27 thoughts on “Full Video: Confusion in Reps as members clash over minority leadership position

  1. This aboki is wearing bed sheet and fighting, he could easily be strangled to death in that useless bedsheets called agbada,

  2. I said it, that this guy leadership is going to be the worst, are u guys seeing his attitude? He is simply acting the script of his sponsors.

  3. Are these the kind of people representing us? We are in trouble. Only divine intervention would save us.

  4. Haaa, if there were a free zone that has not been occupied like the Freetown was, it would have loved to team up with some other good people in Nigeria to go and create a new country. At present, Nigeria is a waste. I just don't feel Nigeria is a country.

  5. They just start and they are fighting for power, I wonder how they will end in the next four years. Rascality is very bad for a nation. I don’t see Nigeria moving ahead with this kind of people as lawmakers

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