28 thoughts on “Gerrymandering: How drawing jagged lines can impact an election – Christina Greer

  1. My district is gerrymandered to dilute the democratic votes in our area by stretching out to more rural republican areas.

  2. Proportional representation puts a quick end to gerrymandering. We must abolish distorted misrepresentation everywhere.

  3. His name is pronounced like Gary, not like Jerry.
    And yes, that means we pronounce gerrymandering wrong. But the least the supposedly educational narrator can do is actually get his name right.

  4. Learn how to say gerrymandering. It’s named after Eldridge Gerry, hard G. Everybody gets this wrong.

  5. I've been looking for work for almost a year. I was offered a job to crunch data to Gerrymander. It took me, oh, about half a heart beat to tell them where they could shove that idea. I make a thin living doing "gig" work. Jobs that are specific in scope and time. But I'm still in my home, and I eat, and I can shave. If I took that job, I'd have to give up shaving, because I couldn't look at myself in the mirror. Just in case you wondered, I'd have done the same if it was the party I generally support. One person, one honest vote.

  6. I prefer the “Talk-of-the-Town” approach. I’m from Minnesota & part of Minnesota’s Independence Party; couldn’t care less about political leanings. I’d first focus on what the geographical economy is about: mining, farming/ranching, forestry, manufacturing, & such. Next, I’d focus on Population distribution & the possible commute time(s) between work & home. And finally, refine the lines & leave not a single block nor building divided as much as possible.

  7. Gerrymandering should be abolished and districts should reside at existing County lines.And for anyone that thinks the Electoral College is your enemy during elections…you Seriously need to read just a couple of paragraphs in the Constitution, of how and why this was created AND how it PROTECTS all of us….Securing each state's Right in National Elections !   The USA is a Republic …..Because Every 'Mob-Rule' Democracy in history quickly became a dictatorship. But – Politicians have done their best to manipulate the Electoral College by freezing the total number of congressional representatives… this was done almost 100 years ago.That freeze should be removed, because the Constitution clearly states that each person in congress shall not represent more than 30,000 people each !  I don't care if congress grows to 10,000 members….it's a LOT harder to Buy and Corrupt THAT many people, but fairly easy with only 435 ??

  8. Welcome to America, we've legalized corruption.

    Party drawn lines, lobbying, unlimited corporate spending, etc.

  9. Pennsylvania was just busted for the worst case of Gerrymandering in the USA. Change is mandatory, whether any Party opposes it. If they would have changed this there would be a far different Congress and White House than you see now.

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