Full Reptile Room Tour 2018 | New Pets & Updates!

Full Reptile Room Tour 2018 | New Pets & Updates!

oh boy ends install the window just kidding it's the tiny green screen is back say hello to pani green screen hey good morning everybody reptile room tour 2018 Summer 2018 that's why you hear very highly suggested everybody's been yelling at me about it okay let's get started so we can start with EOG here this is sunny my ball python yellow-bellied ball python lots of people think is it normal I got him cuz he kind of looks like a normal but he's not I've had him since December 2013 he was born August 2013 so he's about to turn five months old five hundred I guess everybody kind of knows him so I'm trying to think what's new to say about him well first he's enclosure his enclosures about the turn a year old it was my first bioactive and I just got all the supplies all the supplies is ready for my next true bioactive so soon hopefully so Sonya's bioactive turns one year old this month if you can link celebrate birthdays for enclosures and unfortunately when I was gone at the beach he broke my favorite piece of cork that was in there and it tore plant out of course it was my favorite plant and I died so that one was not my fault yes I killed one or two of his other plants but this one was his fault and I was gone so I can fix it in time overall though the enclosures not looking too bad I mean it's still bioactive the spring tails are doing well I just recently added isopods honey himself was doing quite well so he's eating medium rats right now every seven days usually I feel like people feed their adult papasan ball pythons every ten days or so he technically could probably but uh since I wouldn't mind him gaining just a little bit of weight I just scrunch that up a little closer circle once a week but that's the Sonny Boy next up the axolotl who I unfortunately can't hold for the video either way I think I'm kind of continually improving and learning as I keep it this is my first aquatic animal not animal I've had like goldfish in the past but that I won from the fair my first aquatic and phibian that i havend and it's been super interesting I will admit she takes more care than anyone else in the room I don't think they usually does but since I've had some little oopsies along the way and it uses a lot of energy like replacing the water and stuff so I had this like little worm problem that I mentioned before I mean well first to talk about the enclosure then I'll talk about her so either I dropped in our thumb then atashi eight or there was some poop that I missed one of them resulted in some worms in the enclosure I tried to just clean the worms out but it didn't work so recently I had to completely just replace the entire enclosure basically like I didn't throw it away but I drained all the water and washed all the sand I even baked the sand just to make sure there's no worm eggs in it no I also wash the filter out so unfortunately this ruined the cycling of being closure there's mixed opinions as to whether you need to cycle an enclosure for an axolotl but mine was all nicely cycled at this point but um it's not now so so I ruined the cycle but all the worms are gone and it's now sparkly clean in there I just have to make sure I'm as digital in as possible vigilant digital lab to make sure I get every single piece of poop and every single uneaten worm well now I just like basically tongue fyodor hand feed the worms so that I've physically see if she eats each one and says she doesn't ingest any sand but it's doing well now she seems to be fine with the unsightly enclosure hopefully it'll work its way back up but you can see it's also kind of bare in here it's not bare but I had to take the nicest big hide out because it ended up chipping and I didn't realize a chipped until after I noticed a little gash on her tail so luckily axolotls can regenerate basically everything so after months of googling and panicking and researching and asking people she'll be fine it'll regrow within a couple weeks probably as long as I make sure the water conditions are good and I just check like ammonia levels or whatever else as long as that's all good it should heal up just fine unfortunately I'm not sure if I'll be able to put that high back in there because even if I fix it if I like cover it in something or sanded down I'm guessing it might just ship again because I don't know why it shift the first time so I spread all the plants out which is why it looks a little bit awkward right now because they're just like random plants everywhere because when there were both it looked nice with the plants in the middle but like I probably shouldn't put the the decor over the safety of the animal so I'll try and find her a nicer hide that I know will not ship that's not made of plastic or something other than that she's been enjoying her night crawlers I'd go to the gas station so much so they probably think I'm a pro fisherman now because I'm just constantly mine worms you know I was like you only want one pack like that's not gonna last very long but I'm not fishing um but overall I'm proud of myself I guess of how it's going I haven't seen any signs of stress or discomfort the water temperatures have been nice thanks to the aquarium fans and overall I'm happy with how it's going so uh I've been put I've posted a couple picture of her on Instagram if you're not following on Instagram there it is I I post daily on my story a lot but that's it so name suggestions for her I guess I better name her soon as good thing I would be terrible with a pet dog I just go like a year just calling in different things and it doesn't know what his name is okay let's move on to the next time