G20 summit highlights: World leaders meet, hold talks and attend gala on day 1

G20 summit highlights: World leaders meet, hold talks and attend gala on day 1

39 thoughts on “G20 summit highlights: World leaders meet, hold talks and attend gala on day 1

  1. dear all, I am a japanese. unlike in europe and the u.s. no demonstrations, no protests. we condemn and despise violence. we are generous and humble. we greet foreign VIPs equally and peacefully.

  2. Teresa May is giving up her office. I think , this end of June. She is not interested , anymore. Her job is over.

  3. Look at Modi his body Language not posed with Minister of Japan,h was looking at the sky doesn;t know what to say Chowkider at G 20 summit wanted to play the role like India ? A less qualified person or a street politician can not be an excellent table takler.He can please the India people not the whole world he looks like a dummy.Per capta & GDP of India falls how com thy can be a member of G 20..

  4. Can't believe Murdering Bin Salman is out and about enjoying the fine dining. Saudi arms off Saudi legs off Saudi head off.

  5. i love England prime minister May
    because of her meeting with putin
    ,she looked like angry for putin

    i hate Russia and putin
    they should endanger

  6. Xi Jinping & his loyal slaves from Mainland Asia/China will again copy anything, everything from Japan… like Mao Zedong et al have always done so historically AND claim that those things are "their originals" and that Japan copied from them… :
    The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as well as N. and S. Koreas, have been taking advantage of naive, ignorant, and/or stupid people in the world, telling them huge lies to manipulate, mislead, and control them. It's about time the world people should realize that and it seems they are. (ck it out)

  7. So lovely to see Ms. May being authentic with Putin. I guess trump was being authentic too, since he's Putin's 'boy'. There is a group photo of the Leaders and trump. It seems they put the fatties in the middle. Saudi's slice'n dice and trump.

  8. While the G-20 men are off performing the real important
    work, the spouses, mostly women, are being sidelined as usual with cultural
    events, and less taxing affairs, after which tea and cookies will be served all
    around, its little wonder women have yet to make a real difference in government
    and in front offices, some may claim by choice…seemingly enjoying being less…

  9. Lol what if that japanese president guy poisoned that whatever he toasted hahaha all world leaders dead

  10. The Murder Club meets again. You lot are not our leaders! Murderers of journalists, murderers of children and babies, racists, homophobics, users of nerve agents against civilians, stashers of your countries wealth, spewers of CO2. When you are all gone we can breathe a sigh of relief. Go!!!

  11. Very warm friendly welcome given by President and First Lady of Japan to all great countries great leaders…Presidents and their first ladies…PM Theresa May, President of France, PM of Canada Treadu and King Salman of Saudi Arabia, President of Putin of Russia and PM of Australia…They all are basically this world's back bone in trade, economy and have power role individually and overall on all countries..G20 Summit and its countries great leadership always participate in solving each other problems and improving world's peace…

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