Gerard Batten Blocked from Running for #UKIP Leader

Gerard Batten Blocked from Running for #UKIP Leader

so this isn't actually a video I wanted to make because I don't really want to get involved in UKIP's internal politics because I don't I don't want to I want to support the party right I don't want to like lead it or you know like be being influential in that regard I'm really not looking to do that kind of thing but I find this whole situation rather disturbing for many different reasons I'm going to go through them after I've let you know what's going on so as you can see by this Kip central article here you Kip betrayal NEC blocks baton from standing during expanses own rule book what's happened is that Jared batten was interim leader for a year that time came up after after the MEP elections and Jared decided that he wanted to retire after a great deal of pressure he said fine I will in fact throw my hat into the ring and run for the leadership again because UKIP's a democratic party so they've got a National Executive Committee and we vote for the leaders that we want which is very nice and it was because of pressure from the membership because Jared battens very popular with the membership that he decided that he would run again there are a lot of people saying look please please run you know don't don't be disheartened by what I would call a a reconfiguration of changing of the way that things are done because I think that Jared's actually ahead of the curve here and this is something that you Kipp has always been is ahead of the curve and I think that we should actually embrace that because this is something I think is correct and and ever everyone won't sell it's about you that's done everything no not really I'm not really that important it's Tom Robinson that's the the issue the everyone house with Jared I think the the people who oppose him it's Tommy really you know I mean I'm sure that you know myself and dank you know were not not while the contributing to their positive view of things but it's Tommy that's you've got to understand the taught in in Britain Tandy Robinsons name is used by the the solver London media establishment as just you know this is the bad man totally I'm fairly obvious thinking about anyway what are you gonna do so anyway yeah Jared was prevented from running for the leadership by the interim leader peers while chop I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing that right apologised peers but he'd been he'd sent apparently terribly weren't an email so members he in which he stated the baton had been barred by the NEC from standing accept included no real explanation as to why this was so Jared baton has brought the party into disrepute by his actions associations and should therefore not be allowed stamp the leadership of the party that's pretty strong stuff and I find it very interesting that that's the case given how popular baton is with the membership you know because he and the this the thing like whatever when he was asked why did why did he take Tommy owns advisor and why'd he take us on he was always you know his response was well I just thought was the right thing to do I thought was morally right to do this and I grew them I really do agree I think that the these are people who have suffered and you know the the the sort people he's supporting here are people who have genuinely suffered and who do not have any kind of representation anywhere else no one no one cares about them if anything everyone would rather if they went away which they're not going to I think and I think that he he did do their I think I think that he did it the wrong wrong time I think he moved too hastily perhaps but then anyway that is beside the point I mean Tommy was only just an advisor really I think it was more of a symbol you know symbolic gesture but but the the other the other candidates some could been war whose next story counselor I'm not familiar with him to be honest but previously been fined eleven thousand pound by Bristol Magistrates Court earlier this year for breaching building regulation rules so but I mean to me you know I don't know that doesn't sound very bad to me to be honest it's just a fine but anyway so piers actually did give us an answer as to why this is a case and it's this answer I want to talk about because I find this very interesting he sent this email so you keep members dear member on Sunday the something like the anything voted to not allow Jared bath and Stanley and he sees the party's governing body every NEC member is elected by party members and every NEC member as an activist who were so no financial reward to bring about the best results for the party but I suppose that's like me the case in point in the the question that we all need to ask isn't it what exactly is the best for the party the NEC found that Jared brought the party into disrepute by a lying you Kip to people detrimental to the party's reputation and failing in his duty to either defend or explain his decisions and our policies to the wider public that seems unfair really doesn't it because I mean Jared's had nothing but the media coming after him because of his associations with Tommy Robinson and he has defended this over and over and over he's hurt he's been forced to and so I find it I find it kind of just it seems disingenuous to me to say that but such a failure in a leader has caused this cause to party great damage we are not a far-right party in Gerald's new direction it is not working for us okay now that that's the that's the important thing is that what the hell does far-right mean I mean as far as I can tell me in the nativist and if you Kipp isn't a nativist party I don't know what is I mean like what I mean it's not the policy is that you have a problem with right I mean he wrote the interim manifesto and it's a really good manifest that there is literally only one thing in the manifesto that I find objection to and that's the desire to revive coal power plants personally I'd replace that line with nuclear power plants and then I'd say well this is a great manifesto I don't see any problems with it to be honest but no one was complaining about the manifesto and no one was suggesting that manifesto was a fuck he was like far-right yeah we and again we have to really define this term far-right what do you mean you know because I think