next up we can do the snapping Cheryl I'm also just gonna leave it in there because it's not a big fan of handling and I'd have to walk all the way to the reptile room which is really far it's in a 10-gallon I recently redid the entire ten gallon I got some new gravel so I think that looks nice much cheaper at Home Depot than like like the pet store there's a 40 gallon filter in there for a 10 gallon that's the only filter I have that is available it's doing fine it's a pretty strong flow but I don't think I mines too much and I had a duck weed in there my duck weed song I'm gonna I'm gonna save the duck weed stuff I'm gonna do a duck weed video and show you my little duck weed farm and how it's going but I put my first little harvest in there I only put a little bit because it will regenerate pretty quickly the snap interflow does not eat it so I'm guessing I'll have to start taking it out of there as a groat is too much unlike like Franklin Athenian duck weed speaking of food meets now me Turtles eating pellets shrimp and just whatever insects I have lying around I gave her some dubious today she like eats anything it's recognized this when she's about to get fed I can just put my hand over the enclosure and she is ready in that heating position so I've had it for at least a year now and it's like barely grown snapping turtles grow super slowly I'm probably gonna be dead before it's full grown yeah but and then there's one measly little plant that I stole from the axolotl and put in so I wanted to see how a live plant would look and how the turtle reacts to it it doesn't care about it it kind of hides a ramp like under the duckweed so I'll add some more plants and then I have a to 10-point o UV bees in there and I guess that's it the green screen fell while I was gone but more importantly next up we've got this mud covered child she's just playing in the water bowls – she's just covered in wet Iker but that's fine this is Harriet the little box turtle I've had her for quite a while I fell with haunts a two years and box turtles they live basically forever way over 100 years so she's out living me and all of you and maybe your kids but either way she's grown a surprising amount to still be as young as she is it took her like six months to Grandma gain a gram and now she's gaining like one or two a month so she's getting there and she eats quite a bit her um shell is finally starting to round out like a box turtle should her front flap is still non-existent because if you didn't know box turtles they can like completely closed up and just put that hinge over their face but she's still too tiny to do that she can stick her head in but it just sticks out a little bit she never really needs to put her head away though because she is so used to people now so that's gonna be cool actually grows like she's so used to humans if you just go out in the woods and find some random little box turtle it's probably gonna be terrified she has a crazy appetites like everything my feet are mostly just a box hurdled mix where you like put some pellets and make it wet push it up and stuff but she loves all sorts of things I gave her little bits of fruit like strawberries and carrots and stuff she loves different types of insects she will tear apart dubia roaches and sometimes wax worms and mealworms every worm in existence she just eats anything if she was the size of a human she could just take over the world she would eat everyone but I there she is I need she needs more videos just by herself I don't know she's not an Instagram or something should I make her an Instagram whatever made all my animals Instagram actually oh here's what we should do make a fanpage I said them you can get a fan page for your favorite animal of mine why would I approve of that if you want to do that there we go that's here you tiny box turtle next up we've gotten what's the newest animal in the room and the common boa constrictor I didn't realize that I just took her out she's currently in shed so I'll try and make this quick to not interrupt her too much but she needs a nice little update I've had her between 1 & 2 months now and there's been a huge change I will admit I have a handle her in like 4 or 5 days however before that I was handling her daily and now I'll try and get back on to the daily train to make sure she stays comfortable and everything so people ask about the name her name was Rosie I might just keep that name because it's easier than coming up with one you can't leave a different name suggestion if you think there's something better can I help you so yeah if you didn't know I picked her up from my old high school it's it was some of the worst husbandry I've seen but surprisingly she's still alive she is um very fat losing weight hopefully I'm actually gonna weigh her hopefully today to see how well that's changed and then I'll get her back on the feeding but you shouldn't feed them every 7 or 10 days so uh she's a bit maybe but thankfully I've been trying to give her exercise she's gone outside a few times because the weather's nice just to clean around the yard I just let her hang out in the room like move around Jewish does as she pleases but uh overall I think it's going well much much better than I expected much more quickly than I expected so the enclosure we built that it's six by two by two feet I think and then I put a hide in there for her it's still very boring I keep getting sidetracked and interrupted by so many different projects like I was interrupted by the Savannah monitor set up because I had to work on her setup because I didn't know I was getting her and I was interrupted by hers because I needed to update Franklin's because I got his new setup and then