31 thoughts on “Game Critics

  1. It seems to ProJared that maintaining a YouTube career is harder than New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

  2. Yeah imagine that, ProJared turned out to be not so great. Why is everyone filling the comments with this though? It's not like you fucking knew either you fucking numbskulls.
    Besides that his point still stands, as an independent reviewer, you know where his opinion on a game comes from. The recent controversy doesn't actually change that at all.

    It hasn't "aged poorly" you moron fucks.

    Now if he said "ProJared would never cheat on his wife and send his dick pics to minors" you'd have some grounds to say something about it aging poorly.

  3. Everyone’s talking about how the projared mention didn’t age well. Guys he also mentioned totalbiscuit. Totalbiscuit is dead…

  4. i appreciate how well written and thought out dunk's reviews are.. they're not only interesting but funny and he does a great job of subtly hooking you into the review. good shit

  5. That persona 5 comment is such an under statement that it is a disservice. And Also if hate rpgs then why do you review them

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