that you're not saying fascist or Nazi because obviously I'm sure Piers isn't an answer I'm sure he doesn't support that kind of thing I'm sure that he wouldn't join a party that supported that kind of thing and so what do we mean you know I'm sure he doesn't think Jarrod's a Nazi so what what on earth this far I mean because as far as I can tell it just means nativist it means a realist as well frankly but Jerez new direction is not working for us so what's your plan like do you intend to become Tory blight or something is that is that what you're gonna do I mean what what exactly is the problem here you keep as being maneuvered into being not so much a political party as a street protest movement well I think that getting out and protesting is probably a useful thing I mean you know Jess Phillips did it didn't change she's protesting she's going out and talking to people in the streets and Birmingham things like that I don't see that that's a problem I actually think that more politicians should do that they should go and actually get involved with what people are talking about hey what do I know right we had our worst result ever at the European elections before that in the main local elections we performed badly even though we even when we have the field to ourselves and this crucial time in British politics rather than focus on the brakes of the bait we simply drifted off the radar um yes but there's not really a lot we can do in the breakfast argument you can't really get around the fact that Nigel Faraj has got breakfast sewn up you know this is it's it's his baby he's become that he was the face of it he's running the barracks at brexit party they have the money and backing there's not a lot you can do in this regard in my opinion and the thing is it's not like this will be permanent either in Interpol of a Tory Party member so not the general public but the members who have been leaning towards the brexit party because of the Conservatives weakness on brexit have said they would go back to the Conservatives if Boris cantilever brakes it I mean 92 percent of them so like 35 percent of the conservative membership have voted a voting bracket party at the moment leaving 56 percent if who would who would vote for them if we didn't leave which is a huge slice of the loops however if we do leave on October 31st 92 percent will carry on voting conservative so it's I mean I don't you know and then how representative that is of the general public but I suspect it probably is you know once the brexit once breaks it's done the the mandate for the brexit party is done and as well I'm buddy chem said breaks it's about one issue only you know the so it's like okay well there we go you know but you Kipp is not just about one issue only you Kim has a whole slate of issues that they're concerned about they have a very good manifesto I think that you get just needs to bide their time anyway these errors were compounded by leader refused to speak to the mainstream media that's not true he did loads and loads and loads of interviews with the media and it got to the point where the BBC we're just openly coming up to him saying so you keeps a racist party then I know what the hell's he meant to do with that man do you think that the next you keep leader isn't gonna get the same treatment dbca gonna be oh well you know it was just that Jeroboam we didn't like everyone else and he keeps great no you Kipp has always been a pariah party and it's ignitor Faraj a man of immense charisma many years to become accepted in the mainstream took him a long time and he's exactly the right kind of guy to get accepted by the mainstream like I would just don't worry about it because this is another thing right so i-i've been doing a lot of um a lot of you know putting laughing for you keep social media presence and it was it's good been going very very well on the YouTube channel and and my members of my team are doing good work on that other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter but the the sort of internal Lords of you have prevented us from doing anything on the YouTube channel or anything on their other social media networks because they are concerned about their ownership of these things or their direct control of them or something and say look okay that's all well and good but you've got the opportunity to really really really take advantage of the fact that elections in the future are going to be decided on social media you know like five-star in Italy it's going to be like that you keep is polling well with young people because of the old sense of media figures that have come in so why don't we just take advantage of this and keep going you know just keep producing decent content keep getting people to hear the the u-clip side of things and the the ideas that we think that are actually going to do some good for the world for the country at least but instead it looks like the NEC like well hang on a second we we want to go and talk to the mainstream media they're just gonna screw you well as the mainstream media ever treated you Kip with anything of and derision and contempt Mike is my question I can't think for time I knew who you keep well long before I joined them but I never knew anything good about them I mean if anything I thought they they might be a racist fascist party or something obviously after looking through I figure I found that they weren't but how many people look into it you know but that's the the waiter the way to fix this is by using the YouTube channel and using your of the social media presence and not only that by getting out in the street going to these places where people protesting and talking every one of these there should be a UKIP's stall with copies in the manifesto merchandise and sign-up sheets that should you should be canvassing all of these things getting these people on board you know don't don't worry about what the media is doing they aren't just the they they're the party of Davos then the opposition party is Steve Bannon would say treat them as such you know don't worry about them you can I mean like the nikah channel in in a month we got it up to over a million views per month and 75% of them were in the UK that's really quite good and if we were to carry on in that regard and I think that we should and I think I think you keep channels to be producing