Franklin interrupted the box turtle if I wanted to update next but it's complicated so basically what I'm trying to say is it's a slow-moving project for her so it looks very boring in there and there's no like decor or anything it's it's pretty lame so yeah so no Sonny he used to seem like some big snake now he's like a teeny-tiny boy seeing her in comparison so uh yeah that's fun but I I mean it I don't know why I said fun as in like a sarcastic tone because it really has been enjoyable and a cool experience I'm glad we got to work this out with her so hopefully we'll keep seeing her um again I've been putting on Instagram quite a bit if you're not following there so that's like the third time I plugged Instagram in this video but I just did two videos on her so I don't need to go to in depth and I'll go let her finish up her shed goodbye oh also the green screen fell again I need to put it back up okay people keep asking how the snakes smell because I smell my snakes a lot she smells like nothing like you can't tell the difference there's less smell than like air hoo boy its Franklin this is the radar slider he is 12 years old I think 11 12 something like that he is an adult radar slider I've had him for 2 1 1 and 1/2 years and he's probably kind of a bit of a fan favorite on the channel like yes if you could call him that and he'll calm down he really does not like being handled he does love exploring and everything so he didn't know he used to hold it everything is going wrong this looks really awkward but it's much easier to hold him like this so he used to be our little free room turtle that I kind of experimented with it was interesting I went super indefinite death and I went super in-depth in an old video about that and I no longer do it he's now in his hundred seventy gallon enclosure with about a hundred 50 gallons of water I did a video on that too and I added some new stuff to it I got him a cascade filter because his 40 gallon field trip was not doing enough obviously and I added a bunch of Riverstone I put on Instagram let you choose the color and stuff like that so again follow on Instagram I really like how it looks people warned me it's gonna be harder to clean but I think it'll be worth it it's the first time I've used two canister I asked for a bunch of suggestions on which one to get I had no idea there were so many different types but I don't feed pin flex nothing goes called now the thing about the free roaming is he had shell rot when I originally got him because the people the original owners didn't really know what they were doing and I hid that shell rod up and then I kind of started to come back the more he free room so I cut the free room meat off he'll the shower rod up again and it's pretty much how good now is the t me who was hammering there's a teeny tiny bit right up on the front but on the back he's also shedding so he shed some of his scoots off that's all clear now so that's nice to see the other thing about him with the previous owner says he was living off just random scraps of food I like to mention that it's kind of funny slash mostly said he was living off of I was like chicken scraps and Cheerios or something that's all he was eating just like yeah I just throw in a box at you not the whole box but I'd dump in a box of Cheerios and he'd love them so it took me when I first got him it took me two weeks to get him to eat pal yes I used to yes to help me move move her something I didn't think I'd ever have to do with the turtle but it worked so he had never eaten any fruits or veggies I would trick him into eating things like I would cut up collard greens really tiny and then mixed them in with the pellets he would eat the pellets and then he would eat the collard greens and he would immediately spit them out so I tried that with over a dozen different types of things I tried like five types of greens five types of fruit probably five types of other veggies he's just very stubborn but he likes duck weed thankfully duck weed is edible I mean it's not like the healthiest plant on earth but overall it's better than nothing and it's a nice thing to add in there so I've been tossing little chunks of duck weed not chunks but leaves and duck weeds and he's been duck weeds I've been tossing duck weed and every so often those in this little treat I guess so it's not like his staple part of his diet but he has it somewhat pretty often I'm gonna drop you and it's just amazing that there's finally a plant that he actually enjoys to eat so he's not just on pellets and shrimp and occasional insects next up is an animal that I don't think I can put on YouTube yet but that is potato the chubby frog a chubby frog indeed he is Ethan got this or may sound of inches he got it for my birthday I think yeah for my birthday so that's in March I've actually had him for quite a while and never revealed him I'm still working on the introduction video for him I never really finished it because I didn't know what to say about him to make a full video so here's his reveal right here they are quite aid Fat Frog they're kind of reminiscent of pac-man frogs sort of but they're a bit more unique and not seeing quite as often the husbandry is not far off from pac-man frogs this is about the same they do see random insects and stuff bit chill out and just kind of sit there like a chubby squishy rock I do I have a layer of eco earth and my hands are wet right now they're not the ideal species to be handling so I'll try and make this quick too but I'm up in mind phibian game just a little bit because I really did not have any opinion to have the American toad which I'll show you in a minute and then I more recently got him and the axolotl so I'm getting