Full interview: Mahathir talks about China and Malaysian politics

Full interview: Mahathir talks about China and Malaysian politics

I have always regarded China s neighbor a good neighbor and also as a very big market for whatever it is that we produce so melissa is a trading nation we need markets we can't Coral coral with such a big market as China it's been 40 days since you took over power people are still wondering about your views on China would it be unfair to say that you are receivers auntie China is that an unfair perception no there are certain things of course which were done which was not too malicious advantage or even good formulas here we welcome foreign direct investment from anyway certainly from China but when it involves giving contracts to China borrowing huge sums of money from China and the contact goes to China and China contractors prefer to use their own workers from China use everything imported from China and even the payment is not made here it's made in China so we gain nothing at all that kind of contract it's not something that I welcome the other thing is that they develop whole cities very sophisticated cities very expensive cities which Malaysians cannot buy so they are going to bring foreigners to live in those cities now no country in the world will accept a lot of immigrants coming into the country I'm against even if it is from from India or from other countries or from Europe foreign immigrants in huge numbers nobody welcomes and set not Malaysia that is not what you want so under your leadership what specific foreign Chinese investments would you welcome taking off from your talks with mr. Jackman we're certainly what mr. Jackman was saying he's the kind of Chinese investment we won and we welcome investment foreign investment from any country so long as they bring in the capital they bring in the technology they set up plans here and they employ Malaysians from workers to engineers and they produce goods for the domestic market and for export that we welcome coming from anyway and I think mr. Cheng masa idea alibaba's idea is what we p1 he wants to train Malaysians to produce things to be expected to China what is your own view of the Andrew initiative do you think Malaysia can benefit or other risk for Malaysia well in first place I had suggested long ago on improving the Silk Road you see when ships had to carry a lot of oil the ship bill bill were bigger and bigger almost 500,000 tons but the train remained the same size so I had not elected to Z Jinping suggesting that he builds a super train maybe one and a half times the size longer trains they can cross from China right out to Europe because the technology is now available and then of course he came up with the one by one root idea inclusive of the sea route to the Europe of course the sea is very important but I am quite sure that it is not his intention to prevent other ships from passing through the Straits um like South China Sea we need to have open passage for all ships because we trip is all nation so we did the sea to be open to everybody I think they shouldn't really not be too many warships worships create tension and someday somebody might make some mistakes and there will be a fight some ships will be lost and they might even be a war we don't want that what we want is the seas to be patrolled by small boats patrol boats equipped to deal with pirates not to fight another war since the new comment came to power the new government's position on the dispute is it different from the Nazi government well in the past we go by the the shelf in the sea and an area that is less than 200 miles from our shores facing our shows belong to us is our sea so we find that in the sea there are certain rocks which we have developed into Islands and we hope that we will stay on those islands because it is a part of our tipping keeping the sea sea from from pirates and other things so we want to retain of course about four or five islands that we have occupied the rest whoever thinks he deserves can occupy but he should be something that if China claims the South China Sea is theirs but those Islands have always been regarded as I was for a long time so we want to retain them people attribute you to having her pulled Malay walked that's one and so going forward for the next election what do you think pocket and harapan has to do in order to maintain and increase Mele would and also to stave off the challenge from parson and a more regenerated unknown indicated election Malay boats did not go at all to the Opposition in the fourth insurrection a certain number sufficient number of Malay votes went to the opposition to give them the victory so there is a swing among the Malays but the Malays are divided into three urban very soft sophisticated people very liberal people sub urban and then guru deep in the deep rural area they only go by loyalty to the party didn't care about what is happening and maybe they don't understand what is happening but the urban area suburban area these people know the wrong things done by the government and they turn against against the government it is their vote which gave us the victory but the rural board still needs a lot of explanation to them they understand high cost of living but they don't understand one trillion dollars when trillion ringing what is 1 trillion ring it a lot of zeros tell zeros for them it's not easy for them to understand so they don't care they believe they're all governments are corrupt anyway so I would have been very corrupt also when I was in the government that's their perception of things so perception is what divides them less but the to mahadji factor so what can pocket on harpin do you know they need to look forward right well I can only be popular one day I will become unpopular because when you are in the government you have to do unpopular things so that is not something permanent by at the moment of course by comparison with my period and Nagi spirit they prefer the life that they led during my time

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  1. Tun mahathir memang betul.. Thts wht happened in western country. The chinaman bought land & build wth their imported builders&labours A to Z &chinamens agency.