a huge amount of content really from all sorts of members of the party and that was another things also I've been getting my team who are near London to go and actually do all of this so they've been interviewing the interview peers and I haven't watched the interview then they've been interviewing lots of people for the you Kip Channel I've been doing a really nice job of making it look good but I guess because of this time of confusion there's there's been no no we're not gonna put anything I'm saying no you should put everything up you know even if it's even two people whose opinions contradict one another now it's okay you know let the public see that look you keep isn't a monolith they don't have you know one party line that everyone has to tow people are allowed to have their own opinions it's you know it's a democratic free speech party the last one in Britain won the last major one and it's worth presenting that you know showing people that we're not we're not the Tories or labour but anyway that's it that just it's a real missed opportunity that we could be taking advantage of I mean if if I was given control of the direction of UKIP's YouTube channel I think I could have them over a hundred thousand subscribers by the end of the year but obviously what are we gonna do anyway you should be we should be getting a lot of info out there which being a lots of just interesting conversations just stuff that would make people understand that there is a reasoned position behind what you Kipp does and not as the media would like to have you think that we just hate people so I haven't met anyone hateful in you Kipp yet so and I think that it would be really good way to put this across if we just take advantage but anyway anyway no you keep the message got out because I leader chose for it not to get out no no no no right the media fucked you right that's what happened and they're going to keep fucking you because they see you as an ex essential threat to their hegemony to their narrative they see what you keepers doing as a threat to their globalist open borders socialist-slash-communist Fiverr abilities and sensibilities right these are the people who uh nayana Klee put ash Sarkar on panels as you know the left-wing person if she's at left-wing then just like if you look at like BBC question time you get remain remain remain uh ash Sarkar and then a conservative and it's like the this it's just so shifted to the left so far the left they don't and they no other day mean they are there for this stuff they they believe that soccer is the future and because of that because you kept a not communists you guys are screwed then they're never going to treat you fairly unless you get another nigel Faraj just saying and even then they weren't treated fairly it's just that frog is so experienced fighting these people for the past twenty five years and you know constantly being accused of being this that and the other i mean come on this is not new this is not secrets it's so weird that the NEC appears to be following the sorts of mainstream media narrative surrounding you Kipp I wouldn't if I were you I'd look at look at it honestly I mean but like I said just to find far right I suppose anyway I don't believe this is a fair characterization piers those members who did appear on television or radio spent the whole time defending his decisions on his associations and little or no time on getting across the you cute message yes but that's because that's what the media wanted they wanted to use you Kipp as the the enemy they want to turn you Kipp into essentially what they've done to Tommy Robinson they want to say look these are the bad people just accept that they're bad and everything we do is going to frame them in the way that they are in in consideration of the fact that they are bad you can't win with them they are professionals they know exactly what they're doing and I tell you all right piers let's say that you get your way on this completely get rid of Gerald you get rid of anyone controversial in you kid with it which we a than the parties history what do you think they're gonna do thinking like well okay now that you now that you've come into the fold peers let's talk about you Kipps opinion on energy in the UK well you know anything no they're gonna say say you know is you keep struggling off the Jeroboam what about Tommy they're gonna keep bringing this up in frankly just disingenuous ways they're not gonna let it go they're not gonna give you a fair crack you need to accept that because it's just the truth and it's not gonna change they hate you they are not neutral they're not impartial they are bias that are editorializing in everything they do they know what they're doing they've consciously consider themselves to be gatekeepers and you kept is what their gates keeping against because you Kipp might actually change the direction of the country and they can't have that the country is going in exactly the direction they want open borders you know socialistic they want that kind of thing that's what they're in favor of that's right you've riddled with socialists riddled with leftist bias and no one would suggest otherwise and so to see them go on you kid wasn't getting a fair crack in the media most shit man all the leadership candidates were invited to an entity by vetting kind of before the NEC allowed them on for the ballot in Jared's case the NEC wanted to know what sure and says he could give him would he distance himself from his associates why would he why would he come why would he consent to the salami slicing tactics of the media what on earth good would a disavowal distancing do you know I mean do you think the media like oh yeah well but I mean since you distance yourself from Tommy then you know we're not gonna bring that up again because you know you you've made your decision on them know they're gonna keep bringing it up constantly it's never going to end that's how they and that's how they try and box people in by just continually repeating the same narrative now how many years after the fact I think I don't know that's what he's known for because we're the ones who decide that and we're the ones who make that but I mean I honestly just good luck good luck good luck getting good coverage from these people right will you get our message out on the television radio channels