48 thoughts on “Full 1st Round Mock Draft: Updated with Gronk Retirement

  1. Arizona deserves a dynasty of toilet if they choose Murray number 1. I can feel for the team but Murray maybe the number 1 QB but he is not the number 1 player. I hope they can trade down or something

  2. The draft is unpredictable. If things were predictable, Josh Rosen would have already been moved to a team that needs a quarterback in exchange for a 1st round draft pick. Same lack of predictability with where Kyler Murray or Dwayne Haskins will be selected.

  3. I'm not sold on any of these QBs. I would take the best player available at #1, and that's not Kyler Murray.

  4. I want the skins to trade back and pick marquise brown instead of DK for extra second rounder which has better value than DK alone

  5. The Lions has one of the best groups of interior linemen in the league with Snacks Harrison A'Shawn Robinson and Ricky Jean Francois with almost 0 pass rush WHY would we take ANOTHER interior defensive linemen

  6. I’d really love for the giants to just trade for Rosen so we could forget about reaching for QBs and just take best player available in the first round

  7. I don't think the Giants can justify taking Drew Lock over Dwayne Haskins unless Drew Lock is the next Drew Brees.

  8. Would live to see Pittsburgh get Byron Murphy, kid can ball. That said if Devin Bush is still on the board I think they may grab him instead.

  9. If Drew Lock and Rashan Gary both get drafted before Quinnen Williams I'll never watch the NFL again

  10. Don't blame the title on Schrager. It's just click bait. I always love mock drafts because they're never saying "this is definitely what's going to happen." It's all about stuff that COULD happen and how one crazy pick can completely change the rest of the draft. That's what makes it so fun.

  11. Packers better not waste that 12th pick on a te that isn’t even a huge stand out I wanna then take dk or maybe Ridley just an instant play maker in the offense

  12. You know these guys are actually thinking in the back of their head as they talk, "wtf you thinking picking them bruh"

  13. Panthers would definitely take Ferrel if he’s available at there pick. bad mock draft 🤦🏽‍♂️

  14. Raiders just drafted PJ Hall and Maurice Hurst. Unless they wanna move to a 3-4 taking Ed Oliver makes no sense. I would love to see Hall add 15 lbs of muscle and play nose if they were willing to make the move though.

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