there within fit beans it's more than just reptiles now I also always obsess over orange and any reptile I don't know why so many of my animals have orange on them and every time I see an animal Dan Expo I love the banana ball pythons orange colors in them and like cave geckos have oranges I don't know what it is about orange it's it's my weakness and he also has an orange on him it's more I guess it's not really orange it's more bronze or brown I guess but let's just put it in its orange he's got such a tiny face and comparison to his body he can't actually very large meals like he can't just eat him adult mouse right now because his mouth is just so small it just won't fit so he has to eat more of smaller insects compared to pac-man frogs who could just eat like a couple very large insects he's the opposite he has to eat more smaller ones super fun to have he's he looks so dumb when he moves around it's great I'm sorry we're making fun it's not again longest he bragged of animal not one for handling but one of the coolest should just stir it next up is goby the most Awkward snake to film he's I've had him he's the snake I've had the second-longest and after sunny and they got the size of like boa constrictors they would be kind of scary because it'd go be a super strong for his size but yeah I guess I've had him for like three years now I don't know he was pretty small from all so horrible conditions it was pretty depressing he was in but if he smoked as much as those people did and in the same room as the snake then why stop please his enclosure was literally coated in yellow goop it was all just silica cigarette smoke he was coated in yellow goop you would wipe your hand on him and her hand was just covered in this nasty tari stuff so I have cut him back on food he's eating just about once every two weeks now compared to once every seven days to make sure he does not get too fat and it's been working just fine it looks it's hard to tell it looks like he might be dulling out just a bit so I'm guessing he would be going into sheds soon he does shed quite often lengthwise I think he's completely done growing and then girth or whatever just up to how much he eats when I go to festivals and basically like around the state or whatever people are always super interested in him lots of kids have gotten to hold him and he was never handled before I got him so that's really interesting it's kind of proof especially with the boa that you just saw she was not handled forever either and either was him in a bow if you didn't know she's 21 years old and was not handled almost at all for like the past decade or something or probably longer and then same with him he was not held for like a quarter of his life and immediately perfectly fine so it really shows how snakes are just so easy to most of the time to really get used to handling because so many species are just naturally docile they're not domesticated but they can't be quite docile so there we go some nice colors people ask about is morph a lot he is a reverse of keyd so and I'd actually know if it's a he I've never sex time and I'm scared too because it started saying he from the start and now like maybe it's actually a she it's a mystery we don't need pronouns around here next up is a species I've kept longer than any other species and their October room right now that has the American toad now I have one American toad left I talked about this in the past I went in detail and one of the older reptile rooms I think long story short is with the Expos or not the Expos the festival's us telling you about I brought them to one and soon after like three or four of them died within a couple months so it was super depressing probably like the bush tragedy in the reptile room here that we've had and my best hypothesis up until this point is still some kids came by and they were like can I touch it too so I was like sure why not let's let some kids touch some toads and they came back from some hike in the woods and I believe they had something toxic on their hands I don't know if it was a bug spray or something they touched in the wild but something is what seems to have led to those animals death because there were no husbandry changes nothing that was the only thing that had happened so obviously wasn't the kids fault because I mean I let them touch the animal and they didn't purposely do it so that happened we stopped this one though I've had her for like five years four years quite a while I got her when she was an adult so who knows how old she actually is and who knows how long shall she last the interesting about beat a cat August the interesting thing about American toads is they're not kept super often and they're not really bred I would love to breed him I've tried in the past I failed but it's something I'll still like to do but there are really no care guides on them so I basically just duplicated North Carolina's habitat and it's worked for years with the animals here is the tiniest gal I think tiniest snake at least this is ember the Kenyan sand boa she didn't know she was growing like super quickly like since I got her and then she kind of halted a bit if you didn't have to get about three feet that females do at least so she's not quite there yet she's probably like a foot maybe a foot and a half I don't know how to measure stuff but she didn't eat for like three months can you stand was something kind of weird about eating they can go out feed for a very long time that's not ideal so I was trying to continuous things nearly every week so she's always been on frozen mice since I got her she refused a couple here and they're just random weeks and I went through a bunch of the different techniques like