no one is you're never going to be given a fair hearing the idea that you think you are is dalou you know it is just flatly delusional the only way you'd get a fair hearing is if you turn around said basically Labor's right on everything the Tories don't get a fair hearing man honestly like anyway never mind you know the Tories the breaks apart see you kid we're never gonna get a fair hearing in the meetings the media's unbelievably biased I have to keep saying it but it's just true Jared did not attend the panel but made it made it clear that his answer for a sharp no no so he didn't do it you were just inferring that but okay let what I'm what if they were what if they are why not use your own channels why not use your own abilities go and actually speak to these people like Jared attends like the veterans rallies and stuff like that no one else does as far as I'm aware you know he's doing okay I thought he was doing a good job frankly and again under him the party of memberships Greg Lee you say well I mean the polls blah blah yeah there are always reasons for these things but like having a solid base from which you can start operating and start pushing forward I think is very important okay and the membership is growing but now I see a lot of people who are angry now right if if if baton can't stand then I'm quitting these are not necessarily people who would quit if baton could stand and lost you know they say well you know if I'm sure they say fair enough that's democracy you don't win them all maybe next time you'll run and then he'll win then who knows but some but the decision to prevent him from standing in and made on the strength of the mainstream media narrative is a bad idea and I think it's I think it's gonna get a lot of people who joined because of Jared's indefatigable 'ti into practical nature is that I think they're gonna be like will you you don't have the spine cuz that's the thing you keep needs to have the spine to go you know we reject the things you call us we know why we stand for what we stand for and here's why the NEC is gonna be able to do that man but finally he expressed his reluctance to not to stand for the leadership his reluctance to stand leadership we mean he had he said led the party to its worst ever defeat and we're not secret election even us submitting his papers I'm sure that you keep in the worst position than this I'm sure you I mean like you kids had lower than one percent right even after submitting I were mean we were 3.5 some what you thought but like you know you you keeps he keeps had worse and it will have better in the future even after submitting his papers he still had it wouldn't be known to many of the who's not sure he wants to continue good frankly I think that the problem is that the people who want to lead are those who should be least eligible to do so old aphorism someone who doesn't want to lead should probably be given the job because at least then then I'm gonna be doing it for their own ego and grandiosity anyway so he said I don't support any of these reasons that piers is given I think that bad reasons and I do think it's unfair and apparently there is some kind of legal Avenue against what has happened here which is my Jared batten has launched a crowdfunding action against the NEC I put my fifty pounds in my house in America because I support Jared I think what he's done is very important and I think it's necessary to have a party that is that is cognizant of the way the media operates and can continue explaining to the public why the media itself is the enemy of the people frankly but this is the thing is setting enough for Dale to it's anyone up for a few days and already he's raised five thousand pounds more than just on the strength of it being him alone you know no one else like he hasn't had an immediate coverage of this as far as I'm aware I think this is probably gonna be the most media coverage this has had and yet he's still just on word-of-mouth among the membership he's already raised five grand of the ten grand total but I think he's hoping is guessing like 20 grand in total so he can actually mount a proper legal challenge no no financial worries there because I think that it's fair that he wants to challenge this I think he's silly I think it's arbitrary that he's denied the ability to run for the leadership I think it's being done because of a false media narrative is bloody silly for you keep stuck capitulating to the narratives that the media creates but also just seems unfair like you can't just ban him from running because you don't like him or you don't like what the media of dundee you Kipp or something like this you know surely it's for the membership to decide who gets to be able to be the next leader sure I mean just seems the Democratic thing it seems like the Democratic thing to do is say oh okay well the membership can vote I mean that's why they pay their money and you know that's that's what the point of the NEC isn't it's the whole point is that it is a Democratic Party so why why would you take this kind of action unless you want it to take executive action to steer you Kip in a politically correct direction which is the only option if you ever want any kind of positive coverage from the media I'll tell you what if there's one thing that's gonna kill you Kip it'll be bigger becoming a politically correct party so just accept the fact the media hate you they are the arbiters of political correctness you Kipp is opposed to political correctness therefore they are your enemies get used to it fight back stop having such little faith in your own membership and say look and again like honestly all of your social media your your platforms you should be having all kinds of different and interesting content put up on there you know have interviews with any of the members any officials from UK of any of these sorts any of these sort of things you can start fighting back it is entirely possible all you have to do is want it to be so but anyway I'll leave a link to this in the description if anyone wants to support Jared and I hope that jared is allowed to stand I don't see why any of this is necessary I don't see why the NEC are taking such a hard-line stance on such a fuckin lost calls you know just just get over and just get on with it you just stop bowing and bending the knee to the media

