11 thoughts on “General Election (1945)

  1. Always was always will be rigged. We should have voted the monster raving looney party in just once. Lol

  2. Members of the armed forces defeated Churchill because they disliked him immensely (according to author Edmund Wilson). The Government promised " Homes for Heroes" after WW I. They never delivered on that promise, and in 1945, the chicken came home to roost.

  3. Great Britain lost the peace by letting labour pass the commonwealth citizenship act. An act of genocidal suicide.

  4. Nos amis Anglais sont décidement impayables pour nous Français.Ils ont un véritable héros, qui a tenu tête à Hitler pendant 4 ans, mais aussi à Staline dans ses prétentions territoriales en Europe orientale, et que croyez vous qu'il advienne?Blackboulé aux élections comme un vulgaire Hollande au profit du transparent Clément Attle; même Staline a failli en avaler sa pipe.Sacrés rosbifs, incorrigibles, mais quelle leçon de démocratie .

  5. Obviously no bias in political candidates propriety, Cough !  but Christine Keeler wasn't in circulation as a born again liberation celebrity until 1963. Then we had a Labour majority who won support of the Government and in 1946/7 they declared a National Health Service.  Then we all lived happily ever after till 2015.

  6. That was before Labour abandoned Clause 4 and the working class. Oops! Sorry, I mentioned class.

  7. How refreshing to see politicians being shyly stilted on camera. Dick Mitchison, of course, won very solidly with a majority of 6400, dolding until 1964.

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