a braining and heating it up a lot and different stuff so I was ready to try live but thankfully she just happened randomly take again and she's been back on just fine she also recently shed which was nice to see it's just so weird how big the sheds are getting because I don't know this there's an obvious size difference I'm never gonna handled a full-sized Kenyan sand boa so it'll be really cool when she gets big but it's really fun to have just tiny snakes cuz they feel so soft and Sambo's are just such a unique animal she's probably the most unique snake I have I guess but I just woke her up from her twenty gallon she's in the 20 gallon long with a separated Aspen and Sandman or not mix but Aspen on one side sand on a little part on the other and I've talked about it recently I have the mixed emotions the sand it might be time to ditch the rectus and in there thankfully it stayed mostly separated I have to kind of push it over but I do I feed her all the way over on the Aspen side and I wouldn't be surprised if that added to part of the reason that she wasn't eating because I would have to physically move her to the Aspen I added sand originally because it's just a lot different texture it can kind of be a nice way to give them some more enrichment or whatever so she can explore that and honestly she doesn't use the sand a ton I have a like a third sand and like 3/4 Aspen the heat mat is under booth so she can be hot in the sand or cool on the sand or hot in the Aspen or cool in the Aspen just depending on where she wants to go in the gradient and she's really not in the sand that often so I wouldn't feel bad about taking that out just to decrease that risk of an action to a true zero because then I wouldn't have to move her I don't move her out of the enclosure I just move her away on the aspen side but ideally you don't have to touch your animal right before you feed it specifically your snakes cuz they might not take it kinda might stress him out or freak him out a bit so the sand is still in there for now but next time you see it maybe it'll be gone I don't know we'll see you time will tell next up we've got smokey the other ball python he is much younger he was born January 2017 2016 I can't remember now and he's been girl probably 2017 based on his size but he's been growing super quickly although he is still obviously much smaller than an adult ball python he has also never refused a meal surprisingly because ball pythons tend to be a little bit picky er sometimes but he's made it through a full year cycle and never refused so that's pretty cool he is on adult mice right now but he could easily I'm probably gonna go try and switch him over to rats soon he arguably has the most beautiful patterning in the reptile room he is a Mojave yellow-bellied ball python so Sonny's a yellow-bellied he has some Mojave ennum it's gonna be really cool when they're both adults to just have two huge snakes like that not I mean not huge but you know what I mean you can see he is a bit more shy like Sonny moves around no problem if I put him like on the desk or whatever he'll just move around like so it might also be the lights in here he tends to hide his head a bit more when he is out so not a huge deal that he's really quite comfortable I'm hoping to kind of do another version of Sonny's enclosure with him once he is bigger so that'd be cool we could have like little twin bioaktiv enclosures hopefully his would be nice too though because I will have learned more about bioactivity by then he's also a rehome it was I think kind of like a subscriber oneth eats and watches my videos but he decided that snakes just weren't really for him so it's always interesting like I could never imagine not wanting the snake but at the same time there's plenty of animals that I'm just like I might enjoy but might not so I think it's really important that people follow what he did he realized that it just it wasn't for him he responsibly found a new home for it I like more people to follow in his footsteps if there's an atom that you're just not really feeling this is Goldie he's a he's so bright that the camera is not picking his colors up so we're gonna have to go like that for him then just you can actually see him he's the second reptile that I ever bought he is a Sun blue trim pro bono patternless orange giant leopard gecko giant well he was sold to me as a giant 50% super giant possibility he's not that much bigger than your average gecko any smaller than like some for them so is he actually a giant it's hard to tell but uh there's that he's just he's one that's kind of like just always annoyed and he just wants to do his own thing someone gave me this gecko leash so I put a minute just to see what it was like and post a picture on Instagram you're gonna see how much he hates it in this face so I'm not gonna use that anymore I don't suggest using a leash with your gecko but um now I've tried it and confirmed that it's pretty dumb but yeah he's got that pretty cool looking tail he's got lots of whites and browns there his face he has this little green on his eyes his colors have stayed very consistent since I caught him – and he has that little spot in the middle some people a couple we've actually thought that that was like a burn or something but no it's just a little white and brown spot and middle of his back so he just got lots of weird little markings all over we've rehomed like eight geckos or something eight leopard geckos and then also things like crested geckos it just confirms how much I love leopard geckos like ball pythons they're like the two most basic and boring species but well five hundred some leopard geckos never get uninteresting me mate I will happily