23 thoughts on “Full automatic anchor bolt production line

  1. With that music I kept expecting the machinery to suddenly attack them and superman to swoop in and save them from their own mellow dramatic attempts at art.

  2. Once again no safety with brand new "work clothes " and new hard hat. Bolts good for pole lights only. Works great with below grade concrete.

  3. we visited ur website but none of this kind of machine's detail is there? all food industries related machines are there. im interested into this machine. please contact with me on [email protected]

  4. What a shitty method of manufacture…

    Stop it at 3:35 and see how inconsistent the positions of the nuts are

    What a pile of wank

  5. Doesn't look strong enough, a little pin holding a nut on a rebar, should be duct taped too.

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