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  2. It’s almost as if they want balance? It’s almost as if there is a state of controlled opposition? 🤔😉 … But that would be a conspiracy would it not? And they never have those because they’re just theories

  3. Over the years I've noted that UKIP has always held morally appropriate stances regarding this country, but they almost always fail to gain any overt ground because of their internal bullshit. The mainstream media will always do their shtick, but the party itself doesn't seem capable of avoiding self strangulation.

  4. I support Gerard Batten 100% His honesty, integrity and commitment to the party and the people of Great Britain is unsurpassed.

  5. Without a leader who can put forward an argument UKIP will be right back in the era of Paul Nuttall which will lead to many members switching to the Conservative Party

  6. 9:13 I'm really sorry to see how many people would just go right back to business as usual, rather than for the multi issue, truly British party

  7. You're a lunatic. You think the media all supports Labour?? -Then what is the anti-semitism story for ??

  8. "UKIP, whose former leader was far right supporter Gerard Batten, says that…"  They will always slur UKIP.  Should have kept Batten.  It's easy to lose whilst being brave but it's an almost certainty to lose being a coward.

  9. There is now no credible party that opposes Islamism and Sharia gangs in the UK. This was the intention.

    Why are you releasing videos here? Release them on BITCHUTE one day before

  10. and yet again, UKIP have no idea. last year when batten took over the leadership, UKIP were on the verge of bankrupt. gerrard turned that around, now the NEC have undemocratically stopped gerrard from even running, so what happens now is UKIP once again waste money as we are now expected to donate money to fight for the right for batten to stand for leadership, when effectively this money could have gone into UKIP to help with future elections . its a joke lmao. i am sorry i wont be donating to any internal fighting, look what happened to ann marie waters last time. it seems to me that the NEC is trying to hangon to farages coat tails, i did respect farage for helping with getting this party to the position of us getting a vote on brexit, but i dont hold him as the sole person who did it, it was the people in the general public who did it not him, so in my eyes farage has lost all respect from me.

  11. Well, Tommy is a British citizen and has a right to be aligned to any party he likes. No one should be discriminated against because they associate with a group or organization.

    This whole idea of far right thing is nonsense.

  12. So is teh UKIP NEC made up of dusty Patrick Moore types with trousers up to their armpits panicking and confusedly shouting "Internet edgybois everywhere! what is this internet wizardry!!"?

  13. It isn't incidental that mahogany baby-grin Farage (who was also mercilessly branded 'Far Right') popped up and took 34% of the vote in just 3 weeks, that Tommy was pressured and that Batten was thrown out – the same way they threw out Anne Marie Waters.
    They have got you, and got Batten, as they got others, using unfair infastructure in the background. The whole point has been to dismantle UKIP once they caused Brexit vote. This is the overlords. If you stand on your principles you will rescind your membership. As is intended.

  14. Wow you are still supporting this white supremacist group? Sargon you really have gone off the deep end. I thought after you LOST the elections and got HUMILIATED for being pro rape you would have learned your lesson. Please stop this shit and get back to your roots of tackling SJWs. Stop trying to appeal to idiotic right wingers that want to create a whites only space.

  15. If UKIP are bending the knee now they are useless to me, I may as well go back to not giving a fuck and playing video games because there's nobody else. I'm sticking it out for the rest of this years membership though, see if they can get their shit together, otherwise I'm off.

