100 thoughts on “Full Ahead! Deals and Missions of Update 0.8.9 #1 | World of Warships

  1. You can find all actual deals here!

    EU: https://wo.ws/FullAheadEU

    NA: https://wo.ws/FullAheadNA

    ASIA: https://wo.ws/FullAheadSEA

  2. Try be hard choice Will use HE shells or AP Shells
    Italian Navy : "why not fusion those two"

    IGN : Firli_Nagamasa
    Server : Asia

  3. Just want to say that the Taranto port is now easily my favorite. Nice relaxed music in the background and a good looking port has me just leaving the game open to gaze at it even when I'm not playing! LOL
    IGN: Altwar
    Server: NA

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