George Will: ‘Oleaginous’ Pence Tops Donald Trump As ‘Worst’ In Government | The Last Word | MSNBC

George Will: ‘Oleaginous’ Pence Tops Donald Trump As ‘Worst’ In Government | The Last Word | MSNBC

according to merriam-webster oleaginous is the number one searched for word today that means our next guest Pulitzer Prize when he columnist George F will sent America running to the dictionary with the first lines of his column today the column is entitled Trump is no longer the worst person in government and it begins with this Donald Trump with his feral cunning new the oleaginous Mike Pence with his talent for tody ISM and appetite for obsequious nests Trump knew become America's most repulsive public figure because his is the authentic voice of today's lick spittle Republican Party pence clarifies this year's elections vote Republican to ratify groveling as governing George will documents the vice president's groveling and his hypocrisy an example George will writes quote Pence and his retinue flew to Indiana for the purpose of walking out of an Indianapolis coats football game thereby demonstrating that football players kneeling during the national anthem are intolerable to someone of Pence's refined sense of right and wrong George will juxtaposed that with Mike Pence's cozying up to the convicted and Trump pardoned criminal Joe Arpaio writing quote pence using anxiousness from every pore called Arpaio another favorite professed himself honored by arpaio's presence and praised him as a tireless champion of the rule of law George Will noted that that that that Arizona speech by Mike Pence quote occurred eight miles from the home of Senator John McCain who could teach pence or perhaps not something about honor in his column George Will quoted a speech delivered by Abraham Lincoln after the murder of an anti-slavery newspaper editor by a prose Lavery mob Lincoln said there was a mob Oh kradic spirit among the vicious portion of the population so let reverence for the laws become the political religion of the nation George will went on to say pets one of evangelical Christians favorite pinups Gen you flex at various altars as the Baba Craddock spirit and the vicious portion require George will seize an important difference between Donald Trump and Mike Pence Trump is what he is and Pence is what he has chosen to be here are the closing lines of George wills column Trump is what he is a floundering inarticulate jumble of gnawing insecurities and not at all compensating vanities which is pathetic pence is what he has chosen to be which is horrifying George F will will join us next tonight in Indiana the president and vice president said this we support law and order and we support the heroes in law enforcement they're great president Trump promised to stand with those who serve on the thin blue line of law enforcement joining us now George F will he is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist in the Washington Post and an MSNBC political analyst and George it was so striking to hear the President and Vice President say that tonight when this president spends what history might show ends up being a majority of his days attacking the FBI which I believe is in the business of law enforcement it is but the president has an almost cheerful disregard of contradictions if you just keep saying things people will not notice and your point about to to borrow a phrase from another setting Donald Trump seems to have been born this way but Mike Pence has made a choice well Donald Trump is an open book has been reading himself to the country for 30 years there are just no mysteries left and he is this as I said this jumble of insecurities and partially or not of all really compensating vanities he's a kind of mistake of nature and and he is what he is but mr. pence who has signed on to this you know the vice presidency is not an office that does well has a high dignity quotient at the best of times but to sign on for this and to go out to Phoenix and to praise our pile just pronounced himself honored this wouldn't be so bad if mr. pence were not the darling of the evangelicals mr. pence is a kind of combination between Elmer Gantry and Uriah Heep Uriah Heep is the Dickens character is forever pronouncing himself humbled about this and so very humble about that if you're going to be as mr. pence has decided to be conspicuously pious and conspicuously moral then you have to watch where you're planting your feet because their minds all over the ground and George I you set the country rushing to the dictionary today created the most searched-for word and so I would like you to define oleaginous for the audience and tell them why you chose that one for Mike Pence oily it's in one word that's kind of word but I would use a word and my children who were in the college application business said it's an SAT word look it up yes and I'm glad to see that the country did this today well it means oily kind of greasy sort of just too smooth for comfort again the sense that when fears that mr. pence by now is surface all the way through and it's not a pretty picture again this he has he has signed on for this when he first began to sign all the mr. Trump used to always just find miss Trump as this good man what would a bad man look like you've watched Mike Pence certainly since his congressional career are you surprised I am surprised he was a congressman of conspicuous bravery on occasions voted against in spite of astonishing pressure he voted against the Medicare Part D because it was unfunded and this was a good conservative principle he stood up for I oppose No Child Left Behind because he thought that this was federal intrusion on the quintessential state and local responsibility he was in short a person of discernible ideology well he said goodbye to all that and he's now going to do whatever the audience in front of him wants and expects to have done which is why it was so shocking what he did in Arizona with our piyo because when he said I'm honored to have our piyo here he was really saying look politics now is entirely tribal our tribe has our piyo on its side therefore I'm on our piyo side and it's very very dispiriting George F will thank you for sending the country once again to the dictionary for an SAT word and thank you very much for joining us tonight glad to be with you hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

