Gamers call for Activision Blizzard boycotts over Hong Kong censorship

Gamers call for Activision Blizzard boycotts over Hong Kong censorship

100 thoughts on “Gamers call for Activision Blizzard boycotts over Hong Kong censorship

  1. Blizzard and Activision make very political statements supporting LGBTQP+ BS. Their excuses that they don't like political statements is LIES.

  2. Blizzard probably still don't care since they have millions of people still playing WoW per day on a daily basis making millions of dollars a month of even a week from it lol.

  3. If I was the guy that they suspended and took his money up turn right around and sue them because of First Amendment free speech they can't stop you from speaking your mind cuz you're an American company and they want last too much longer

  4. 12 years and I never let my WoW sub lapse, until this week. It cuts me deep, but it's really a small sacrifice. Blizzard serves us, not Chinese fascists


    We, the People of Hong Kong, hereby DECLARE that we are a FREE and as of right, a Sovereign PEOPLE.

    We are not now, nor have we ever been a part of the Communist Party of China. China, as an unfree, undemocratic, totalitarian, surveillance State, is not recognizable to anyone living in Hong Kong.

    We must state clearly the issue facing us: Communism, the political scourge of this planet, is at our doorstep and threatening everything we hold sacred. Freedom and democracy shall die in Hong Kong or it shall live forever.

    This is the great struggle of our time: Hong Kong "shall become all the one thing or all the other".

    History will record either that Hong Kong became like China or that China became like Hong Kong – no other outcome is possible. None.

    Never in history has an elder generation of its citizens bargained for their own freedom during their own time, by condemning their future offspring to live unfree under total communist rule. Such was the Devils bargain made by the UK and the Communist Party of China, and imposed upon our generation and the next, in perpetuity, forever.

    We are Hong Kongers and we utterly rejects this and call on all right minded nations to step up and end this nightmare. This is the time. This is the place. This is it. Now. Now. Now.

    On this issue we must be clear: no future generation of Hong Kongers shall be sacrificed and given over to Communist Rule. NOT ON OUR WATCH. We NEVER voted to approve Communist rule of Hong Kong and a Free People could never agree themselves into such a state of utter despotism.





  6. I’m seeing way too many communists in the comments. You commie d bags need to get a grip on reality, every individual human being is after their own interest, communism will never work and it never has you imbeciles.

  7. I really enjoyed this. The anchor still had some fun joking around and keeping things lighthearted but also took the journalist seriously and treated him professionally, because he is in fact a professional. People who don’t actively play video games tend to not take people who do seriously and his last words were even “you’re all right” meaning the interview he got wasn’t necessarily what he expected, and I feel like it was a very good representation of the gaming community and overall acceptance.

  8. Blizzard is going to be finished. Even people with no political motivation or messages will boycott and cancel just for a ringside seat to watch this dumpster fire burn. I know I won’t patronize them anymore personally

  9. congrats blizzard hey guess what you unlocked The GET WOKE GO BROKE achievement watch your pissed off fan base leave for good

  10. Gaming is for nerds lol (laughing out loud). Grow up. As a 59 year old manager at Walmart, it is sad to see 20 year olds still playing with toys.

  11. "Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of agree men? It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again!"

    Down with socialism! Down with communism! Liberate Hong Kong!!!

  12. It’s called lack of integrity. Blizzard has none. As consumers, we can hold companies accountable via the wallet—thank god for capitalism.

  13. In case anyone didn’t know, a lot of game companies have either sold their company to the Chinese government or a large portion of the company.

  14. So weird – gamers have always liked the no religion no politics rules when it comes to international gaming. So if a professional gamer goes off on an "impeach trump" tangent during his/her post game interview on Blizzard's platform that's cool right? Or name a cause- global warming, PETA, gun laws. Or what about Brexit. Or howabout those catholic priests. Or say Islam, Judaism, atheism. The list goes on. No religion or politics in international gaming. Thanks Blizzard for continuing your efforts to make gaming about gaming.

  15. It’s time to move all foreign manufacturing to another country. We have allowed China to get big enough and now it’s getting scary.

  16. If you want to make a difference, you need to attack it's income

    Players are now using characters in the game as symbols for the movement in order to get them banned, marvelous

  17. Gaming has always been political especially with voice chats. Every time I go to Stormwind on World of Warcraft. There's always people discussing real world politics in the game chat. Now with more adults playing video games alot of people discussed politics on a regular base. I've been playing video games for 20 years and as long as I can remember people have always discussed politics. Especially sitting in waiting lobbies while more people join the game.

  18. Psht, give it a few more weeks, everyone will be back playing Blizzard games, and it will be business as usual. I doubt us americans can "boycott" these online games that long. I especially doubt Hong kong issue has greater pull than our desire for entertainment.

  19. Am I the only one who thinks Blizzard was being fair here? They had rules and the person broke one. It wasn't even that terribly unreasonable of a rule! Hearthstone is an online card game; it's for friendly competition and having fun. It's NOT a thread for political discussion. The guy could have voiced himself one some other site. Blizzard is not preventing him from getting his message out at all; they're just preventing him from talking about it during their gaming tournament live-stream.

  20. I've been paying for Blizzard products for 15 years, I will never do business with that company again. The damage is done and can't be undone. Blizzard might as well move their entire business to China.

  21. Blizzard should be at Congress trial for this, this the most anti American scandal ever….this is McCarthy's administration worst nightmares come true… It will be irresponsible to leave this companies and their investors without a deep investigation and charge them for high level treason… this companies put communist repression to our children's minds. Don't be easy going because happens at HK, later you will know this repression at American soil, this kind of actions set a warnings and corrupts children's minds to accept repression in the blackmail of video game fix, Call you Congress representative to set a committee…

  22. Yeah F you Blizzard, deleted my account several days ago and threw away the games I had from you will NEVER buy another Activision/Blizzard game again.

  23. Wow maybe you'll have to go out and get involved in a relationship or become involved in society? Goodonya China maybe you're doing us a favor after all!.

  24. Welcome to 2019. This is like the 8th time that gaming has been brought up by news giants, and Mario Kart is on cellphones now.

  25. Guys lets raid Blizzcon and wear Winnie the Pooh costumes or the armor Hong Kong Protesters wear. They can’t kick us all out

  26. Is anybody else peeved watching Activision-Blizzard and EA’s stock go up during this segment? Because I am peeved.

  27. Everyone knows gamers are like drug addicts. You idiots at least the majority of you could care less and have zero spine to resist using your mommy's visa.

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