48 thoughts on “German TV news | Second edition

  1. Those Muslim refugees, Europe is the home of Europeans. You are only guests. If you want to be respected, you must respect others and be the only ones in the land of others. Then you can return to your life. You are lazy people, and there are no thieves and thieves who directly enter other people’s homes through labor!

  2. I like how the news anchor gets right to the news ! No fluff , no nonsense , it is professional . She is dressed very professionally not trying to sex things up . So refreshing to see a professional news anchor ! American female news reporters could learn a lot from the Germans ! (8 October 2018 0515 hours)

  3. schrrdrescheischerrrdrschauscgr. Ich lerne Deutsch und ich kann nicht verstehen was spricht sie, das ist zu schnell.

  4. Today cyber police switches off Internet, and tomorrow will deprive business!!

  5. IMO German is the closest language to sound like English If you just don't speak English at all.

  6. Ich liebe Deutch. Ich lieben in England und ich bin lernen Deutch im Schule zum vier jahr jetzte und ich finde Deutch interessant. ( ich nicht kann sprechen toll Deutch).

  7. How could an armed group of Vietnamese Secret Agents kidnap a wanted person they want and transport out of Germany ?

  8. Though I do not speck a word of German, I could understand what the news was about because they use a lot of the english words.

  9. From Los Angeles, thank you so much.  This helps my poor German become better, and the subtitles are super.  Do you create these with recent news items also?  Thank you, again.

  10. Iraqi , versuche zu lerne Deutsche sprache seit dem 10 jahre , aber es ist sehr schwere zu lernen, ich schreibe besser als sprechen , und lese besser als verstehen

  11. This was so nice. German is such a beautiful language i couldn't understand any of it and i still watched it 5 times. shes pretty.

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