Full Update Subaru WRX & STI 2015-2019 | Tunes & Hard Parts

Full Update Subaru WRX & STI 2015-2019 | Tunes & Hard Parts

hey guys Daelen from MAPerformance
today one of the most common questions we get one of the things that we see the
most is our stage packages and what does the stages mean what comes with those
parts what do you need to buy to get our Tunes etc etc so we’re gonna kind of go
over a quick overview of what that means what the stages are what years we offer
them for and hopefully tackle any other questions you guys might have presented
to us right now we do offer our stage one
through stage two for a 15 through 19 WX and a 15 through a 19 STI
so we do have something will fit all of those years now kind of break down what
it is that you will be getting with these packages what is the parts that
are required for each one and everything that goes along with that to start off
we’re gonna have the cobb accessport this is kind of the staple of tuning in
the super community if you don’t know what this is we have some other videos
that kind of go in depth on the accessport what it offers to you what it
is in this case is a way for us to deliver tunes to your vehicle and
monitor what it’s doing once the tunes are there when you
purchase a cop access port from us you will get our stage 1 tune that is
complimentary that means no modifications if you want to put a cap
back on that’s just fine but no no airflow mode modification so no intakes
no down pipes no TGV deletes nothing of that sort this is for a bone stock
vehicle stage one tune only now you have your access port that kind of opens the
door for the next step so you’re gonna take so what we have next would be the
stage 1 plus that’s gonna be our intake that’s gonna be the same for both the
WRX and the STI what I have in my hands right here this is our WRX intake this
is the same intake for the 15 through the 19 we were able to make the one we
had to make some changes when the neat teen body style came out there is a
frame rail piece that for collision safety or some sort of safety standard
got added and we actually had to redesign how this fit in that cavity but
we were able to make it so that it fits bowl chassis styles so that worked out
really well we were able to make tunes that work for all of it
so it’s gonna be the same style tune from 15 to 19 same intake for a 15 to 19
WRX on the STI we do have two different intake styles just because of what we
had to do to make it fit so we have a 15 through a 17 and we have an 18 plus
right now so when you order our intake you do have the chance to get our stage
1 plus tune stage 1 plus tune is or our intake only this is not for any
other manufacturers intake the reason for that is that math placement how the
air comes through the tube how much air is coming through the tube is all
specific to our intake all of our time spent on the dyno on street tuning with
beta testers everything else involved all makes it so we perfected our tune
for this part if we put any other part on the vehicle I can’t guarantee it’s
gonna work and I don’t want you guys having that bad experience and coming
back and thinking that our tune is not working with your hard parts
unfortunately we won’t because we just didn’t design it for that it was
designed around these parts that we sell sometimes we get people to kind of get
upset by that or don’t really understand it but at the end of the day it’s just
that we can provide the best experience for you guys and have the best tuned for
our parts so now that you have stage 1 plus you’ve enjoyed that you driven it
for either two weeks or six months or six years or however long it takes you
to kind of get bored of that power we all know that the next steps are going
to be boot more power what does that mean
Stage two packages that’s gonna start off down pipe this is our down pipe for
the 15 through 19 WRX once again same part for all the years it’s gonna bolt
on every single one’s gonna fit every single one we do offer this in a
standard catted version or a jessie cat jessie is gonna be a higher flowing
catalytic converter these standard catalytic converters are perfectly fine
for every turbocharged vehicle they’re gonna be a high flow cat they’re gonna
out flow the factory once Jessie’s just a step above that basically once you
have that down pipe you have purchased our down pipe you now have access to our
stage to tune stage to tune once again utilize for our hard parts it’s not
designed around anyone elses catalytic converters anyone elses down pipes is
for our parts I know I sound like kind of a broken record but probably our most
common questions are what parts will these work with it’s all designed around
the ma Performance hard parts once again this is just because these are what
we’ve designed this is the effort we have put in we want to make sure that
we’re here to support you guys by purchasing our parts and giving you the
tunes that work best for them so now we’re going to kind of break off a
little bit with the WRX we do then move into a
stage 2 plus stage 2 plus is going to be our billet end tank Bolton intercooler
it’s the top mount intercooler both directly in the factory location we do
have the option for a charge pipe kit the tune is not affected depending on
which one of those it’s just an option that you can do either the intercooler
or intercooler plus charge 5 kit that’s going to stage 2 plus tune behind me is
our STI this in 2017 STI we actually are working on a I’m gonna call it we’re
gonna call it stage 3 tune I think is where we’re at right now includes
injector dynamics injectors it includes a complex field kit and then our tune to
go along with that flexible cutand it’s gonna be a full flexibility so you can
fill up with 85 you can fill up with pump 91 you can kind of fill it with
whatever you want in the ethanol ranges and it’s gonna compensate for you you
don’t have to switch maps you don’t have to change anything the car will do it
all we’re kind of on the tail ends of testing on that one I’d like to see that
release fairly soon but all just depends on how the last little steps go and
making sure it’s a perfect product that also does go along with our EJ Bolton
header that fits pretty much every model year of Subaru with an EJ at this turbo
EJ at this point it’s kind of crazy how cross-compatible that stuff is but so we
have the header as an option with the stage 3 tune not a requirement you just
get a little more torque with that header on there fueling options for all
of these Tunes that we talked about we offer a 91 a 93 and for most of the WRX
stages we offer an e30 version with the STI it’s just gonna be 91 93 and then we
do have a 91 like a CN like Arizona California Nevada fuels just kind of a
lower quality 91 octane but what the STI we’re not able to move into the ethanol
fuels because the injectors are kind of at their max as is hence the stage 3 kit
with larger injectors as for a 30 we are lucky in the Midwest where we actually
have some pumps that have ether tea right at the pump we don’t have to mix
it we don’t have to do anything but most people are going to actually have to mix
the e30 blend themselves there’s a bunch of like online calculators that you can
use to to look at like what the percentage of each part do you want to
put in very simple it’s two to one two parts premium one partly eighty five
should get you thirty I’m gonna get really close I mean we’re not talking
like if you get you thirty one everything’s gonna just explode and
you’re gonna die you have a little bit of freedom there but it’s designed
around it being yeah thirty once again you can mix it with ninety one new mix
at ninety three it’s kind of depending on your gonna see the most results out
of 93 but ninety one still gonna work just fine overall we do offer these kind
of in a stage power package available on the website so you’re gonna see a stage
one plus power package or stage two stage two plus power package it’s all
the same parts same tunes it’s just a more convenient way for you to purchase
it kind of all at once but if you either want to kind of slowly work into that or
if budgets are concerned you can buy one at a time and kind of work your way up
there and as long as you work with us and buy
our parts we’re always gonna support you with our tunes
we are fully up to date right now for the STI up to eighteen nineteen we have
options for the eighteen nineteen chassis for the WRX we have eighteen
nineteen also I know that took us a little a little while to get these we
wanted to make sure they’re perfect for release them we’ve had them kind of out
in the wild at some beta testers and just making sure everything’s the way we
want it to be next thing I wanted to touch on is the fact that all of our
maps are what we call OTS Maps off the shelf that means that we are gonna make
them to the best of our abilities with all the vehicles that we have access to
for our parts does that mean that for every vehicle in the world it’s always
gonna be perfect and gonna never have any problems no unfortunately the real
world there are cars that have just different things going on so whether
it’s the fuel that you’re using where you live etc etc sometimes there’s
problems I have a team of people here to answer your questions or go over
concerns you might have or any issues you might have we’re here we’re gonna
help you that’s the benefit of buying our parts utilizing our tunes does that
I have a team of people that are here to help you if and when you ever have any
problems these are the common core questions problems issues answers that I
can provide right now but as always if there’s anything that I missed if
there’s anything that you guys might know that I didn’t touch on give us a
call send us an email send us a smoke signal send us like a carrier pigeon to
like our roof we got a big roof they can land and like give us notes like we are
here for you seriously that’s why we do this
I have a team of people that their only job is to talk to you and make sure that
you feel taken care of and I’m always gonna have that we’re always gonna be
here don’t ever hesitate to reach out you know we appreciate you guys we
appreciate that you support us you buy our parts you tag us you keep us as part
of your builds and you guys keep doing that that’s why I get to stand here and
make these videos so we really do appreciate it and as always just let us
know how we can help you

