German election system / Bundestagswahl easily explained (explainity® explainer video)

German election system / Bundestagswahl easily explained (explainity® explainer video)

16 thoughts on “German election system / Bundestagswahl easily explained (explainity® explainer video)

  1. The problem with the sysrtem is that if there are too many parties in the Bundestag and lets say a party with 20% of the national vote gaines 200 Direktmandate the parliament will have 1000 seats instead of 598. Somehow the system has to be changed to prevent this.

  2. I want to know how many of the citizens actually understand their own electoral system. Unless they had robust education of the public about how this system works I feel most people would not understand how their votes influence the parliament.

  3. For example what happens if let's say a small party's direct representatives won in so many districts out of 299, but in the second vote the party couldn't pass 5% do these representatives go to the Bundestag or no?

  4. I wish we could have something like this model in Brazil. There is about 30 parties, which generates a lot of corruption as in order to govern politicians act on a 'mutual favors' base. The vote is not by district and when something goes wrong in the Executive, we have to deal with a corrupt or shady president in power for years to come until the next elections take place. Horrible. It is a cauldron of perpetual corruption.

  5. First and second vote mean , that you vote a person of one of one party ( Mandat ) and then a party (Partei) . It doesn't have to be the same party . The Peronalisierteverhältniswahl means the selection of the seats for each party . So the party with the highest votes get s the most seats and can decide with a partner ( Koalitionspartner ) how the government turns out later . Or when it has over 55 per cent they can decide the government on their own. But that only happend one time in history with the CDU/CSU Party .
    I hope I could help sb. Sorry when there are any working sentences. For a German it's hard to learn your language. Btw today 23.09.17 there were votes in Germany for the Bundestagswahl -vote – …. so I Hope it turns out good here . 😂❤️

  6. So if a party doesn't get at least 5% or win at least three constituent seats they're not represented at all? What if they just win one constituent seat?

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