G20 leaders captured in one frame in family photograph at G20 Osaka Summit

G20 leaders captured in one frame in family photograph at G20 Osaka Summit

39 to maintain three peace and tranquility in the area but leaders from across the world gathered there for the commemorative photograph the photograph that will commemorate this g20 summit the commemorate a photograph that will forever capture this moment in the g20 summit 2019 forever leaders from across the globe gathered there Prime Minister Narendra Modi treasom a of the United Kingdom this is her last g20 summit before she steps down president Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin meeting and greeting between leaders of the g20 countries who account for 80 percent of the world's GDP the Saudi Crown Prince arrived a short while back and was in a meeting with a Prime Minister Narendra Modi Canadian leader Justin Trudeau also their present Trump standing next to the Saudi Crown Prince so well viewers what you are seeing there is the photo the photograph that will commemorate the g20 Osaka summit 2019 forever leaders of the g20 countries of the group of 20 gathered gathering in Osaka and it's the formal inauguration the formal beginning of the summit

35 thoughts on “G20 leaders captured in one frame in family photograph at G20 Osaka Summit

  1. Thủ tướng vn cắt ngang ông tập vs Putin lên hàng trên luôn 🤣🤣. Chất. Mỗi ông Putin vỗ lên thủ tướng ng ae . Còn ông tập thì ko

  2. What were the Japanese thinking by putting Mister Bone Saw in the centre of the picture? He should have have been in the back, way to the side, such is his standing among world leaders.

  3. New india… strong leader… Pm modi is gift of god.. world strongest global leader.. why pm modi stand second line… This is truely politics… why they are nervous about indias development and modi s contribution…. we can stand togother.. we can ask to the world

  4. mera Bharat mahan Jai ho Jai Bharat Jai hind Jai Modi 😍😍😍👍👍👍🤗🤗🤗😆😆😆😘😘😘🙏🙏🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  5. A small nation like South Korea's PM in first row but our PM, PM of largest democracy in second. We need to be technologically very strong else these leaders won't give us the right place in the first row. This is where we stand among others, a 2nd class. Really saddened.

  6. 1.Why PM MODI is in second row….Not a gentle host ??
    2. One thing is notice chinese president after hand shake with traump go to putin…CHINA SEEMS UNHAPPY. This is not a platoform of disappoint its a platform of demand.

  7. PM modi a charismatic leader…..😍

    And Saudi Arabia leader Muhammad bin Salma look like lion (I'm not saying this because I'm Muslim) seriously he has unique look like height and beard and dress code…

  8. Why Our Prime Minister modi is in Second line ..Don't they even respect the prime minister of India ..They are Simply playing politics.. Whatever they do , but Our Pm Modi Will always be tougher for them..Our Pm Modi is World leader and Will always be..

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