking experience my advice be cool be confident and of course be yourself here at NYU Stern the interview is an invitation-only process which means if you get the interview you're one step closer to getting admitted here's what to expect at an NYU Stern interview because our interview process is different because it's not blind because we'll be very familiar with the application because it's a trained interviewer doing the interview I'd approach it a lot more like a job interview probably a second-round callback kind of job interview not an initial screen the first thing I always tell people is review your application reread it because it's usually been a couple months sometimes I've had interviews where I ask an easy kind of warm-up question I noticed you do bungee jumping tell me about that and the person who's kind of stairs and psych and I'm like did you really go bungee jumping did you hit your head what happened you know and but if they just in a quick review they would have seen the bungee jumping and understood where that comes from so obviously you know if you review your stuff you should be pretty prepared and be ready to talk about things such as your career goals in more depth than you do in your essays we'll talk about that we'll get behind that we'll ask a little bit more information about it similarly about the school and what they wish to achieve so their research level should be deeper than what is necessarily able to be expressed in an essay and and that makes sense because the essays have word limits so in a half an hour interview can cover a lot more nuance behind that I think people should definitely prepare they should practice the interview you can probably figure out about 70% of the types of questions we're going to ask career activities only involvement Stern who are they as a person so you can start to think through your answers and again treat it like a job interview beyond time be prepared you know be appropriate in your attire and demeanor and your behavior this isn't a kind of a sit-down casual type of thing with a friend it's different it will be conversational it will be pleasant we're not going to turn the bright lights on you and sweat you or some kind of stress interview it will be conversational but we are looking for people who are really prepared who are very articulate who are passionate and focused so that's it for this episode of MBA pot TV I'm your host Dillon e Fernando don't forget to join up on NBA podcast or comm where you can register for weekly audio and video shows and of course join us on Facebook and Twitter where you get the latest news and updates on your MBA application process as always good luck

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  2. @Since1907baby No! its not sufficient enough… you need to have a 5.0 gpa and have one and half years experience at a BIGGER bank

  3. @Since1907baby If you have a compelling background story about yourself aside from your relatively superior academical record I'm sure you have a good shot.

  4. Wow! This video was very helpful! I plan to apply to Stern for the fall 2011 full time MBA program, and seeing this makes me excited! Thanks for the inside scoop!

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