27 thoughts on “George Will: ‘Oleaginous’ Pence Tops Donald Trump As ‘Worst’ In Government | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. According to Actor Jon Voigt, Donald Trump is the " Greatest President since Lincoln ". I wonder if he also thinks Brad Pitt is the Greatest Son-In-Law since Jared Kushner?

  2. I think Mike Pence was another GREAT CHOICE AND ACTION by the Great POTUS Trump. This is simply a piece of the Progressive Marxists who are everything against the LATE GREAT AMERICAN PRINCIPLES…I don't think he would make a good POTUS, but he is truly a GREAT VP. One of the best VPs ever. POTUS Trump is what he is and absolutely he is what he is which is GREAT.

  3. George Will was a Fox News person. Left ABC becoming a news special commentator. Now is claiming another switch against the very core he knows is the Republican Party, the Trumps. From my view, the most important way to redeem himself from that Republican Party he supported with eloquence is to condemn Pence further. George Will you must endorse both Pence and Trump to be Impeached.

  4. George Will got it right. But BOTH Little Donnie and his ultimate toady, Pence, are abominations to everything that hasher been great about America, or humanity. The sooner they are out of our collective consciousness the better!

  5. Of course, what isn't pointed out here (and necessarily so), is the fact the Mikey's political career isn't worth a weak fart in a stong breeze. Donnie will never be re-elected in '20, unless the (repiglican) cheating at the polls becomes nitemarishly Kafkaesque. Possible; but unlikely. Pence is toast politically. There are those with the intellectual reach of a dull 8 year old who will still support this ugly little toad, but fortunately, they are too few to matter……….

  6. George Will is the medias example of a RINO. He has the same agenda as all the other globalists. Lost any respect for him over a decade ago.

  7. Treasonous traitor Trumpnugget trashes truth, trades troublingly, tripping tremendously, trending tripe, tritely trading tremulous tropes, truly triangulating troves of trouble! Trap Trumpnugget, truthfully treating tremendous trial trepidly.

  8. Great Americans, let's fast and pray to God all together.
    President Trump has a spiritual and biblical battle with the Antichrist (666 beast state makers, Illuminati, New World Order) forces.
    When Trump is defeated in this spiritual war, the 666 beast government will be four years ahead of me and cause pain for our family. (See Revelation)
    Pray for President Trump. And let me pray for family repentance.
    You can not be saved unless you are born of God and the Holy Spirit (John 3: 5). Everything you go to church is not going to heaven. (Matthew 7:17)
    Have you been saved by Jesus? If you die suddenly tonight, can you go to heaven? In Revelation 13, the two beasts are the antichrist and Roman Catholic in America. Do not accept chips or numbers or marks on your forehead or your right hand. If you activate the 666 system in the 666 beast country then you will regret it. President Donald Trump also wishes to fast and pray often and reign according to the direction of Jesus Christ (Bible KJV Matthew 17:21) Finally, I wish for Jesus' great blessing. (If you search for the Illuminati, you will see the real 666 New World Order in the Biblical Revelation.)

  9. Just so sad that Will doesn't care about the conservatives he used to gain importantence– why didn't he run in 2016? Biggest fraud ever !

  10. Pence and his cockeyed religiosity doesn't worry me like trump. Trump is completely devoid of morality, and while pence is a huge hypocrite, his kind of threat has been repeatedly defeated in the courts. Trump, with his particular psychosis, is not something we've had to try to stop before.

  11. George Will demonstrates how words and writing can be as much as a high art form as music, he is so eloquent and articulate.

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