hang out and have as many of them as I can possibly have so that's Goldie my only leopard gecko right now actually and he is not a rehome or anything he's a permanent resident I'm only showing you the permanent ones that I am keeping from myself and have been keeping a lot of wish for years this is olive the Blue Tongue skink I've had her since 2014 her enclosure is kind of just the same old it's a 40 gallon with eco earth cypress mulch and Spagna moss I have a heat mat and a heat lamp on her because there's well there's argument over whether blue tongue should bask or can get heat in from beneath so I give her both and she's so they're both at just about the same temperature and that's been working just fine she is probably full size right now you will see blue tongues that are definitely heavier than this or chubbier than this and that's definitely not bad at all because she is on the lean side I've been doing just tons of different insects for all the animals I've been ordering pretty much as much variety as possible so dubious have been the staple and then I've just been buying mealworms wax worms Kelsie worms horn worms some other worms there's a lot of worms so she loves all of those to eat there's no problem and then it's the the the greens that are a bit more difficult so she really does not enjoy Collard she kind of eats a bit of kale oh I can mix Collard in though and cut it up really small and get her to eat it she doesn't mind dandelion greens too much I have to go to Whole Foods and paid a lot of money for him so that's okay because she does eat those a bit more often can bleed on skinks it's interesting they seem to be really gaining popularity everybody is kind of looking for them but according to the emails and messages I get they're quite hard to find and they're not super cheap and will be interesting to see if their price actually goes down over time my guess is the price is not going to go down because they're one of the more difficult animals to breed so there's all of the Blue Tongue skink just chilling and doing everything here is you know I've said this multiple times but I think this is another favorite of the community this is shadow the black rats thing there's so many things that she can climb on in here there's three tripods and microphone right above me so she might just toodle away it actually took longer for her to adjust a handling than the novella did even though the bow is much worse when it started admittedly that's just because I haven't handled her very consistently overall she really just she does rarely Musk's she seems to musk on other people more than me I don't know why they are quite similar to corn snakes in fact I just have the exact same husbandry for her as I do for my corn snake but from the same area naturally they're just about the same size they eat the same thing she eats adult mice right now she could probably take something a little bigger but I don't mice have been keeping her a nice consistent week that I'm happy with and that I think is good she has slowed down with growth she was definitely smaller when I got her and Resnick's they range in size so much from like just a few feet to like this length of a boa so there's a lot of variety um I'm guessing and she'll stay smaller kind of like closer to this size but who knows how much she'll continue to grow and finally I think this is less animal hopefully we didn't miss anyone that is the savannah Monitor it's been so long since you saw her in a video now I'm going to be somewhat brief because I want my next video to be a full update to be a full update on her and how she's been doing because there's a ton to talk about with my experiences how she's changed how she was and all this different stuff so I'll still give you a bit of info here but uh watch out for the next video or whenever it comes out so um she was not handle bull at all when I got her I think I got her in October or something and when I got her we were in a rental home so there wasn't space in my room well there was space in my room but her enclosure wouldn't fit up the stairs which I didn't realize she was in the dining room away from me and all the other animals meaning that she only had like a half hour of time with me today because she wasn't in the dining room now that we have since moved I have her enclosure I actually just have her in a forty gallon right now which is a bit small and not ideal I'm going to be building a brand new enclosure for her which I was gonna do like last month but I ended up having to build a bow enclosure but that is one of my next projects hopefully coming up she's been doing fine in the 40 just making sure her heating and humidity is right and everything but that is definitely not a permanent home she's grown a ton as you can see she tolerates handling some but she still does not like it I will admit every not everyone lots of people were saying don't actually handle her let her come to you just put your hand in the enclosure but you're like smelly clothing and glitter she she can get used to your scent and all this other stuff and I tried that for months there really was not much improvement doing that my best guess as to why he's either one she was weird too I was doing something wrong or three my best guess is because she's been in so many different homes and none of them were very good I'm her third home the first one she was living in us like 10 or 20 gallon with basically no heating no anything and then someone else got her to try and rescue her and they put her in this weird enclosure it was ok the humidity was like 10% she was in the garage living off of random meat scraps never handled so then I got her I was like oh boy here's this monitor