  2. what Mahathir and Trump have in common , they hate immigrants which is bad they steal our jobs, and home

  3. If this man, as legendary as he is, could solve racial equality , equal rights issue, legislation, legacy and self entitlement subjects in Malaysia, the nation should really build a statue for him. Those issues are core of the core topics hindering current and future growth and visions.

  4. Ada yang nak harapan tunai kan janji ni janji tu.. Nak kena suap ni suap tu. Dorang xpaham skrg ni hutang negara kita berapa banyak. Tugas meraka skrg ialah selamat kan Malaysia. Come on lah rakyat MALAYSIA bagi lah meraka stabil kan Malaysia dahulu.

  5. Passing by…just want to say…Mr mahathir is a politician n najib is a crook…if it's that difficult to see, then, the end is near…

  6. This is how the racist Government under UMNO ran Malaysia to the ground to almost bankruptsy. And looks like the new government is repeating the same racist policy. Very sad as the Malays never learn. Malays fail to realized that if there are no Chinese they whole nation will fall apart. It's the Chinese that saves Malaysis dispite the very corrupted racist Government emptying the economy faster then they can build. Malays don't need to look far. Just see Singapore. How the Chinese ran their country to be one of the top nation in the world. Singapore $1 is Malaysia Rm 3. We use to be in par. Malaysis is falling behind quick. Soon we will be behind Indonesia if the Malays continue to run this once great nation.

  7. andai jokowi menyadari sperti yg d sadari mahatir. ini bner2 pemimpin yg memikirkan masadepan bangsanya. cerdas dan tegas.

  8. For me Tun Dr Mahathir is a conservative Islam in international stage, but in the country that he organize, many MP in Parliament of the conservative Muslims disagree with him on some of the decisions in favour of the liberal class Islam. Even in the Cabinet Tun Dr Mahathir this day was under proxy by a group of people who are Anti Islam or class of Liberal Islamophobia. Not same like used to be during the era of 1980s none of those them in cabinet is Anti Islam or Islamophobia.

    Bagi saya Tun Dr Mahathir seorang yang Konservatif Islam di peringkat antarabangsa, tetapi di negara yang beliau pimpini, kebanyakkan MP Konservatif Islam di parlimen tidak setuju dengan beliau atas beberapa keputusan yang memihak kepada golongan liberal Islam. Bahkan dalam kabinet Tun Dr Mahathir hari ini sendiri dijawat oleh sekumpulan orang yang Anti Islam atau golongan Liberal Islamophobia. Tidak seperti dulu semasa era 1980an tidak ada golongan Anti Islam atau MP yang Islamophobia dalam kabinet menteri.

  9. I am a fan. Anyone at the level of being an actual, active politician that is leading a country and has the balls to name the Jew has my admiration. He speaks the truth about immigration as well. Was recently in Japan, what a wonderful country, amazing people who are able to keep a modicum of the standards of living that they have, despite technically being in a recession for the past 25 years, they keep the immigration very strict and their infrastructure shows it. They still have very clean cities with efficient, punctual trains, buses, airplanes, etc. It's refreshing to go there when I am coming from supposedly the most powerful nation in the world: America… where there are increasing tent encampments on the streets, where I step over trash, excrement and used heroin needles on a daily basis. So if Malaysia is going to try its best to maintain a strict immigration policy, then all the better for them. Our 'sanctuary' cities in the US are festering with homelessness, illegal aliens, crime and filth.

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