26 thoughts on “Full Update Subaru WRX & STI 2015-2019 | Tunes & Hard Parts

  1. I got my ap from these guys and they were great to me. I'm about to order the intake they make just cause i trust them over anyone else.

  2. Do you think a WRX with 60k miles would have enough carbon deposit to affect the accuracy/air flow characteristics of a stage 1+ or possibly stage 2 tune? Or would you reccomend protune?I have had Radium catch cans since about 40k miles. Car runs better with them for sure.

  3. Absolutely love my Stage 2 kit from you guys on my 18 STI.
    Shoutout to Chris for helping me sort things out with my intake. Seriously, you guys have the best support team out in the game.

  4. I built an e85 turbo swap dodson trans evo x back in 2014 and have always wanted to do an sti build before they end production. Really appreciate the vid as this a completely new platform for me

  5. For the future Sti Stage 3 do you guys recommend an upgraded pump prior or will it be available with the packeage too?

  6. Love MAPerformance they took care of me with their J pipe and stage 1 tune for free. Im currently using their 93 OTS map and it runs like a champ. I want more power so i am leaning on getting their E30 tune or buy their intake and top mount with their stage 2 tune 💪. Question, will there be a FA20 WRX stage 3 kit available with the flex fuel kit???

  7. Recently installed the MAPerformance 91 octane tune on my 17 WRX and I'm very satisfied. I can feel a difference over the COBB stage 1 tune, feels like there's more torque and it's quicker off the line for sure.

  8. Had the Stage 2 on my 2015 WRX for over 20k miles, no issues, great boost in sound and performance. Excellent support from MAP. The one stop shop for pumping up your Rex.

  9. Extraordinary Work, its so cool!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ?sub_confirmation=1 , you can try 🙂

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