  16. Here's the deal: once you joined, you are UKIP. Where UKIP fails, you fail. Where you fail, ukip fails. It's your team now. You chose it. As much as I've appreciated your content, you're now a political tool just like all the other politicians you used to criticize. This will affect your input, your channel. You're just a raving politician now. Good luck.

  17. I found Batten refreshingly straight and honest in the dirty, dirty world of politics.
    A very clever man who slapped down many a dirty, dirty smear merchant from the media trying to unlock the inner nazi that does NOT exist in him!
    A big mistake by UKIP. He defended Tommy with honour.
    All those whom celebrate the imprisonment of Tommy are wilfully supporting of Muslim rape culture in my opinion.
    Keep up the good work Carl.

  18. Nothing against Batten and obviously people can change their minds but Tommy Robinson aside when people have made up their mind to go then I think that it is best they do, as although you might have someone who cares about the party, is it a good thing to have a leader who would rather be doing something else?

  19. UKIP are already a dead political party and should disband. All they're going to do is steal votes from the Brexit Party, which could allow Labour to win the next election. Labour winning should be every UKIP voters worst nightmare. So UKIP stand down!

  20. and that's how you infiltrate your enemy . make them write rules they must follow and then weed out the opposition in order to put in our guys . controlled opposition all the way .Now remains to be seen what has been done to or with Tommy . The obvious purpose is to demoralise to the furthest extent possible . a demoralised nation is much easier to conquer and submit . who benefits ? well your guess is as islamic as mine .

  21. looks like a simple case of assaulting and blaming the person you have power over rather than the actual reason for the problem

  22. I am a member, and if Gerard is not allowed to be leader I will quit the party and join the For Britain Party

  23. He put his hat into the ring at the last minute and they felt it scared off a lot of candidates, that's fair but what is not fair is the email I as a UKIP member got regarding Batten and his "Associates" (That's us by the way).

    This is the email I got from the current/temporary party chairman and it shows they have ZERO FUCKING RESPECT for us. Let it be known this fucking clown writing to me honestly has no idea what the fuck he is talking about.

    Dear member,

    On Sunday 7th July, the NEC voted not to allow Gerard Batten to stand. The NEC is the Party’s governing body. Every NEC member is elected by the party members and every NEC member is an activist who works for no financial reward to bring about the best results for the party.

    The NEC found that Gerard had brought the party into disrepute by allying UKIP to people detrimental to the Party’s reputation, and failing in his duty to either defend or explain his decisions and our policies to the wider public. Such a failure in a leader caused the party great damage.

    We are not a far-right party and Gerard’s new direction was not working for us. UKIP was being manoeuvred into being not so much a political party as a street protest movement. We had our worst ever results in the European elections. Before that, in the May local elections, we performed badly even when we had the field to ourselves. At this crucial time in British politics, rather than focus on the Brexit debate, we simply drifted off the radar.

    These errors were compounded by a leader who refused to speak to the mainstream media. No UKIP message got out, because our leader chose for it not to get out. Those members who did appear on television or radio spent the whole time defending his decisions on his associations, and little or no time on getting across the UKIP message.

    All leadership candidates were invited to an interview by a vetting panel before the NEC allowed them onto the ballot. In Gerard’s case, the NEC wanted to know what assurances he could give them. Would he distance himself from his associates? Would he get our message out on the television and radio channels? Gerard did not attend the panel, but made it clear that his answers were a sharp “No”.

    Finally, Gerard frequently expressed his reluctance not to stand for the leadership. He had, he said, led the party to its worst ever defeat and would not seek re-election. Even after submitting his papers, he still let it be known to many that he was not sure whether he wanted to continue. It was not clear even on the day of the NEC decision whether he would withdraw. He had a great opportunity to put the party first, to withdraw and call for unity. He chose not to do so.

    The National Executive Committee proposed a vote of thanks to Gerard Batten for his steadfast determination over the past year but are equally determined that it is time for a more unified direction for UKIP.

    Kind regards,

    Piers Wauchope

    Returning Officer

    Go fuck yourself Piers Wauchope
    you odious, offensive little cunt.

  24. Gerard Batten needs to start a new party or team up with Ann Marie Waters at for Britain ukip are dead down the river without a paddle

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