40 thoughts on “George Bush insults radio reporter for second time

  1. Was this before or after Mark Smith called Stephen Colbert to do the White House Correspondents Dinner? lol

  2. the reporter's look was better than the pained expression whenever trying to think that our former prez had. props for the jew insult though. way to live up to our expectations, guy in your trailer in alabama. please, feel free to secede, you are only dragging the rest of us down

  3. MY white/black president? See, I was going to write a witty response in which I point out your ignorance by asking you to pinpoint where I said he is MY president, or that I support him, but given that you are from WV and probably have the education of a WV farm animal, I see no use in doing such a thing. I'm sorry that your limited cognitive and logic abilities render you unable to see beyond black/white. You're just mad because what I said is true. Educate yourself you ignorant assbag.

  4. As usual Bush is right, that guy was fucking hideous. Big, hooked Jew nose that nearly stretched down into his jagged crooked yellow teeth.

    Damn I miss Dubya …

  5. …and that is in contrast to all the debt accumulated prior to President Obama? Which by the way was accumulated by all white presidents. Just in case you did not know…

  6. @videofollies
    You're totally right, Obama would have flown down (by cape and superpowers) and saved all the idiots that George Bush and the national guard (theyre one in the same to you morons) didnt care about. Not like they were warned there was a hurricane coming and provided ample opportunity to be transported for free out of the city. GEORGE BUSH DOES NOT CARE ABOUT BLACK PEEPLE!


  8. @SamhainTheDark Whats to investigate? Bin Laden ADMITTED to being the mastermind. He was killed using Bushs' administrations tactics. The hijackers are all dead. Those that were involved have been captured. Whats left? Don't TELL ME you are one of these conspiracy idiots who believe that bigfoot lined the building with explosives and set them off using a remote control while Elvis parachuted out of the planes just before impact. People that believe that kind of shit are fucking retarted.

  9. @bunkman64 Yeah, you completely missed the point I was making with the whole "the Bush administration spent less money on the 9/11 investigation than the government spent investigating Clinton's marital infidelity" thing. I'm not doubting that Clinton's lack of involvement in the 1993 bombing had a small hand in 9/11, but you cannot deny that not nearly enough money was put into investigating the deaths of the almost 4000 Americans you mentioned.

  10. @SamhainTheDark I think you need to do your homework homeboy..had Bill clinton done something in 1993 the FIRST time Bin Laden attacked the WTCers (on HIS watch, truck Bomb in the parking garage) there would not had been a second time and almost 4000 Americans would still be alive today. He denied the special forces the opportunity to take him out when they went for permission to make the kill. The blood of those lost on 9-11 rests squarely on the shoulders of Bill Clinton.

  11. @modestoca25 Yeah, because Bush did a real bang-up job with the terrorist attack what with spending less than $70,000 investigating 9/11 and invading the wrong fucking company for no reason other than they got oil.

  12. @modestoca25 Yeah, because he did a bang-up job with the terrorist attack what with spending less than $70,000 investigating 9/11 and invading the wrong fucking country for no reason other than they got oil.

  13. @videofollies you mean when the president of the united states didn't go into a state with national gaurd because it is illegal for the president to do so? Its the governors job to deploy national gaurd, the president can't.

  14. @soccerdudech0721 Um..you sir, are a dumbass. There is a difference between TRYING to make things better, and things clearly getting worse. Which is exactly what happened. Don't fucking talk to me about politics when the statistics speak for themselves. I didn't expect a turn around, but I expected progress. Being worse off then you started is NOT making progress.

  15. @daisky22 You think obama has done better? Under Obama we've had our National Debt triple PER YEAR, the economy is worse then under bush's watch, unemployment rates have NEVER been this high under bush's watch. Yeah, Obama got us out of Iraq for the most part…but hell Iraq was already done by the time Obama hit office. The only thing Obama can take credit for is Afghanistan. Under Obama's watch we gained the initiative in Afghanistan.

  16. George Bush was the man. Y'all hated him and now look who we've got – fucking 'Barack Hussein Obama'

    Rick Perry 2012

  17. $10 an attack happens before the next election. So Obama can 'save the day' to leave a heroic fog on his rep.

  18. @modestoca25 You're a stupid fuck, get on out of here. 911 was a conspiracy. The times that are happening now is just time, we can't prevent disasterous things like Katrina.

  19. @TheGeekyNinjaStudios 100% behind u Brother. It's not President Bush fault. It's the governor fault that he was so eager to show his power n refuses the President helping hand. so u anti-Bush people, just shut it since u guys know nothing about what really happen back there and just trying to blame Pres. Bush for what that have happened back than. He took the blame for everything he didn't do but just accept it & doesn't fight back. He's the best US President I've ever know & would always be.

  20. @videofollies Obviously you misunderstand the Constitution. It is illegal for the president to deploy gaurdsmen into a state without written permission from the governor. Blanco played politics for 4 days while the media savaged Bush for not responding when there was little more he could so. Yet it took Obama 30 days to respond to the Gulf Spill and you give him a free pass.

  21. @RyanR3volution what does 911 have to do with anything? So just because some country doesn't have hospitals and rescue services means we shouldn't have war with them?
    It's even better because they won't be able to defend themselves properly against us.

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