27 thoughts on “Game Journalist Tries to Sexualize Link – The Ocarina of Gay

  1. "Hey remember that one adventure game from the late 90's everybody says is the greatest ever made?"


    "I think the main character likes dick."

  2. You know…I'm fairly certain that Master Chief fantasizes about a threesome with Avery Johnson and Jacob Keyes. I know it.

  3. Why do these retarded ugly and worthless feminists ans sjw swines have to fuck with peoples childhood?

  4. Random video games bullshit website writer: "So here's an iconic video game, I'll honor it by writing a review that only talks about my own life experience no one cares about"

  5. Liberalism poisons everything with its absolutism and projection Just look at your town of Seattle and how far it has fallen.

  6. Hormones suddenly being present aside Link probably still has the thought processes of a nine-year-old throughout the whole thing.

    I highly doubt sex would have been one of his priorities. If anything He'd be marking out that people thought he was cool after years of Mido being a dick to him.

  7. Firstly I hate Gay's . Secondly game's aren't for sexuality they are a beautiful universe were I can be Doom 3 soldier or a NOD commander Game's were never for the sexual content

  8. now, i dunno about you, but there weren't many gay people in the midevil era, or, anything past a civil rights movement. i mean….. its not like it was a death sentence or anything.

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