Fury as Theresa May delays Brexit vote

Fury as Theresa May delays Brexit vote

36 thoughts on “Fury as Theresa May delays Brexit vote

  1. Shoulder to shoulder….close by your side
    Now and forever….in darkness and light
    In times of trouble – though oceans apart – we’re
    Shoulder to shoulder, forever one heart
    Music & Lyrics by Richard Fisher
    Dedicated to us, the Great British people – all over the world (I am in Australia)
    More to follow……
    Join The Brexit Party now at:https://thebrexitparty.org/registered-supporter/

  2. Not at all Cameron is not to blame for the mess it is the far right in the Tory party who pressured him to call a referendum.

  3. "On April 11-12 I will launch a chemical attack on the uk House of Parliament with temporary stupidity . Long term exposure will cause ………….. stupidity." "We at MI5 take these terrorist chemical attacks very seriously . Besides , said gas will not make any difference . " ;p

  4. By saying what they are saying, it's the same as everyone who voted leave is stupid. That'll get them to change their minds! Lol


  6. Friendly Western Japanese Yankees. I'm delightful to watch your bullshit 🙂 Those who stabbed us in the back in the 19th century deserve fall!

  7. To all British "deplorables": We heard you in the United States of America, and we stand with you!!. Fight the good fight.#WWG1WGA

  8. I keeping thinking of Natalie Portman in starwars " so this is how democracy dies"
    Worse still, no one is even applauding..

  9. no it not the UK that a laughing stock it the puppet Theresa May that the laughing stock because she as no spine and she one of Bilderberg puppets who want one world order at any cost they were never going let us leave the EU why do you think David Cameron ran like coward this brexit is not going to happen under the puppet Theresa May let all vote f***ing fairy party because our vote don't count I off to fairy land goodbye  brexit

  10. This is really sad. Jon Snow seems very flustered and almost angry. He is like the angry schoolmaster trying to find out who needs to be punished and the 3 politicians are the lying children trying to get off the hook by blaming each other.

  11. Europe is heading down the pan only Germany will gain from it ,the rest will be lickspittle states who the German can bully ,the UK is better off out of it and whole the doom-mongers are slowly being proven wrong.

  12. There should be a march on downing street and demand her resignation from the leadership,She is making this great country a laughing stock round the world

  13. Here we go again, the BBC and other main stream fake news channels have not told You about the yellow vest demo
    In London today, it lasted for Two hours and there were sixty people involved, no arrests were made.
    Due to the incompetence of MAY AND HER CRONIES this sadly looks as it’s just the start of the people’s uprising
    Like in France and other countries for not delivering on the democratic vote.
    Shame on you MAY, shame on you BBC.

  14. uk no deal natural correction in markets good news for the people property prices drop lets say 30% a.c.b seems a good place to start mortgage payments to be reduced as above rents to be reduced as above people,, companys' corporations that have property holdings will feel the pinch . the ordinary people will be able to breathe!

  15. She is a fanatic. Fanatically obsessed with selling out the UK, giving the EU beaurocrats and bankers what they want

  16. look how old style all this is – thats the real problem in GB they all looking backward . wake up its 2018

  17. british ppl are a joke and their politics are so fucked up.im British myself but so embarrassed to be from the uk with these fucktards that so call run the country

  18. 200 years ago she would be hanged… she is a traitor to England and everyone that support her is in the same boat. traitors all of them… i am baffled why the people are not rioting in the streets at this point…. I didn't take the English for such sheeps but obviously i was wrong.

  19. She's only clung onto power for this long so we'd have someone to blame when it all went wrong. She signed up for it, but that doesn't make it any less cunty. Even after all this has played out leave voters will be swearing blind it could've gone great, and they'll have a nice charred effigy to point and shout at.

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