that's been moved around a bunch that's never been handled that has a terrible diet but screwing weirdly covered in stuck shed now I have to fix her which that's what I wanted to do if you do want to Savannah monitor keep in mind there it's the most advanced species I'm keeping right now it's not if I was getting a first animal it's not the one that I would get and I if you really do end up getting one no after lots of research I would suggest getting a rehome and not actually a violin from a store because essentially all of them are imported and like mass collected because basically nobody breeds them she was quite underweight extremely dehydrated when I got her that's all fixed now um I think her weights quite nice I just rinsed her off in the sink because she peed on me so because I rinsed her off you can't see all of the stuff shed she was just shedding again though and there's still a little bit more stuck on her head so that'll be fun to get off I'll just see if it comes off itself if not I don't have to help her out with that oh I forgot to even finish my other statement so saying how she's been in so many different homes and just like putting my hand in the enclosure has not been working so I pretty much just had to ignore that advice and just start basically handling her she definitely didn't like it at first and there have been lots of bites and scratches and everything and hissing and the problem is a lot of people say that they'll just never get used to you they'll just always do that but it's been going quite well for me I completely understand how that might be the case based on a lot of other people's experience with them but for me definitely the most effective thing to do is just handling her and getting her used to it so so far so good she's been staying in place she jumped out of my hands a few times but she's definitely constantly improving so there's plenty of other stuff to talk about with her but I'll save that for her next update video would hopefully be out within a week or two well that concludes reptile room talk all of my personal animals I didn't even get time really to show you the animals that we have with emerald scales or emerald scales calm including the rescues and rehome ins and animals for sale that are bred this video is already so long though I shot most of it in the other room because the audio and lighting is much nicer in that room compared to here as you might be able to tell but this does sometimes look nicer so maybe I should shoot more in here so yeah this is one of the beardies that we have here at Isolde actually so you can see what's available at mo scales comm we shipped anywhere in the USA and we can do local pickups if here in the North Carolina Triangle area right now we have very few animals actually there's just a couple over on that shelf including a ball python two crested geckos and another little bearded dragon which is also already sold hopefully enjoy to seeing my personal stuff and some of the projects going on more to come as always that concludes this reptile room video I'm Alex and thanks for watching

41 thoughts on “Full Reptile Room Tour 2018 | New Pets & Updates!

  1. Instagram; http://instagram.com/go_herping
    Discord; http://goherping.com/discord
    Looking for a specific animal?
    0:27 – Ball Python (Sunny)
    1:53 – Axolotl
    5:45 – Snapping Turtle
    7:29 – Box Turtle (Harriet)
    9:29 – Boa Constrictor (Rosie)
    12:26 – Red Eared Slider (Franklin)
    15:50 – Chuby Frog (Potato)
    18:05 – Corn Snake (Gobi)
    20:15 – American Toad
    21:55 – Kenyan Sand Boa (Ember)
    24:34 – Ball Python (Smokey)
    26:26 – Leopard Gecko (Goldie)
    28:14 – Blue Tongue Skink (Olive)
    29:48 – Eastern Rat Snake (Shadow)
    31:00 – Savannah Monitor (Bonnibel)

  2. I think that box turtles need the UV bulbs as much as snakes and lizards do. Also I have succesfully raised box turtles on a diet of primarilly
    canned dog food(not cat food) suplimented with fruits(over ripe fruits the groceries throw away).
    I don't know that there is such a thing as a recommended amount of food for a snapping turtle. (like feed once a week) but I do know that they will grow as fast as you will feed them. But is that healthy for them ? I do know that being underfeed stunts a reptiles growth and results in a very unhealthy animal
    that will likely not make it to adult hood.

  3. I have a juvenile axolotl named Squee, he's about 5 1/2 inches, and when I first got him he had no toes since he was kept in a tank with other axolotls. Juvenile axolotls are known to be cannibalistic but he has them back now and he's been a joy to have around. He's very alert and active, he also likes to go to the corner of the tank (his tank is at my bedside) and stares at me when I wake up lol.

  4. Thank you for caring about and for these beautiful animals, especially the rescues that a lot of people probably would have given up on.

  5. My sister had a Colombian red tailed boa. She was suuuuuper sassy, feisty, bitey, y'know. Strike pose the instant you open her enclosure, etc. She was fed large rats every 3 weeks and suddenly refused eating, we ended up having to surrender her to a rescue 🙁 Poor girlie, I wish we could have cared for her better.

  6. On the website of the store I got my crested gecko from, they say boa constrictors are agressive and that they should never be handled. I think I might have to email them your boa constrictor videos xD


    I didn't know you were in the NC area! Glad to know of a good place to get reptiles from. I've never had one but I think it would be really cool. 🙂 Right now I'm broke and never home though so nope. ;v;

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